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Archives for: March 2012

31 March 2012

A movie for Saturday night. The Complete Earl Scruggs Story. 86 minutes. Earl died this week.
Squid the Cat Turns 20 That's 97 in human years. Read more...
25 years ago today, Prince painted his masterpiece: "Sign o' the Times" Read more...

30 March 2012

I'm just going to uninstall Minecraft now. My mountain fortress is nothing, and multiplayer or not, I can't expend the effort to compete with this. I built my home in Survival, but still...
Anyone up for some MP3 player shuffle action? You know the drill: MP3 player device of choice on shuffle, first ten songs, post them here. Read more...
Laughter and penis Is there some prohibition against all laughing near a penis? If I am laughing hysterically, it is probably not at the penis.
Penis should learn to have a sense of humor.
The difference between "vulgar" & "dirty," and the merits of each.
Friday 3-point update
Party Fears Two - an excellent live cover of this song, by an artist called King Creosote. The original was by The Associates.
Photo Friday: Roads and concrete

29 March 2012

Moomins book covers. I know at least a couple of bunnies who are Moomins fans.
Is it me or is a "hit and run" used an awful lot in fictional works? Read more...
Project time! We haven't had any mechawide group projects in a long time. I have a proposal:Read more...
Not Nearly the News! I had this idea for a fun collaborative writing exercise, based on a post on a friend's facebook wall. Read more...

28 March 2012

New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers Kronos_to_Earth, workerant, mygothlaundry, and gomichild. There's also a pic by me in there.
Photo Friday Advance: Roads and concrete, suggested by pjern, lysdexic, and mdonley
Old computer music time capsules There's so much odd stuff on this old computer.
Sigh. I missed this stuff.
U.S. prime-time television schedule, 1966. I see more to watch here than on the 8 zillion channels I have now.
"As news I now read that the teaser for the trailer for the remake of Total Recall has arrived. That sentence can be used as a full description of Hollywood films and marketing at the moment." That line is from an article about the blandness of Hollywood film trailers, but I thought it was kind of a bleakly funny way of describing just how awful the American movie industry has become.

27 March 2012

What can I make for dinner that involves ricotta cheese and no oven? The oven is dead but the stove top is fine. The ricotta will expire in a week. Any & all - well, within reason and a mediocre American supermarket's reach - other ingredients are obtainable. Thank you, oh gourmet chefs of metachat!
Just venting about an encounter in our park yesterday. More inside, as they say in MeFi land.
Frame of Mind: a very clever little travel video made by a couple of friends, with a picture frame.
The Secret Files of Hugo and Victoria A friend of mine, Buck Buchanon, just wrote a hilarious satire of noir books about detectives and vampires. It's full of puns and makes fun of every book and movie written by Mickey Spillane and Ellery Queen. It even spoofs The Maltese Falcon. It's called The Secret Adventures of Victoria and Hugo and you can download it from Read it and laugh.

26 March 2012

Suddenly gloomy. My husband left for a week-long trip last night, and it's suddenly cold, and I started the day writing an obit.Read more...
Mad Men spoilers: Well?
Question for California Bunnies Reading "Obsession" by Jonathan Kellerman,
who is an excellent writer, so....even though excellent writers are ALL about making stuff up, I'm wondering if he made this up:Read more...
Cocktail +laptop keyboard+ cat that likes to knock crap over So it works again but the keys seem kind of sticky inside. Warranty expired. Do I need to take it in? Is there any way to clean it?

25 March 2012

Facts About Projection is a charming short film from 2010 needs only three minutes to make me wish I was a projectionist. Read more...
Hey MetaChat, would you take a quick survey for a User Interfaces class I'm taking? It'll take about 3 minutes and you'll have my undying appreciation and if I ever meet you IRL I'll buy you a beer. Thanks!
New part-time job Working for a big box US home improvement store. My first weekend: interesting.Read more...
Van Sessions Newish band Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers have a fantastic video series of them performing rootsy-pop-soul cover songs in a van on acoustic and sometimes toy instruments. Start with the irresistible I Can't Go for That and take it from there - Every Day, How Sweet It Is, She's Got You, How Will I Know, Here Comes the Sun....
This Askmeta Q on ear piercing got me reminiscing about piercingRead more...
Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A) - A trio of Drag Queens protesting Chick-fil-A's donations to groups hostile to LGBTQ rights by spoofing a Wilson Phillips song.

24 March 2012

Characters you want/ actors you don't
If you enjoy things that are "ornate," you may enjoy this Tumblr blog.
Really cool use for Facbook. This store is just on the other side of my block. I wish I had seen this sooner.
Movie for a Saturday night. Child Bride 1938. Expose/exploitation film. Miss Carol is a teacher, returned to her native Ozark hills determined to stop the practice of child marriage. Star Shirley Mills, lived into her 80s and died two years ago next week.Read more...

23 March 2012

The Hunger Games ready your spoilers
Fantasy baseball, anyone? We still have spots open in the MeFi league.Read more...
Photo Friday: Hidden

22 March 2012

Nearly the weekend 3-point update
Orphaned baby owls find cozy new home. (Hit the arrow in the upper right to advance through the slideshow.)
Freak Snowstorm in S. Willamette Valley Yesterday All the forecasts said rain, and when I got up at 5:00 there was 4" of snow on the ground.Read more...

