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19 October 2012

MP3 Shuffle-a-gogo - What's on your shuffle? Anyone up for a little shuffle action? You know the drill: set your MP3 delivery device of choice on shuffle/random, hit play, and post the first 10 songs. [More:] I've been away from the MeFi/MeCha world for a bit, so this seems like a great way to jump back into the fold. Here's what I got on my shuffle along with a few comments.

1. the BEACH BOYS - Honky Tonk (Surfin USA 1963) A totally unneeded version of the Bill Doggett instrumental.
2. MANIC STREET PREACHERS - A Song for Departure (Lifeblood 2004) I was late getting into MSP, not really loving a whole record until their fifth, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours. But for a few years I loved them, but after this album I sort of lost interest again.
3. the SMITHS - Girlfriend in a Coma (Strangeways, Here We Come 1986) I need to pick yp the box or the individual reissies, because these original CDs of the Smiths catalog are mastered so damn low. I have to turn up the volume everytime they pop up on a shuffle.
4. MANSUN - You, Who Do You Hate? (Attack of the Gray Lantern 1996) Like Manic Street Preachers - I loved Mansun for a few years, and then just stopped listening to them. This song is pretty bland, which makes me think I'm not missing anything.
5. the SINCEROS - Memory Lane (Pet Rock 1981) I'm a big classic power pop nerd, and London's Sinceros are totally in my wheelhouse. Nothing very original, but wonderfully catchy melodies.
6. JOSEPH ARTHUR - Birthday Card (Big City Secrets 1997) I recently added a whole bunch of albums that I used to love but hardly listen to anymore, and this is one of them. Not sure why this didn't stay in rotation - a fabulous performer thaat should have been much bigger.
7. LOUDON WAINWRIGHT - What Are Families For? (Little Ship 1997) I love Loudon for his funny, biting commentaries. But just as much I love him for his incredibly personal songs about family and relationships.
8. the INSOMNIACS - Outta Her Mind (Wake Up 1995) Finally something on this shuffle with a little kick. I absolutely love the first two albums from New Jersey's garage pop power trio the Insomniacs. Such fun stuff.
9. JULIAN COPE - Don't Call Me Mark Chapman (Autogeddon 1994) You never know what you'll get with Julian - one of the least predictable artists ever. This is around where I started to relaize that Julian Cope was dirfting from mking the type of albums I wanted from him. 1995's 20 Mothers was the last Julian album I absolutely loved all the way through.
10. BOSS HOG - I Dig You (Boss Hog 1995) Sludgey rock from Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez - weird to think that this came out on a major label.

So, what's on your shuffle?
Haven't done one of these in ages!

