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28 August 2012

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK. I'm pissed off. Share why you're pissed off or some way I can vent my frustration, please.
I'm pissed off cuz my yoga studio posted the new fall schedule and instead of there being classes and teachers that I like every day of the week, I now only have 3 decent morning classes and 4 lousy ones.....and I'm paid up until December *SIGH*
posted by rollick 28 August | 20:32


for you.
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 20:51
posted by The Whelk 28 August | 20:55
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghs! in sympathy!


Hating fucking idiots who have no sympathy.

posted by occhiblu 28 August | 20:57
My job is to help you use the product. My job is not to listen to you complain about every action of my employer that has displeased you. At least, that is work for which I am far less qualified.

When you complain like that, you are prolonging the time that you will remain unproductive. Also, although you can not see it, I am staring into space and making the "jack off" motion. This benefits neither of us.
posted by Egg Shen 28 August | 20:58
Egg Shen:


for you!
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 21:01
Fuck idiots that have no sympathy button.

Fuck the idiots.
posted by msali 28 August | 21:02
starting to come to the realization that now that my boss is gone and management has changed I FUCKING HATE MY JOB... and can't afford to leave as things currently stand.

at least 97% of this is based on the fact that I now work directly for the HR manager, who is the usual HR species of twit. A TWIT I SAY!

posted by lonefrontranger 28 August | 21:05

I am officially back from vacation because now I remember why I had to get the hell out of there. Stupid, stick in the mud coworkers who not only want me to do THEIR JOB, but to UNDERSTAND THEIR SHIT, THE STUFF THEY GOT THEIR FANCY DEGREES IN. And I can't do shit about it because I don't have the degree. I have the brains, just not the degree.

THEN the OTHER coworker (not my dept) getting all spun up because a flowchart was OMG SO WRONG YOU GUYS!!1. WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ME ABOUT IT. we did. DID YOU SHOW THIS TO ANYBODY?! yeah, you're on the committee, it's in the minutes. WAS IT ON THE AGENDA?! yes, yes it was. OMG OMG I'M GOING TO ADD FIFTY THINGS AND FIVE DEGREES OF DIFFICULTY. *sigh*, ok.

I might be exagerrating just a smidge but OMG what a day.
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 21:13
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 21:27
My manager keeps giving me two weeks of stuff to do each week and then getting all concerned and distressed the next week when I've only got half of it done. Then she schedules me for hours and hours of meetings where we talk about how I'm not getting my work done (which I would be doing if I wasn't in a fucking meeting).
posted by octothorpe 28 August | 21:58

posted by lysdexic 28 August | 22:01
Oh, yeah. For venting frustration I use zentangle.
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 22:02
for octothorpe:

posted by occhiblu 28 August | 22:14
I have to say, working on expressing my disapproval for everyone else's mistreatment is making me feel better. I recommend this sort of thread as a regular thing.
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 22:15
Heh, Primal Screen Therapy.
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 22:24
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 22:40
My O-Chem II prof has exams scheduled for 6:30 on Friday evenings. What the actual fuck? There aren't any buses running past 5:30 on Fridays. So I'll have to drive in, spend ~12 hours on campus and then drive home. Fuck that shit.

Fuck it like Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
posted by ufez 28 August | 22:47
posted by sperose 29 August | 07:08
It's an election year! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 August | 08:20

Plumbers and carpenters and furnace-guys OH MY. So much work being done in our apartment building for the entire summer, most of it in the apartment right upstairs from us, all of it entailing teams of people and tons of equipment going STOMPETY STOMP STOMP STOMP up and down the staircase that is right above our bedroom, tearing old boilers out through the disused cellar entry that is right below our bedroom window, and general CLANG CLANG SMASH CLANG every which way, as well as periodic surprises like HEY NO HOT WATER or even HEY NO WATER AT ALL HA HA HA HOPE ONE OF YOU WASN'T WASHING YOUR HAIR AND THE OTHER WASN'T FILLING A PASTA POT TO MAKE DINNER OH YOU TOTES WERE? THAT SOUNDS ROUGH and so many times they need to come into the apartment --- like, three times a week for three weeks.

The Fella works late (and is on deadline when he's not actually at his night job), and the various teams of skilled workers have been quite reasonable about scheduling our apartment visits for after 12 noon, and since I mentioned to them that WE NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU TURN THE WATER OFF, they've been very good about that... but of course they start early, so for two months, we've been awakened at 8 or 9 am daily, which is early when one of you gets out of work at midnight.

* I am making horrible noises because of the horrible noises being made. See, it's thematic!
posted by Elsa 29 August | 08:34
First a RAAWWRRRR!!! in solidarity.

I just need my co-workers to a). Actually read my emails, like the whole things, b). to TELL ME when they are editing documents I'm supposed to work on so I don't waste time proofreading versions of things that aren't even live anymore, and c). Include me in a conversation once in a while! I work here too!
posted by koucha 29 August | 08:53
Estimated moving cost (including one month storage): $14,000.00. Anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney?
posted by Splunge 29 August | 10:41
The powers that be at the school where I work decided to continue summer camp while the teachers were all in meetings elsewhere, so that we are ridiculously understaffed at the camp. The past week and a half have been stressful to the point that I was happy to get a migraine today so I could go home after an hour. Yes, I went in with it until other people came into work because otherwise there was NO ONE.

ARRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!! AAARRRRGHHHHHHH for all y'all as well!!!!!!

posted by booksherpa 29 August | 11:08
I need a new job. With a better commute.

That's pretty much it, the rest will fall into place.

