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Archives for: August 2012

31 August 2012

Fantasy Football draft is tomorrow at 5pm CDT! And the draft order is...Read more...
Obscure Records. "Obscure Records was a U.K. record label which existed from 1975 to 1978. It was created and run by Brian Eno, who also produced the albums." Download all 10 albums.
The dog's balls. What's something cool/wonderful/amazing in your life right now? Read more...
Photo Friday: Craft

30 August 2012

It's not my sewing circle, it's *our* sewing circle Yesterday's post about the velvet coat I plan to make got me thinking about how much I'd like to find a community web site for sewers where posts like that really belong, so I asked for suggestions of such sites on AskMe. I wound up joining My Sewing Circle. If you sew and want to join, you might also consider joining the "MetaStitchual" group I've set up in their sewing circles section.

29 August 2012

I blame Marion Cotillard I bought the materials for a new project today. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me [cough], but this seems like an extra-special project.Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Craft, suggested by tortillathehun
Happy Birthday Youngergirl!

28 August 2012

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK. I'm pissed off. Share why you're pissed off or some way I can vent my frustration, please.
Marmite - Yes or No? - Just like humans, some big cats like it and others don't. Watch to find out which is which!
AskMeCha: Problem with using E: for the first time. No, not that kind of E. So I got my new external hard drive delivered today and have been trying to transfer my files from my old desktop, Old Faithful, to the new laptop, and have run into a problem.

Recipe swap! Share your favorite go-to recipes for everyone. Read more...

27 August 2012

26 August 2012

I have a new favorite character/small-time actor: Reg Rogers, thanks to The Closer episode "Fool's Gold". Read more...
AV Club reviews classic Simpsons episode "Last Exit to Springfield".
For those familiar with the episode (or internet memes in general), the comments thread goes about how you'd expect it to.
Wonder how Walter Hill would have directed the ending of "The Wild Bunch"? Spoilers and gun violence, obviously.
What Neil Armstrong Could Have Said. In the summer of '69, Esquire asked everyone from Ayn Rand to Ali, Vonnegut to Asimov, Capote to Nabokov, for their suggestions for the first words on the moon. Here's to an American hero who topped them all.Read more...
Dealing with the constant "when are you getting married questions." So the bf and I have been together five and a half years and change. He is not ready to get married, which means WE are not ready to get married. But more and more lately there is the constant barrage of questions from people who have no right to ask. Complications after the Read more...

25 August 2012

Holiday weekend 3-point update I have no idea if it's a holiday anywhere else in the world, but this is our last public holiday before Christmas.Read more...
Hello, Henry! Specklet and TheDonF welcome a new kid into the world.

24 August 2012

How would you read a username that appeared as "therapistboy"? I came across a profile with this username on OKCupid recently. I literally felt sick at the sight of it. I thought about it for a few days and got more and more outraged by it. Read more...
I'd like to get me a nice big external hard drive. (Not a euphemism.) Hey everyone. I need to buy an external hard drive. This one is available for the best price I've seen for 2TB. Would it be right for my purposes? Which are a) to take all the existing data off my old 2004 desktop which has Windows XP, and b) use it with my new laptop which is a Dell Vostro 3560, which uses Windows 7?
I ate Jon's Brutal Dog.
adorable bulldog puppy not a dog person, but it's sooooo cute! <3
Water Wigs: photos of bald men with water balloons exploding on their heads to look like crazy cartoon hair.
We can laugh about it now... Looking back, what can you now laugh about?
Anyone know anything about Vipassana Retreats? So I'm on a waiting list for a Vipassana Retreat based on a random comment in a totally unrelated-to-my-life MeFi thread. Anyone know anything about them?
Photo Friday: Poles

23 August 2012

Yeah, you're about to be contradicted. That particular usage seems to have swirled up in the last couple of years.Read more...
Abandoned Russian Riviera: photos of a decaying former resort on the coast of the Black Sea.

22 August 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Poles (the stick in the ground kind, not the Warsaw kind), suggested by netbros
Wednesday Three Point Updates: Good morning friends!
I don't know which one of you fuckers turned me on to Nomo, but thanks. Read more...

21 August 2012

An excerpt from the upcoming biography of David Foster Wallace.

20 August 2012

Lamb-Stuffed Mushrooms. You should make them. Now.
Indianapolis arrest records?

19 August 2012

I'm watching Sideways ...

18 August 2012

look at what I found Project Syndicate, "commentaries from the world's top economists and geopolitical strategists." It's interesting and all but I'm beginning to be very skeptical of collections of elite technocrats1. The more interested I get in my surroundings in India the more I realize everything here is a fractal of injustice all the way down. And I'm not even sure the urban westernized layer on top of a huge populace are even representative enough of everyone else to have a moral right to start reinventing everything. Put the chaos of our human systems together with the unrepresentative nature of jetsetting think-tank phds and this top-down systems-driven approach to things becomes useless.Read more...
B&W photos from Staten Island, 1983-1984 There's something both touching and a little haunting about these pics. Just wonderful.