1. Neko Case - In California - Love this song! Glad it showed up...Neko's recording a new records these days, I think. I'm happy about that.
2. Rheostatics - In Fire - This is from one of their latter records. Great Canadian ArtRock(tm) band that I can't believe I like as much as I do ( I usually dislike anything art-rock-y) but they are amazing. Martin Tielli's guitar work, and singing? AMAZING.
3. Tom Waits - Somewhere (from Blue Valentine) This isn't my favourite Waits stuff, but it's still pretty amazing. The recording is a little too pristine and pretty for me. Of course, Tom is still Tom though.
4. The Clash - Spanish Bombs (from Live at Shea Stadium) God I miss Joe. Seriously. The only band that mattered, yup.
5. Billy Bragg - Like Soldiers Do - from Back to Basics, a comp. - I really like Billy. I think he's a stand up dude, and it's fun to sing along in his accent.
6. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - from the album of the same title. I always had a soft spot for George. I love his tasteful playing, and generally got the impression that he was an interesting guy. The Scorsese documentary about his life, Living in the Material World,(part two mainly) really confirmed that for me, and made me lament his passing a little more.
7. The Ramones - Kick to Try (demo from Pleasant Dreams) I don't have much to say about these guys. Love 'em though.
8. Donovan - To Sing For You - from What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid - He sings this song for Dylan in Don't Look Back - it's a beauty and I admire the nerve of the guy. To sit in Dylan's hotel room and play this song. It really is amazing though.
9. The Kinks - Rainy Day in June - from Face to Face - not my favourite kinks record, but I love this era!
10. Horses - Weather the Storm - Great rock and roll from a bunch of Cape Breton boys. They broke up a couple years back and I'm sorry to see them go. They wrote some great straight up rock, and are great guys. I was lucky enough to tag along on a short eastern tour with them and some friends a couple years ago. Great times!
posted by richat 19 October | 10:53
1. In The Cage - Genesis
I'm a big Peter Gabriel fan and have a lot of time for prog too. Not a great track this one. I did recently see a band called The Musical Box that did a complete recreation of a Genesis performance of this album. One of the most enjoyable gigs I've been to recently.
2. Star - The Hollies
A bubblegum pop story song. Not hugely exciting.
3. Delilah (Take 4) - Milt Jackson And Wes Montgomery
I've been getting into jazz quite a bit the past year. Not an amazing album this one, but likeable enough.
4. Lay Down Your Arms - Anne Shelton
This is a ballad with a marching rhythm (?!?!). I only have this because it's on a Joe Meek compilation. Quite a horrible track.
5. Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
Prog again. A decent enough rocker. I'm not a big Tull fan but this is OK.
6. By A Waterfall - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
I love the Bonzo's. The Tadpoles album is a must-have.
7. The Cancer Song - Andy Breckman
Andy Breckman was the creator of the TV show Monk. Before that he was a folk singer. Unusually for him this song is not a comedy song. It's absolutely terrific and might be one of my favorite songs.
8. Dance to Another Tune - First Aid Kit
I love the voices of these girls but their material is just a bit lacking. I think they have a lot of promise though.
9. Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
This was the track that got me into psychedelic rock when I was about 9 years old. I remember my mum brought this record home, put it on and said "listen to this!" I had no idea what the hell it was but my mind was blown.
10. Car Thief - The Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys were pretty much irresistible.
posted by dodgygeezer 19 October | 15:02
1. Revolution Blues - the Waco Brothers - 1997
2. Fade - Calexico - 2000
3. Fast Canoe - Polvo - 1996
4. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie - Black Flag - 1981
5. To Hell With Good Intentions - Mclusky - 2002
6. Let's Do Something Wrong - Chuck Prophet - 2007 (the kids choir singing the title of this song at the end totally makes it, and I normally hate that kind of thing)
7. Dust Devil - Madness - 2009
8. Dr. Hellno Vs. the Praying Mantis - El-P f/ Vast Aire - 2002
9. Summertime Blues - The Who (live at Leeds) - 1970
10. Have No Fun - Scott H. Biram - 2006
posted by ufez 19 October | 16:26
1. Trampled Under Foot -- Led Zeppelin
2. Rest in Peace -- Prince Rama
3. Saints -- The Breeders
4. Laisse Tomber Les Filles -- Pigeons
5. You're Just A Baby -- Belle & Sebastian
6. Lady Gagarin -- a mashup by FAROFF (of Brazil)
7. Wild Billy Childish and the Blackhands -- Anarchy in the UK
8. Evil, with evil, against evil -- A Sunny Day In Glasgow
9. Daybreak -- Harry Nilsson
10. You're Blessed -- Iceage (Rough Trade Counter Culture 11)
posted by jason's_planet 19 October | 16:43
1. "Glitter and be Gay" from Bernstein's Candide, performed by Sumi Jo -- I don't actually like Sumi Jo; I tried to find the best one and got like eight versions. Oddly enough, I think Kristin Chenoweth is my favorite.
2. "Boys vs. Girls (A Study)" by Tikkle Me -- No idea where I got this one. Probably a mix from a friend. I kind of love this one.
3. "Wild Wild Life" by the Talking Heads -- Eh, it's okay. I think I've heard it too much on our local station that thinks it's edgy.
4. "Days Of Our Lives" by Restless People -- I don't even know what this song is. From a mix I found on some blog.
5. "Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator remix)" by Dean Martin -- Geez, I forgot to uncheck my holiday ones? But I do love me some Dan the Automator.
6. "Baserock Babies" by Beeda Weeda -- another song I have possibly never heard before from some Best of 2010 survey on Fluxblog.
7. "Second Song" by TV on the Radio -- I think I may have gotten this one in the giant swath of mp3s I pulled off of my husband's hard drive because all I had on my work computer was Rubber Soul and a Fred Astaire album.

