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24 August 2012

We can laugh about it now... Looking back, what can you now laugh about?
My diminutive penis.
posted by Hugh Janus 24 August | 10:01
posted by mullacc 24 August | 10:16
The arguments I would have with a kid in my 9th grade English class about which was better, Metallica or Smashing Pumpkins.
posted by koucha 24 August | 10:40
Obviously Metallica, koucha. Not even worth an argument :)

posted by gaspode 24 August | 10:41
That time that I fist-fought Gaspode about that whole Metallica v. Smashing Pumpkins brouhaha.
posted by msali 24 August | 10:55
That time I went and bought a steak for msali's bruised eye after gaspode showed her the right of things in the laugh-about-it-now thread.
posted by Hugh Janus 24 August | 10:59
My 12 year old self secretly thinks you're a knuckle-dragger, gaspode.
posted by koucha 24 August | 11:00
My 12-year-old self would let gaspode drag her knuckles anywhere she wanted.
posted by Eideteker 24 August | 11:12
posted by Eideteker 24 August | 11:26
posted by Obscure Reference 24 August | 11:29
My screwups. They are all very, very funny in retrospect.
posted by bearwife 24 August | 15:08
That rape pregnancy. Why, today it is hyssssterical.
posted by ethylene 24 August | 17:31
Also just laughing at Metallica is okay-yuh.
posted by fleacircus 24 August | 18:52
[is thinking that maybe this thread didn't really go to a good place]
posted by JanetLand 24 August | 19:00
Almost 20 years ago now, we got a call from the photographer a week before our wedding informing us that he had "forgotten" about a contract to shoot Opening Day for a local Little League team on our wedding date, but he'd found another photographer to step in last-minute, someone who we knew had a terrible rep around town, but we were stuck because everyone else was booked.

Well, the guy showed up totally hungover, in dark glasses and inappropriate clothing, and refused to take any photos at the reception because "people are eating, they hate it when you take pics of them eating," then proceeded to go to the buffet and stuff himself silly. His photos were crap, and he missed many "important" shots (bouquet throwing, etc.). We put out a call to our friends, who sent us tons of great pics of the big day, including many of the "important" shots. Guess who was usually standing there with his camera around his neck, or changing film, or at the buffet with a loaded plate?

We do laugh about it now.
posted by initapplette 24 August | 19:30
initapplette, our wedding photographer, who I cleverly picked from a yellow pages ad when our original newspaper stringer had to cover a story and fell through, also makes us laugh now. Because he was a total con man, right down to his phony business address. We are still convinced the only reason he sent someone to photograph our wedding, and finally, after many threats, disgorged a book of prints and our not bad negatives, was his fear of me and my job at the time as a prosecutor. By the time local TV carried a story about him and his many successful efforts to bilk wedding couples of money, then not show for the wedding or, if he did, provide any photos, we were able to find the whole thing pretty funny.
posted by bearwife 24 August | 19:38
posted by ethylene 24 August | 19:44
Everything. If I didn't laugh, I'd never stop crying.
posted by dg 25 August | 19:05
Nothing. But instead of crying I've just shoved it in a small basement room in the dusty realms of my psyche.
posted by deborah 25 August | 19:58
Yeah, apart from laughing, my strategy is to just keep swallowing until you get it all down. If it starts to come back up, just keep swallowing.
posted by dg 25 August | 21:21
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