21 March 2012

INTERMISSION TIME. Our feature will resume in ten minutes.
Photo Friday Advance: Hidden, suggested by ethylene
Total change of tack: Can you list movies and music of broad undeniable beauty, if not transformational or spiritual, in a way that is accessible to laypeople?Read more...

20 March 2012

The most terrible ball of them all... March 21st sixty years ago the world's first rock concert was staged in Cleveland by Alan Freed and Leo Mintz.
White-Out News : it's the real news, but funnier.
If you really need a ukelele or just a cat shaped hole
Managing Expectations It's incredible that so much of my life's work involves managing the expectations of others when I feel it drives me crazy to the extent that it does.Read more...
Beautiful, thoughtful scrolling comic for your (morning) contemplation.

19 March 2012

RUIN: "An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe." Definitely seems to be a small piece of a much larger project, but it looks really great.
Think of the fightiest song you can I need some kind of head on take charge something or other.
Want to build a Death Star? ô Galactic Empire Good luck with that. Well you could build a Lego Model of the Death Star right?
We Have the Technology - Of special interest in the link is the second video (scroll down).
I'm playing a lot of Fallout 3/NV recently and it's starting to colonize my brain

18 March 2012

Do Hollywood directors always get permission to shoot in public spaces? Watching movies, I'll see a scene where two characters are walking down the street or something, and I wonder ... do directors ALWAYS get a permit to film in a public area? Read more...
Politicians Say the Funniest Things. And, these are people who want to be President! (Watch the Stephen Colbert video linked in the article.)

17 March 2012

As we get closer to Easter, you can expect more and more 'bunny-themed' merchandise to be made available. For now, let's start with Rabbit Ears Salad Servers.
Draw me a picture and I will pay you! Read the metajob post, let me know if you have questions.
A movie for Saturday night. Jimmy, the owner of a failed music shop, goes to work with his uncle, the owner of a food factory. Before he gets there, he befriends an Irish familyRead more...
On the 2-year anniversary of the death of Alex Chilton, here's a video of a choir singing Big Star's "Thirteen." (via)
Photo St. Patrick's Day! Show us your green!
Reddit user discovers a photo taken at the exact moment he became gay.

16 March 2012

We're going out to eat curried goat. What're y'all doing tonight?
It's the LAST MeTa Book Club Thread! We are discussing Everything is Illuminated and the two accompanying Prof. Hungerford lectures.
Dharun Ravi has been found guilty. Yay.
Ah, the needless struggle Why bother? With anything? Because you care. But you can choose to care. And many people don't. How do you deal with these people?
In advance of St. Patrick's day tomorrow, here's almost 20 minutes of the Pogues playing live back in 1985.
Damn Archery in pop culture is making me want to get back into it Like the only sort I was ever good at and with Katniss, Brave,and Hawkeye all up in my face I feel the urge to get back to the bow. Read more...
Photo Friday: Under the bed, in the back of your closet- What's there?

15 March 2012

The Frog and the Smartphone (Youtube, and pretty darn funny)
Has Anyone Got A Link To The Annual SXSW Music D/L ? I haven't been able to find it yet
Are you putting together a summer reading list? Tell me what's on it....
It's storming! For two minutes!
Lacey We put Lacey down last night.

14 March 2012

Neil Young, Professional Pollster As a friend said, ya gotta laugh or you'll cry.
post by: Miko at: 22:37 | 1 comment
Sad day The smartest guy I knew in high school took his own life last Friday night at age 55. I just found out last night. We only saw each other occasionally as adults, but we stayed in touch online and had many discussions about science and politics.Read more...
No Robots! A short student film.
Bunny! OMG! Slightly NSFW
This has to be the first NSFW BOMG! post I've ever done.
Photo Friday Advance: What's under your bed or in the back of your closet? Suggested by desjardins
Happy Pi Day!
"Vocal Fry" Creeping into US Speech Sorry to be a bit US-centric, but I find this really interesting.Read more...

13 March 2012

1999-2012 R I P Haversack, Best Bag Ever.
Metafilter March Madness Pick'Em I started a Mefi NCAA Pick'Em group.Read more...
post by: box at: 12:02 | 7 comments
GRAR Feeling extra grumbly today.
Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game under development, in which you play a human being hunted in the British countryside by aristocratic, pipe-smoking, top-hat-wearing robots. This sounds very much like my kind of game, and the screenshots look really cool.
Do you know how much bandwidth your household uses in a month? Read more...

12 March 2012

I want to call out lysdexic... For being awesome!

This has been a terrible, bad, no-good week for me. Read more...
We all know the origin of Steely Dan. So, what is a good name for a wooden backscratcher?
Wanna buy a bar? It could be the metachat bar. Equidistant from major cities, decent venue.
Are we doing the NCAA this year? . .Not that I have the where-with-all to set this up, but I would certainly participate!
Fffuuuuuuuu: The Internet anthropologist's field guide to "rage faces." I'm always curious about how memes and sayings and so on crop up and then travel all around the web.