Still sensing a theme, here: "Songs Madamina Doesn't Actually Listen To."

8. "Rabbit In A Log" by the Stanley Brothers --
The next line is "Can't find my dog." Love it.
9. "The Christmas Song" by John Zorn and Mike Patton -- And apparently my other theme is crazy Christmas mixes.
10. "Airplane" by Imogen Heap -- A guy I dated in 2007 was a big Imogen Heap fan. I haven't really listened much since then :P
posted by Madamina 19 October | 17:03
Yay, I love these threads!

1. Brittle Stars, Tripping me up -- ohmygod, the 90s!! Actually this song kind of holds up, not my favorite on this album but I love this twee stuff.
2. The Owls, Channel--I had no idea I even had this album or that it existed. I love The Owls' album Our Hopes and Dreams and will clearly have to investigate this other mysterious album.
3. Tori Mccann, No--from some comp called Destroy Your Boy, this song is not my thing.
4. Cat Power, Keep on Runnin'--oh Cat Power, you're so weird. Pretty song though.
5. Sly and the Family Stone, Everyday People--GREAT song.
6. Lush, Kiss Chase--unrelated, but is that new Fiat I've been seeing commercials for the one the Lush song 500 is about?
7. Sixth Great Lake, Duck Pond--The chorus of this is mildly annoying.
8. Lambchop, Gloria Leonard--I love Lambchop.
9. Faris Nourallah, Moscow in the Morning--I have this album just for the song Fantastic really, but all the songs are pretty good. I like the minor chords on this one.
10. The Rosebuds, Bow to the Middle remix--They made a good pop-rock song electronic, it's kind of dumb-sounding.
posted by leesh 19 October | 22:06
Yay Lambchop, yay Jethro Tull and yay for MP3 shuffle threads.

I'm doing this shuffle on my phone:

1. Violent Femmes "Outside The Palace" I was a huge VF fan in the 80s and 90s. 3 is not one of their best albums, but it has gotten better with age.

2. ABBA "Kisses of Fire" Je ne regrette rien.

3. Roxy Music "Manifesto" I've been on a HUGE Roxy Music kick lately, since the box set of their remastered albums came out a couple of months ago. Like pretty much everyone I think their first two albums were the best, but unlike a lot of people I like EVERY Roxy album to some extent. Manifesto was an odd album, but it had good songs on it, like this title track.

4. Lambchop "The Old Matchbook Trick" Did I say "Yay, Lambchop" already? Yes, I did.

5. Kraftwerk "The Telephone Call" Wow, this is a fun song. It's from the last good Kraftwerk album, from 1986, and it sounds even more retro now thanks to the dial tones and telephonic beeps used as instruments throughout.

6. COIL "Algerian Basses" Fantastic song from COIL's "lost album," that they recorded on and off in the 90s and naughties (including some sessions with Trent Reznor producing). The album, The New Backwards finally came out in 2008, thank goodness since both members of the band would be deceased two years later. (John Balance died in 2004, before the album came out.)

7. Spacemen 3 "May The Circle Be Unbroken" I love a lot of Spacemen 3's acid gospel music, but this track's a little dull.

8. Add N To (X) "The Black Regent" This band has been quoted as saying they wanted to play synths the way rock bands played their guitars. This is from the first album, and it's as weird and hard-edged as you might think.

