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14 August 2012

I Am Reading A Discovery of Witches. . . And like it way more than I should, probably.

Has anyone else read it?
No, but you reminded me that I want to read it, so I've put a request in at the library. Thanks!
posted by deborah 14 August | 16:50
I read it and, uh, I'm also the person who didn't like The Hunger Games. In other words, eeurgh. I didn't like it at all. There's just so much better urban fantasy out there - I really don't understand why this book was chosen to get the press and the full roll out hardcover printing fancy full court treatment.
posted by mygothlaundry 14 August | 18:16
From the Powells' description: "it is as contemporary and sensual as the Twilight series"

Uh oh. It would have to be immeasurably more so for me to read it.
posted by Orange Swan 14 August | 18:17
If you like it, danf, I'll give it a go. (Also, I confess I liked The Hunger Games.) If it is even slightly reminiscent of Twilight, however, it will hit the trash can.
posted by bearwife 15 August | 11:31
I never read Twilight (although I seem to know about it, just through cultural seepage). This may have some similar memes and themes (as in vampires and other non-human folks), and there is mention of abstinence, but, heaven help me, I am enjoying it.

But it also has to be placed squarely in the "summer reading" genre.
posted by danf 15 August | 12:22
I'd give it a shot; I think it's been recommended before by something or someone.
I think I already mentioned my favorite "supernatural" random find I knew nothing about (I always do so much better with absence of hype) about a novel take on "angels," "demons," and a girl who wished her hair the perfect hard to maintain blue. I think the next in the series may be out by now. Just finished the most recent Sookie Stackhouse and by a weird snafu, I have three hardbound copies if anyone wants one.
Reading "Island Beneath the Sea" right now, which would be more historical fiction, I guess.
posted by ethylene 15 August | 16:26
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ACROSS THE DATE LINE TO DG!!!!! || Happy birthday to gomichild!!