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Archives for: October 2012

31 October 2012

BOO! (-tter late than never) MeCha Anonymous Scary Halloween Time is back...Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: The artwork in your house, suggested by me
No secret scares this year? So sad.

30 October 2012

3-point Tuesday update

29 October 2012

i live 2 doors down from the one 57 obscenity im in canada;just posted on mefi. my neighbors. across the hall and my cousin in soho are ok.
Get Ready 2013 Catastrophes Calendar May those of you in the path of hurricane Sandy listen to the LOLCats of emergency preparedness.
Bell peppers I always wondered why they called them bell peppers since they didn't resemble bells...Then I finally realized. JINGLE bells. They look like great big green (or red or orange or yellow) jingle bells!
This is the start of a wonderfully weird period of my life. The company I've worked at for the past 22 years was finally bought a few weeks ago, and Friday I found out that "there is not a place for me in the new organization". Read more...
Japanese acrobats filmed in 1904 by Thomas Edison.

28 October 2012

27 October 2012

Have you tested out your Halloween costumes yet?! My mom's in town for a visit, so I had her snap one of mine. Let's see what you've got, Mechazens!
Zed's BACK, baby! Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in theatres again, Dec 4 and Dec 6. I have no idea what else to add to make this an FPP on the blue, but someone with more Tarantino knowledge, please do if so inclined. i wore out my VHS tape of Pulp Fiction i watched it so much. i've never seen these on the big screen. excited!1!!11!!!!
On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while tripping his ass off on LSD. An animated retelling.

26 October 2012

Babby Echidna! OMG! TIL a baby echidna is called a puggle.
So let me tell you how my day went yesterday. Finally, a diagnosis.Read more...
Photo Friday: Neighbor(hood)
So in 1997, Don Bluth decides to do a straight up Disney-style movie And it's awful, it's a bad movie, but it does have 3 minutes where it can hold it's own against the best of the Disney Machine: Once Upon A December.

25 October 2012

24 October 2012

Who do you side with? A less superficial than average quiz.
We eat bad food. I ran across this in a book today and it reminded me of the occasional "who can afford" and "who has time" cooking posts on metafilter. I always think of this as a "modern" problem, but would anyone care to guess in what year the following was written?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Neighbor(hood), suggested by filthy light thief
Happy Birthday Sister Havana!
Molly Crabapple: On Being A Professional Naked Girl (NSFW cartoon nudity) VICE magazine essay on being a former "glamor" model.
Open letter to Ann Coulter from a Special Olympian.

23 October 2012

Do you guys know the drunk Jeff Goldblum meme? Because I didn't, and this is hilarious.
What words would you consider to be the most overused? I'm thinking about doing a project that involves synonyms, and I'm trying to come up with 5-15 or so words that are particularly overused.Read more...
Why are websites gendered? I just had the following conversation with my cousin on Facebook:


22 October 2012

A question for experts: no-bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies - Doesn't peanut butter have enough fat and sugar in it that I can leave out the butter and regular sugar? I would prefer not using artificial sweetener or margarine. Any thoughts or ruminations are welcome. Other healthy ingredients? What changes can I make if I include refrigeration?
Welcome to Windows 7 Who has two thumbs and just got a new laptop? This girl! It's my first Windows 7 machine. Anything I need to know and/or what do you do when you first get a new computer?
My 6,128 Favorite Books. Reading meets snark! (in a good way)
Hair, London 1968 - Aquarius, Black Boys/White Boys, Hair, Ain't Got No/I Got Life (Nina Simone live in London '68), Tim Curry (french interview), Aquarius (video compilation)

21 October 2012

20 October 2012

Are people less self-sufficient than they were 200 years ago? I was talking with someone about the economic downturn recently, and the topic of buying land and going off the grid came up. Read more...
Hazelnut Oil? Was gifted a half liter of hazelnut oil and looking for ways to use it. Ice cream topping? Cookies? Salad dressing?
How do you recover from a bad day? When I have a bad day or mess up, it seems to have a toxic effect on all days after. I lose all momentum, and it's discouraging.Read more...
What are you up to this weekend? 3-point update Read more...
"Dracula" was a 1970/71 Spanish horror comic with no actual vampire content. Warren Publishing reprinted the issues in a soft-cover format for US sale. The stories are fairly lame but the art is way ahead of its time.