9. The Flying Lizards "Money" Maybe the best pop song deconstruction ever.

10. Butthole Surfers "Jimi" An awesome finish... the Buttholes at their sludgy best, from Hairway To Steven, my favorite BH album.
posted by BoringPostcards 19 October | 23:01
Silver Connection - Fly Robin Fly
Nine Inch Nails - Sunspots
OST Vampyros Lesbos - The Lions and the Cucumber
Boston - Hitch A Ride
Chicago - Dialog

Dark Shadows - Opening Theme
Maria Muldaur - Midnight At The Oasis
Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
Michael Murphy - Wildfire
The Surfaris - Exotic

You caught me with my 'guilty pleasures' folder loaded.
posted by Ardiril 19 October | 23:52
Lots of old stuff and deep tracks this time:

Corn Flakes And Ice Cream - Lords Of London
Tumbling Dice - The Rolling Stones
In My Life (10-2-01) - Dave Matthews
Everlasting Love - Love Affair
Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club
These Foolish Things - Lionel Hampton with Oscar Peterson
The Guy Who Made Her A Star - The Equals
House of the Ancestors - Afro Celt Sound System
Walk On Water - Norman Brown
In A Space - The Kinks
posted by arse_hat 20 October | 00:25
Damn - there's so much good stuff here! As I often say during these shuffle threads - I think I would be confident handing over the playlist duties to any of you at a party.

richat - I've recently warmed up to Blue Valentine a bit, although I still prefer the stuff that came a few records later. Have you heard any of the many CLASH AT BONDS live recordings? I have one on my MP3 player that's my favorite bootleg of anyone, and one of my favorite live albums ever. And I'm with you, I miss Joe in the same way I'd miss a personal friend.

dodgygeezer - I need to give the proggy Genesis another try. For years I hated that stuff since it went against my short-song punk rock aesthetic, but I've since come to like a lot of other prog-rooted music. I'm a huge Hollies fan, and that song title doesn't even sound familiar! Yeah Bonzos!!! I really like that First Aid Kit album (it will make my top 20), but you're right that with the right batch of songs they cold be incredible.

ufez - The new Chuck Prophett album will most likely make my year end top 20, which makes me want to dig deeper into his back catalog. I've only heard a few of his post Green on Red records.

jason's_planet - Love seeing Breeders, Nilsson, and Zeppelin on one shuffle. I've never heard Billy Childish's version of Anarchy, but if it's like his take on the clash I think I need to.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 20 October | 10:59
Madamina - "Songs Madamina Doesn't Actually Listen To.": tt's always weird when a shuffle only pulls songs you wouldn't normally listen to. I did not like "Wild Wild Life" when it came out, but heard it not that long ago and kind of enjoyed it.

leesh - I loved the Rosebuds, but I can't imagine the need to remix them. Love the Lush, Sly Stone, and Lambchop.

BoringPostcards - After the first album 3 is probably the Femmes album I play the most. I've also been on a big Roxy kick of late - they're becoming one of my favorite headphones bands. I was underwhelmed with Electric Café when it came out, but Mrs Agogo is a big fan, and now I realize I was wrong - so much fun stuff. Spaceman 3!!!

Ardiril - What a crazy mix of songs! Dark Shadows theme into Maria Muldaur into Van Halen? I like how you roll. "Runnin With the Devil" is one of my favorite VH songs - in the late 80's I got to see Fishbone do an incredibly awesome version live.

arse_hat - Equals are one fo my all time favorite bands, so I'm always glad to see them pop up on a shuffle - especially with such a great song. I need to break out that Afro Celt album again.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 20 October | 11:16
Okay lets try this!

1- Mars Attacks OST - Return Message. I love this soundtrack way more then I like the movie. It's the goofiest, campiest, silliest best.

2- Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs . I got this from like, pueso New Wave 80s fandom then 80s Teen Movie fandom. I still have yet to actually see the movie.

3- Drain You - Nirvana. For the vampire party. I'm pretty blah on the whole genre actually but this one stuck around, love those drum flourishes.

4- Fade Away And Radiate - Blondie. Oh man, melodramatic comic-book teen angst Blondie is my FAVORITE Blondie. Has this ever been used for like some apocalyptic prom theme? It should be.