17 August 2012

Two weeks into my new fitness regimen, I appear to have sustained an umbilical hernia. The reason I am paying a trainer was to avoid injury. Right now, I am not a happy camper.
Mens Shoe Question Oxford vs Wingtip vs Brogue vs Captoe (and etc. of that style). I am totally confused by this. Is there a good chart somewhere that lays this all out? Read more...
Friday Shuffle, anyone? You know the deal.
Things that make you feel awesome. I'm making a point lately of noticing Things That Make Me Feel Awesome. Read more...
What are you doing this weekend?
Photo Friday: Lone figure in a landscape

16 August 2012

15 August 2012

Bored with lame stock photos? Try some lame stock videos.
Small Dogs With A Napoleon Complex And Twinkie is not featured? I am shocked.
Photo Friday Advance: Lone figure in a landscape, suggested by flapjax@midnite
British English vs. American English. I just learned what a "tosser" is for the first time. Nifty!Read more...
In case anyone needs fodder for that August best post contest. There are bicycle bog snorkeling contests (and triathlons) and nettle eating contests and who knows what else.
Midweek 3-point update
I need a house cleaning game plan. Help me out? Read more...
The Progressive snafu is not what you think it is. Read more...

14 August 2012

Happy birthday to gomichild!! It's already past midday on the 15th of August on the east coast of Australia, so it's well and truly time to drop whatever you're doing & wish our dearest gomichild a very fabulous birthday!
I Am Reading A Discovery of Witches. . . And like it way more than I should, probably.

Has anyone else read it?
Happy Birthday Orange Swan!

13 August 2012

I need to bust up the place. Any place, really. Who's with me??? And what the hell are we busting up?
The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened There is so much cute here, I don't even know where to begin. Chinchilla birthday, floppy basset hounds, a couple of face plants, and a bunny getting a bath.
Has Corgi Cam made it here yet? Corgi Cam! It's in the name!Read more...

12 August 2012

Share What is your new favorite thing?
Epic pictures while trekking through Asia I haven't really had the time to give them the attention they deserve, but moonbird has been posting the most amazing pictures as he's been on vacation for the last two months. This is about where it starts.Read more...

11 August 2012

I don't understand why rhythmic gymnastics isn't more of a mainstream sport during the Olympics. They do some amazing shit during those routines.Read more...
The New Royales - Today  "paying homage to the original version by Jefferson Airplane & Tom Scott’s cover"
So one funny thing about this century is you can find lipdubs about your High School. I'm just sitting here going, and that's where I nearly broke my nose and that's the gym padding I cried into and that's whee home ec was and oh they changed the floor but that's where I ate lunch for Four Years....
JCVD a retourné. JCVD is a walking talking buddhist morality play on the vicissitudes of the ego and gratification.Read more...

10 August 2012

"And she should have paid him at least 10 grand" Which begs the question -- how does he know so much about that topic ...
Here's a Friday giggle for you Call me maybe, chatroulette style.
Four Point Friday Update!
Where would you run away to if you could run away from it all? Read more...
Photo Friday: Teeny-tiny and tiny

09 August 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Teeny-tiny and tiny, suggested by mdonley and ethylene
sorry I'm a day late
Apple small-business tech support in Indy?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUEINNYC!!! OMG! Triple bunny birthdays today!

08 August 2012

Ok, can anyone top this in terms of sheer insanity? I mean, I love the hot weather and all, but...
Double bunny birthday celebration!

07 August 2012

Would like to run a Lexicon Game. Need Players. Jessamyn suggested I post a call for players here. I've done so on MeFightClub and gotten a couple of recruits. My next step is MetaTalk. But I agreed with jessamyn that MetaChat folks might be a good match for a Lexicon Game, so I'm asking here first.Read more...

06 August 2012

Ha, Mefites and meself quoted in this aticle on the Times Square Mars Lander Watching.
Defrosting fish. I bought a 1 lb. salmon filet this afternoon that I would like to eat tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. When I got home, I put it in the fridge. Is it likely to be thawed at 7pm-ish? Should I do something else? When do I pull the trigger on microwave/running water/whatever?
Take a good look at the baby's, uh, limb? in the lower photo.
The Most OMG BUNNY T-Shirt Ever Offered by Is BACK (for a limited time only) Yes, I've already ordered one because I missed it the first time.

05 August 2012

The Olympic Q&A Thread I've got questions, maybe you've got answers? Step inside. Let's all share our questions about the OlympicsRead more...
I'm getting divorced. Not really my choice, though probably for the best. Support appreciated.
A short set of Booker T & the MGs - Booker Loo, Time Is Tight, Green Onions
Sunday 3-point update

04 August 2012

Random playlist time.

03 August 2012

I am beginning to be think about something "retroactive embrace". Do you ever feel like if you took the person talking about a particular album, or person, etc. and moved them back to the time the work of art or political actor was current, they'd have completely different takes? When we reach into the past for cultural signifiers we use them in a positioned (I guess the world I want is symbolic) way which is not necessarily how we'd have reacted in the midst of that ferment.Read more...
How the "Lord of the Rings" movies used forced perspective with moving cameras to depict characters of different sizes. Pretty cool stuff- I had always figured it was pure CGI and compositing work.
Photo Friday: The Letter "I"

02 August 2012

The Olympic canoe slalom was amazing but ...
Uses for old glass bottles? So I was emptying my pantry and found I three perfectly good, cork stopped bottles in there 750ml each, just need some boiling to get the labels off - what can I do with them? The only thing I can think of is infusing olive oil but there has to be more....
Thursday 3-point update

01 August 2012

Universe Sandbox. Not sure how I missed this for so long: it's a 3D astronomy simulator that lets you play with existing solar systems or even galaxies, or create your own. SO much fun. Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter I - igloos, iguanas, ice cream, Incas, and everything else starting with the letter I. Suggested by gomichild.
Franch Dressing Respect the chemistry!
Work references? Are there guidelines/procedures/conventions for requesting/renewing them?