11 March 2012

There's a cat under my house. What else can I do? Read more...
What works well as a (Mefi) reading club book? We've got a list of suggestions going on Goodreads for what book we should read.Read more...
How's your weekend going? 3-point update

10 March 2012

New tune from The Magnetic Fields: Andrew In Drag

It's one of the better songs on the new album, and the video is witty. :)
A movie for Saturday night The Terror 1963. Roger Corman directs, Francis Ford Coppola produces and staring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson.
17 Again could be the most perverse movie of all time

09 March 2012

So my phone rings today, our landline, and a guy on the other end tells my wife that he is with a group of computer security experts andRead more...
Tax Deductions - Need some ideas to lower your tax bill? Here you go.
Women of The Future 1902 French trading cards edition.
Amazing. A pod of dolphins beach themselves but are saved by people who drag them back out to sea.
Save your egg cartons
I Need A New Email Address After aeons of disuse, I am shutting down my website and I need somewhere new for people to email me. Is there something out there new and interesting I should try ?
Name That Tune: Shuffle 10!
My health care provider is ridiculously bureaucratic. My health insurance company isn't very competent. Why do they get to charge so much? Whoever says the for-profit model is more efficient is crazy. Read more...
I have decided that I need some moral mettle and personal gravitas. Is there a quick fix??
Photo Friday: The Letter 'F'

08 March 2012

Remember Rachel Flowers? The kid who spits out Keith Emerson works like they're watermelon seeds? Well, last month Keith let her have at his modular Moog.
I direct Molly Crabapple in this video where she congratulates getting halfway on her Kickstarter by doing a dramatic reading of The Cure's Lovecats
Some Guy Wants to Use One of My Songs in a video game he is writing, then giving away. Read more...
Take Kate Bush's song 'Wuthering Heights,' and slow it down until it's over 30 minutes long. The result: something very whooshy, spooky, and lovely.

07 March 2012

Liquid Drum'n'Bass Mixes : my new favorite streaming mix site.
Hitting is mean: little kid bonds with his piŮata.
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter F - forts, frogs, families, falafel, and everything else starting with the letter F. Suggested by gomichild.

06 March 2012

Next in the series of unfortunate events I got terminated from my job this morning.
Some Jane Austen juvenilia Five excerpts.
Back in the day. What was the first rap/hip-hop track you heard? If you didn't fall in love right away, what was the cut that made you say, "Dayummm, I gotta hear some more of this stuff?" Read more...

05 March 2012

Manic Monday Three-Pointer (and I don't mean a basket from 25 feet out) Read more...
Meta Book Club news
Pleasant Family Shopping is a photo blog featuring "A nostalgic look back at chain stores and other everday places from the past." Lots of cool retro pics.

04 March 2012

CUPCAKES -coming soon to an ATM near you.
Secret secondhand bookshop in NYC. Brazenhead Books. Vimeo video.
what's our take on Tori Amos? I made the mistake of listening to A Piano, a 15 year collection and it turns out in between the legendary songs that I've always loved she does a lot of complaining over tinkling keys..
The Past, Present, and Future walk into a bar. . . . Read more...

03 March 2012

Free Dog Souls with Conversion Just try not to giggle!
A Saturday night movie. Five Minutes To Live. A bank heist movie with Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback, Ron Howard, and Merle Travis. 1961.
BUNNIES!! OH NO!!! If you believe this ad, that old company was turning bunnies into hats! Related.
The Buzludha in Bulgaria was a monument to Communism, an enourmous auditorium in a futuristic building sitting atop a mountain. Photographer Timothy Allen braved a snowstorm to reach the building, now a derelict, and take these amazing photos of it. It looks like something out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie.
The Baby in the Cornfield. "Why are stories of tornado 'miracle babies' so common? It happened again Friday when rescuers found a blond, blue-eyed toddler in the middle of an Indiana cornfield, 10 miles from her home."
It's that's time of year again, time for the Hair Update. Cut because the back mullet was threatening to take over my head like some sci-fi hair monster.
New Work Assignment: Poltergeist . . .I got this email at work yesterday afternoon, and I am instructed by my boss to not treat the people as merely crazy, but to handle this with respect and seriousness.Read more...
Objects of desire What's yours?

02 March 2012

I want you so bad Itís driving me mad, itís driving me mad. Cause the five minute version by the Beatles wasn't long enough, here's a seventeen minute version by The Flaming Lips and Nels Cline.
local wiki! exciting times.
Friday 3-Point Status Update
Banksy on advertising: "Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. Itís yours to take, re-arrange and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head."
Photo Friday: Work

01 March 2012

Confessions of forgetfulness : last weekend, I cued up a record, and upon playing it, realized that I had forgotten which way records spin. Read more...
TMTOTH award. Or, first-world problems award. Or, best missing-the-crotch area award. Or ...
Ask Mecha, Digital Camera Edition. Help me choose a new compact camera. Last week my Panasonic compact camera broke ...Read more...