19 October 2012

I'm Reading "The Bell Jar" and Have a Question - Have you ever read a book that you thought might not be a good idea for you to read?
Toronto meetup? Hi everyone, brujita is coming to Toronto next week, and I'm trying to arrange a meetup for then. Are any Toronto-area bunnies interested and available?
Because I have absolutely no sense of propriety, I'd like to ask a question. Read more...
MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo - What's on your shuffle? Anyone up for a little shuffle action? You know the drill: set your MP3 delivery device of choice on shuffle/random, hit play, and post the first 10 songs. Read more...
Photo Friday: Imperfect

18 October 2012

So annoyed. Disgruntled and grar-y. Annoyed at idiots denying their culpability. Warm fuzzies of empathetic growls appreciated.
Jay Thomas tells a true story about The Lone Ranger. This apparently happened during Jay's radio days in the late 60s or early 70s, while he was working at a station in Charlotte, NC.

17 October 2012

grumble grumble grumble
Photo Friday Advance: Imperfect, suggested by fancyoats
MeCha bunnies who are in relationships that will stand the test of time... Read more...

16 October 2012

Macbook battery question!
Must share awesome lunch with you
Dark Shadows Fans. Amazon is selling the complete original series on 131 DVD discs for $279.99, today only.
Beautiful cosplay: The Faces of NY Comic Con 2012 [link is to a photographer's site, lots more available on his flickr page]

15 October 2012

PinterestFail I've been on a real Pinterest kick lately, and this made me laugh.
mood intervention checklist continuing your humble correspondent's adventures in self-management (avoid useless arguments, understanding stoicism) and the capstone: arbitrary stimuli affecting one's consequential disposition, let us gather ideas about what said stimuli can be. Read more...
We saw Looper on Saturday night Not only was it great -- thoughtfully plotted, very well acted -- but so interesting that now I would like to discuss with bunnies.
Looking for fitted sheets that fit my specifications as well as my bed Recently I went shopping to replace the fitted sheet on my bed, and was confronted with these shopping options: I could buy a replacement fitted sheet of a yucky quality for $15, or buy a whole new set of decent quality sheets for $30.

14 October 2012

I can haz guardianship?
Brilliant: Google has a Winsor McCay doodle! Here's a capture in case it doesn't show on your local google page.
Nut and Bee is gone. Someone here recommended it to me and I loved the way it was done and how the website was set up, hoping to do something very similar myself.Read more...
Thank you, internet friends. We took a bunch of your suggestions for things to do in Columbus and have had a lovely weekend. Read more...
Why are pandas black and white? (And do not question why the panda lives in the African jungle ...)

13 October 2012

Handyfolk of Metachat: What kind of saw do I need? Read more...
Ghaah, wtf? Windows vs Firefox grudge match or just glitches? Ever since Windows recently installed 14 updates on my laptop, I can't run Firefox. It stalls and glitches and such. I've troubleshot (is that a word?) and disabled plug-ins and uninstalled/reinstalled and restored Mozilla to no avail. Should I move on? For some reason the Chrome of The Omnipresent GoogleGod gives my poor mortal self shivers.

12 October 2012

Bunny! OMG! (Specially for youngergirl) (Not an owl)
News of mightshould
David Pelhamís Clockwork Orange cog eye design. "I have often been amused to notice that my hurried nocturnal effort of so long ago appears to have achieved something of iconic status"
3 point weekend update! It's Friday in Melbourne so I'm celebrating my weekend. I'm more than ready for a break and am very relieved to not have to be in the office! My plans for the weekend are below. What are yours??Read more...
Photo Friday: Geek-a-licious

11 October 2012

sudoko Regarding math type stuff, what's up with people who talk about Sudoko like it's a jigsaw puzzle or word circle puzzle or tic tac toe, and assume anyone can do it. Seriously, what's up with that. Can most people of normal intelligence do one, or not? Cos I sure can't.
Square footage If someone says a room is a certain number of square feet, how do you mathematically figure out how long the walls are (assuming it is a more or less square room)? I did not know how to Google this question. How would you Google it? What is the name for this equation? I don't want to calculate square footage, I want to do the opposite.
"Heil Honey I'm Home!" - The further antics of Adolf & Eva, and their neighbors, the Goldensteins. American sitcoms pale in comparison.

