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17 August 2012

What are you doing this weekend? [More:]
I'm heading out in a minute to meet P for dinner - I don't know where, he said it's a surprise.

The weather forecast for the weekend is that it'll be hot. The V festival is on this weekend so I'll need to avoid travelling east but going west or south involves the Tube and in the heat it's unbearable. So I'll see what I feel like doing tomorrow. I might tidy up the garden, it could definitely do with it.

Running will happen at some point over the weekend.
Heading to Vermont.

There will be sheep. And hippies.
posted by Eideteker 17 August | 13:26
I am still too early in my new fitness regimen to have any energy left after my (limited) daily cardio, so not much of anything.
posted by Ardiril 17 August | 13:29
We are moving our possessions into our new house tomorrow but we aren't allowed to move ourselves in until after closing next week, so we will be staying with my in-laws.
posted by amro 17 August | 13:51
Mostly trying to enjoy my last weekend without academic stress for a few months. Classes start Monday.

Also, some work, some laundry, some downtime, and hanging out with a good buddy and his mom, who I haven't seen in a decade or so and will be in town. Her husband/his father passed from ALS a few months back, so I'm hoping to give her big hug and make her laugh a little bit.
posted by ufez 17 August | 13:59
Having dinner with The Fella at home (which is rare enough to be a treat). Baking bread. (Yay for cooler weather! For a while there, I didn't make anything that required the oven.) Probably making whoopie pies with my niece and nephews. Laundry! Writing! Cooking! Long walks!
posted by Elsa 17 August | 14:03
We'll be hosting friends (around 20) for tacos at the eek house tomorrow. The rest is all about getting ready for our long vacation in September.
posted by eekacat 17 August | 14:18
posted by richat 17 August | 15:19
posted by eekacat 17 August | 16:07
Chilling in the cabin in the woods, I invented a cocktail and everything.
posted by The Whelk 17 August | 16:12
The pups will be bathed (much to their dismay) and I need to start clearing out the 3rd bedroom, which is currently full of a variety of crap.
posted by bluesapphires 17 August | 16:32
Wife's Bday tomorrow. Going kayaking early, then maybe a bike ride, then dinner out and maybe a movie. Low key but it will be nice.
posted by danf 17 August | 16:38
Riding home on the bicycle from the train tonight, which will be hard but is a treat too.

Running long tomorrow AM in a local park.

Movie with the Bear Saturday night.

Sleeping in and reading the paper and eating Sunday breakfast with the Bear.

Other than that, no plans.
posted by bearwife 17 August | 17:08
New episode of Grimm's on tonight. They got an early start on the season it seems. Love that show. It makes me jump (reminds me of Charmed). The guy's really cute, too.

Making dinner tonight -- salmon fillets, roasted pesto cauliflower, rosemary potatoes (these are frozen, but the rest is fresh). Trying to cook more lately, for health/budget, but I'm very, very lazy.

Maybe go see my mom tomorrow, if I can muster the energy to shower (a little under the weather at the moment -- female troubles, you know).

Weather's supposed to be nice. Try to go for some walks. Watch some old time TV with Jon -- Sanford & Son, All in the Family. There's this channel called Antenna TV that's very cool. The ads are a bit scary, though. Apparently, a typical viewer has a house in foreclosure, can't walk ("Hoveround"), and has a failing abdominal mesh (eep).
posted by Pips 17 August | 17:40
Farmer's market, usual grocery store, Asian grocery store, preparing to box up my computer and ship it to Miami so the manufacturer can replace the motherboard, mourning the impending temporary loss of my computer, trying not to obsess over my crush
posted by koucha 17 August | 18:04
We are off up the Hudson River valley for a wedding tomorrow. Weather forecast isn't great, but here's hoping the rain holds off for the ceremony, anyway. Inlaws are in town for the next couple of days, and they will stay at our place with the kid tomorrow. A night out of town just us! Naturally the hubs and I will giddily drink too much and waste our alone time together. It always happens.
posted by gaspode 17 August | 18:13
Giddily is the only way to drink too much
posted by The Whelk 17 August | 18:31
Eide, are you going to the turtle party? I am!

Sunday I head down to central MA for a fe,w days, then on to my 1st time on the Cape. I did NOT want to spend any part of Aug in NYC.
posted by brujita 17 August | 18:36
Came to MA today to renew my drivers license ( long not worth it story ) and now am pending the weekend with my mom and her bf.
My aunt came for dinner to night and I am tired.
Tomorrow more errands and then maybe a hike. Sunday I pick up a rental car then Monday I drive up to Maine to go to the camp I volunteer at. I m really happy I can go this year. I didn't go last year and it didn't feel good.
posted by rmless2 17 August | 20:13

Thinking a lot about quitting.

Hopefully getting a few runs in.

Also hoping to get some work done re-organizing the garage and wondering why I have a garage bigger than my house.
posted by octothorpe 17 August | 20:16
-Working out with my new trainer.


-Maybe getting a pedicure.

-Welcoming a friend of the bf's back to town with dinner at our place.

-Getting some complicated/boring things done to my hair.

posted by Twiggy 17 August | 20:23
My kitchen floor has been removed and after two days of dust and crap ALL OVER THE PLACE, I will clean. Then, I will clean some more. Saturday morning, however, I will meet my buddy for coffee in town at Common Grounds to watch people and generally be silly for a couple hours.

I would also like to suggest to everyone that they might enjoy some pie over the weekend. You can never go wrong with pie.
posted by MonkeyButter 17 August | 20:31
Pie is a great idea. Or maybe ice cream. Or maybe we should meet in the middle for pie and ice cream!
posted by Elsa 17 August | 20:49
Going to see Bourne Legacy tomorrow with our usual guy. Probably grab some dinner afterwards. I still haven't gotten my hair-cut, so maybe that, too. Wild weekend, eh?
posted by deborah 17 August | 21:03
Didnt have big plans but the weekend shaped up nicely. Yesterday I took the baby to his 1st library kids event, which he slept through, and picked up some books for me. Then we went down to Buy Buy Baby to buy a new Boppy cover for us and a baby shower gift for friends. Their feeding/changing room is so nice, I'm gonna start looking for excuses to go there. Still sad we don't have room in our place for one of those massive cushy gliders.

This morning we were planning to travel to Queens for church, but we missed our window to make it to the service on time, so now we are bunching at an Irish pub and will walk down to the Little Red Lighthouse and lounge in the park for awhile.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 August | 10:58
I have spent most of it with a bad cold, feeling sorry for myself.
posted by JanetLand 19 August | 11:38
New episode of Grimm's on tonight.

I lurrrve Grimm!

I spent the weekend flat on my back (or at least with ice on it), after tweaking it something fierce. Worked from home Monday and took most of today off after going in and realizing my chair HURTS.

Need to read metachat more often. Am very behind.
posted by Stewriffic 21 August | 17:48
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