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18 August 2012

B&W photos from Staten Island, 1983-1984 There's something both touching and a little haunting about these pics. Just wonderful.
Back when shorts were actually short.
posted by octothorpe 18 August | 09:58
These are amazing. In my 50s, I think of the 80s as 'just a few years ago' but it's only when I look at pictures like this I realise it's more than half a lifetime away.
posted by Senyar 18 August | 11:30
Same here, Senyar. Same here.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 August | 11:58
What a great set of photos.

And what Senyar said.
posted by deborah 18 August | 18:43
Looks like my childhood. Half-shirts!
posted by Miko 18 August | 21:44
Yes, what Senyar said. Maybe it's because the photos are black and white but they seem so much older than they are. And, wow, the hair. There was some serious hair going on with those girls.

Even the cars look ancient. I am OLD. When did that happen?
posted by Kangaroo 18 August | 23:09
posted by JanetLand 19 August | 08:07
I'd been thinking about 1984 a lot lately, as that was the year the Olympics were in Los Angeles. My family got tickets to one of the soccer games. I was introduced to the wave. Does anyone do that anymore? Working around students who hadn't even been born when that happened. It seems both close and far away.

The cars... they really were that old then. The air pollution they caused! It used to be so bad I'd get covered in smoke every time crossing a busy intersection. Then I'd cough... and choke on my cough.
posted by halonine 19 August | 16:36
And Staten Island! If we hadn't relocated I wouldn't have been far away in 1984. We used to live in Queens.
posted by halonine 19 August | 16:37
1984 was only yesterday. I had be out of High School only two years. Yes, so recent and so very far away. On the radio, my beloved 80's new wave songs are being called oldies. It's a very different world these days. I'm lucky though, to have grown up in those days. These kids today....
posted by MonkeyButter 19 August | 21:18
Funny, I remember it in color.
posted by Splunge 20 August | 06:48
Class of '82, MonkeyButter? [high fives]
posted by JanetLand 20 August | 17:46
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