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16 April 2012

metachat, I had a crazy, moving dream about making silk threads from fingertips![More:]

What happens is that it's some sort of painful disease, it's not a good thing, the front of your index and middle fingers just starts leaking this substance that solidifies into threadlike material. And it's painful because near the end of a segment it becomes brittle and hard like a nail or claw, solidifies and you have to break it off. This is the disease that afflicts me, ok.

What I do is I can play a game with it involving, I don't know, pulling it back and forth with someone, threading it through something, I dunno that part has faded. But wait till I discover what these other people do.

There's in the other darkened room, they use huge amounts of this thread being pulled towards them from a spool, and I see they're just half sitting half standing near each other, gesturing, doing something with their hands. One of them is off to the side a bit, sitting on top of a bench type thing, and I see what they're doing is really intricately trying to pull each other towards themselves by using the silk threads that they've pierced into themselves. They pierce it into their chests and other parts of their skin, this parallel string, and it's like 4-5 of em just gesticulating slowly trying to entrap each other into getting closer using ways to pull this thread into formations and force the other person to move. Both the piercing and the pulling is painful to them

Well, I go back to the first room (these two rooms are basically a living room and dining room from my adolescent years) and the string they're using, it's coming out of this reel, like a kite spool. It's spinning fast, they're drawing a lot of it and I notice it's about to run out! I grab hold of the end as it runs out, holding it in place to prevent a bizarre accident (a tangent: it seems that I was mistaken and it doesn't run out, or I joined two lengths together or something, but this was a definite coda.)

Well I go back in, and I start talking with one of these super elite string-game people, complaining about the pain in my hand and this guy understands! He has that problem too, they're giving me some advice or consolation.

For some reason I'm gone from there for a bit and when I'm back, in the first room there's a diagonal cross made of the thread suspended in the room, basically from the top left of the ceiling to the bottom right of the floor and a double thread going the other way. It is their message of solidarity with my condition.

What's crazy is, the story is kinda stupid but I remember all the feelings!! It was painful and sad and eventually the whole sympathy with the condition thing. Crazy!!!
A dream of the Moirai, maybe...?
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 16 April | 21:30
damn, gotta be them on some jungian collective subconscious angle cause I didn't know about them before

but yeah, it's rare that I remember my dreams but wow occasionally dream emotions can be strong as hell
posted by Firas 17 April | 00:07
these two rooms are basically a living room and dining room from my adolescent years...

so. weird. I actually had a crazy, stressy kinda-nightmare myself actually last night involving the old farmhouse I grew up in (which is in fact now abandoned, and has recently been falling down according to my mom who still lives in the area). so I was in there trying desperately to find something, don't recall what but it was so urgent at the time and I was panicking and tossing all this junk out of the way and trying not to have stuff fall on me. And the house wasn't like it was then (livable condition) but as it probably is now - roof semi-collapsed, walls shedding plaster, beams everywhere, and at one point I fell through the floor! And I haven't been on that property or had any need to go there in at least twenty years.

posted by lonefrontranger 17 April | 10:14
damn lfr. The Mind = weird
posted by Firas 18 April | 07:48
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