10 October 2012

Can I have your name? The Starbucks in my office building has recently started asking for a name when you place your drink order - so they can call it out when your drink is ready. My Corner Bakery now does this too. It squicks me out, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Anybody else feel this way?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Geek-a-licious, suggested by rainbaby

09 October 2012

Ghosties and ghoulies and things that go snort in the night Read more...
NFL QBís Talkiní On Facebook In the time it took to post this, Vick threw three interceptions.
CSA recipe help needed! Vegetables include: acorn squash, turnips, leeks, chard, beets.
Please give me your best vegetarian recipes to use these up!
Guess who's 50 today? Happy Birthday ...
Happy Birthday elizarde!
Three-Point Tuesday Update, Go!

08 October 2012

Bunny! OMG! Is he on his way to Swan's End?

07 October 2012

What was good about today? My answer: I saved a marriage. Read more...

06 October 2012

Butt-baring formal wear? When I was twelve or thirteen, I was at a friend's bar mitzvah party in the southern U.S.Read more...
Kim Boekbinder's latest single "Sky Is Calling" Kinda spacey, folky Star-Trek dreampop. Kinda.
A WEEK OFF What would you do with a week of stay-cation?Read more...

05 October 2012

Two dozen ducks rescued from an animal hoarder get their first swim. Read more...
it is ridiculous how much I'm finding my mood/emotions is affected by bodily and environmental comforts these days. It's like discovering a conspiracy that my serious life thoughts are so arbitrary. lol
OMG! Etch A Sketch Saw this last night, thought of you guys. FF to 1:00 and watch til the very end!
What rules do you live by?
Ick Ick Showtime
Photo Friday: Solid/liquid/gas

04 October 2012

Facebook is full of asses? Facebook's first TV commercial is out.
Question regarding movies. I have a full day off tomorrow (university holiday!) and want, nay *need*, to treat myself to lunch and a movie.Read more...
Question Regarding TV Series Read more...  how is this site so good? I'm amazed
I haven't received a 419 scam email in a really long time at any of my (too many) addresses. And I am kinda down about it.Read more...
Whatever happened to predictibility?
Going to Disneyland, every day. I am oddly attracted to this idea.
A bloke at work was telling me that a woman he dated 15 years ago ... Read more...
Apple sucks. Yes you have to to find work arounds to view flash items on Apple devices. Now you need to find work arounds to view YouTube videos. Assholes.

03 October 2012

MeFi Overwhelmed During The Debate? Lost connection to the running thread on the Presidential debate. Can't get in. Memories of jrun FAILS.
What's up with serious, hard-core male bodybuilders? Can one generalize about the types of people who do this and their motivations?Read more...
Very cool commercial. I saw this last night at the cinema. It's amazing on a big screen.
Photo Friday Advance: Solid/liquid/gas, suggested by mdonley
Remote Control Magic IV, a 1970s television flashback brought to you by those VHS enthusiasts at
Lets talk about fat chicks. Via Jann Arden Who I saw last week and who talks about weight too.

02 October 2012

Time Magazine article on Mormonism The latest Time Magazine has an article that purports to explore the Mormon side of Mitt Romney. The article is a great example of the kind of vacuous crap that passes as journalism these days.Read more...
I finally filed all my expenses! What are you proud of getting done?
OMG COOKIE I shall be making this!
GWAR covers KANSAS. Yes, you read that right.
So it turns out ... Putting ratatouille over a bed of tortilla chips is a really good idea.
Philip K. Dick. An appreciation.

01 October 2012

How many Bob Dylan fans are there out there really? I have been wondering lately in this modern day and age how many Bob Dylan fans still exist.Read more...
Is it possible to become less selfless without becoming more selfish? Read more...
Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson) great post... nothing 'deep' but has some hard-won professional life insights
Pantsuits! These women are no sissies when it comes to business. A series of shorts kinda like the reoccurring themed sketches The Kids in the Hall would spread through a seasonís shows. (For those who care, a few episodes are NSFW, mostly due to language.) Many of the jokes fall flat, but it has its moments. Love the style, though. Nine episodes so far, but they may have thrown in the towel.