5- You Don't Own Me - Rasputina Man my shuffle is being a total teen goth today. It's your standard Rasputina cover in that it lodges the original out of your head and now the "real" version sounds wrong.

6- Father Christmas - The Kinks I ..whut? No idea why I have Xmas music on here. Anyway, everyone likes this song cause Santa gets beat up.

7- Garbage Truck - Sex Bomb-Omb I ...bought the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. I have no regrets.

8- You Might Think I'm Crazy - The Cars. Look when you let your kid watch hours of Pop-Up Video at Alan's house then this kinda stuff is going to happen.

9- More Money, More War - Hisao Shinagawa Everyone likes experimental anti-war Japanese reggae, right?

10- Sooner Or Later - Madonna Hey you know who wrote this? Sondheim. Yeah it's actually a great torch song that really, really needs a decent cover version by someone who can like, sing.
posted by The Whelk 20 October | 11:42
Yay Lambchop indeed!

Slack--the Rosebuds remix is from the XXMerge remix album from the Score box set and I honestly have never listened to that album for that reason--I think the remixes are a little silly when the songs are already so good. But maybe I am just biased against Score b/c I temporarily lived in Florida when they took the pictures for the album cover book and so I didn't get to be in any. :(
posted by leesh 20 October | 12:04
Oh also, YAY for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack!!!
posted by leesh 20 October | 12:14
the whelk - I didn't even think about checking out the Mars Attacks soundtrack - that has to be crazy fun. The Furs song is better than the movie that took it's name. Although, now that I think about, the movie isn't that bad if you're in a nostlagic John Hughes mood. Parellel Lines is one of my top five or ten albums of all time, and I used to play "Fade Away and Radiate" over and over again. Years ago I heard a trip-hop remix of the song that stretched it out to about 10 minutes which I'd love to hear again. I don't even count "Father Christmas" as a Christmas song - it totally stands on it's own year round. I need to check out the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 20 October | 12:21
It has this really great cover of By Your Side on it.
posted by The Whelk 20 October | 14:26
Man, I used to love playing the Dark Shadows theme on guitar (with a reverse effect and a slide it was pretty convincing)
posted by dodgygeezer 20 October | 14:36
This is fun, final five bonus round!

Halloween (She Get So Mean) - Rob Zombie. Man I like it when Rob Zombie is in the mode of knowing just how ridiculous and campy his obsessions are, the total Bride Of Chucky tone you know? That being said, this song is a little weak.

Banshee Beach - The Ghastly Ones. From my treasured collection of 60s Monster-Fad rock/pop/surf music. I made a three CD set of it for my local bar one year and now it gets played every Halloween. It's all super fun.

Monkey Gone To Heaven - The Pixies. Everyone collectively got tired of this song in 2004 when it was suddenly EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.I mean I like the Pixies but I feel like we all needed like a good decade away from them again.

I Wish I Were A Princess - Little Peggy March. Man I have a freaking musical sweet tooth don't I? This is a good song to play backstage when everyone is slathering makeup on.

Ferando - ABBA. Nobody doesn't like Abba. This has been proven by science.
posted by The Whelk 20 October | 15:19
Ah man, I always miss these when the topic is hot. Still, I love them so much, so here's my super-late entry:

Dinah Washington, I'm a Fool to Want You
Hem, The Present
Woody Guthrie, Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy
Josh Ritter, California
Loretta Lynn with Jack White, Portland, Oregon
Keb' Mo', I'm Telling You Now
Mandy Barnett, Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Aretha Franklin, Call Me
Indigo Girls, Southland in the Springtime
The Hooters, Nervous Night

This was a good shuffle for me. 50% of the songs sparked an "Ooooooh! Yes!" which is much better than normal for shuffling like this. Yay, shuffle-a-go-go.
posted by julen 23 October | 14:09
Photo Friday: Imperfect || Because I have absolutely no sense of propriety, I'd like to ask a question.