(Frustrating to be so close yet so far, esp. after having come such a long way in such a short time.)
posted by Eideteker 29 August | 11:46
This morning I had a bit of a blow-out because people just suck. We got on the "Quiet Car" of the train, our commute being an hour plus on the train it is really nice at 8 AM to just relax and not listen to people. Naturally, as alwayyyyyyyyyyys happens (and I never learn,) some douchecanoe gets on blabbing on his cell phone. Because this is the third day in a row this has happened and I am weary and on edge, I wave to him to get his attention and say "quite car," pointing to the ground of the car we're in, as polite as you please. He of course, gives me the finger and then proceeds to talk louder on his phone trying to stare me down. "I don't know," he yells at whoever is one the line,"These people are the worst, they end up being the loudest and making so much noise and I was just trying to say goodbye to my sister! I mean really!" I roll my eyes and my husband and I settled down in booth.

'Oh well,' I thought, 'Another asshole who just basically does what he wants.'

Of course then he finishes his call and stands up, turns around and tries to stare me down, and I'm almost giggling that he's trying to frighten me... it was so absurd! He's just standing there, this five foot tall, half balding, half long haired (maybe Russian?) guy trying to intimidate me because I must have clearly insulted his personal history for wanting it to be quiet on the QUIET CAR. I admit it, after a couple of minutes of him doing this, standing backwards and staring I snapped.

"WHAT DUDE? YOU GOING TO GET ALL IN MY FACE NOW?" I shouldn't have yelled, I should have just nudged my husband and moved to a new car, but I'm FREAKING SICK of people and their negative "screw the world, I'm going to do what I want" crap. He tried to argue back for a second but then the husband told him to shut it and that he was getting upset over me "saying two words to him." I think he didn't expect me to basically lash out at him, that being a girl, I would just cower in the corner or something. Ug, people.

Not as important and it's likely Baby Duck's Syndrome, but I sincerely hate the new World of Warcraft update. I'm really sick of WoW updating everything every six months and suddenly I have to learn how to play all over again. Yeah, I'm a huntard and yeah, it was my nerd husband that first suggested we play together. I'm sort of sick of relearning a game to get a 70% return of effectiveness. Instead of improving content, Bliz seems to just want to freak with player controls... over and over and over again.
posted by eatdonuts 29 August | 12:37
Splunge, that sounds like a very reasonable estimate assuming you are moving TO THE MOON. Are you?
posted by Elsa 29 August | 14:18
eatdonuts, thank you for teaching me the phrase "baby duck syndrome."

GAH PUBLIC TRANSIT. I've been practicing the fine art of Taking Up Space On Public Transit. Not a lot of space, not an impolite amount --- or at least, not an impolite amount of space for a man my size with the same number of bags and books.

But I notice that my fellow male riders expect a woman to shift and compress her body when they encroach on her space, and they get [confused/irritable/aggressive] when I don't let them into my space, when I don't tuck my knee halfway into my own seat so they can sprawl, when I don't crumple my shoulders in to give them extra space to spread their arms. I am a big broad person and I ALSO need space to spread my arms but guess what? It's a bus: NO ONE gets arm-span room.

I've been practicing this for a few years, but then I fell out of the habit of taking the bus and forgot how transgressive it is just to be a middle-aged woman taking up space in public.
posted by Elsa 29 August | 14:30
eatdonuts I have to say I laughed at the 5 foot tall bald moron staring you down in the train for calling him out on his bullshit.

Also, I don't know what "baby duck syndrome" is. Please to explain?
posted by chewatadistance 29 August | 15:09
Chewatadistance: Baby Duck Syndrome: Basically baby ducks imprint on their first sights, sounds, and what the mother duck teaches them. Likewise it's now a term for people to hate any changes or updates of a situation, program, job, whatever - mostly because the expected and familiar is no longer familiar. For example: Everytime Facebook updates, people complain. That's Baby Duck Syndrome.

Elsa: I KNOW, RIGHT? I really do NOT understand why total strangers (always men, sorry mecha men) think they can spread their legs over into my personal space on the train! And they always think I will adjust. Or people who sit *right up close* to me and have the seat on the other side totally empty! Can't you put the empty seat between us so we're both more comfortable? I actually had one guy yell at me because my bag was under MY chair and was IN THE WAY of his feet (legs spread, knees bent, feed under). WTF GUYS! One guy actually thought it was totally cool to hang his crappy coat against the LIRR wall draping down onto my head. I said something to him and he called me a bitch.

I like lysdexic's primal scream therapy. Can I sign up for that?

posted by eatdonuts 29 August | 15:42
Oh! thanks for the illumination. :)
posted by chewatadistance 29 August | 18:30
Splunge, that sounds like a very reasonable estimate assuming you are moving TO THE MOON. Are you?

Even worse, Orlando, Florida.
posted by Splunge 29 August | 18:30
Had a second company do an estimate. $16,000.00. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you fucking with me?
posted by Splunge 30 August | 17:09
eatdonuts: But dude! GROUP LOOTING. This is the best thing ever! (I am also a Huntard, and I liked my rotation, and I haven't had a chance to figure out my new rotation yet but I'll get it, I know I will...)

Proudmoore, you?


The temp assignment ends tomorrow, and the guy likes me so much that he wants to see if I can come in towards the evening a few days next week because he needs the extra help and his current assistant has to leave at 5 pm or else she's not going to make her train back to Long Island. But unless he pays me a certain amount an hour and I get more than one day a week, it's actually more cost-effective for our household for me to be on unemployment.

This job market had better pick up fast.
posted by TrishaLynn 30 August | 19:52

I have had a much better couple days, so I'm going to be the annoying person who promises, "It gets better!" Because, really, it probably does.
posted by occhiblu 30 August | 22:47
occhiblu, glad to hear things are getting better! Sometimes a good holler with friends really makes a difference; sometimes you just have to wait it out; sometimes both.

Please also allow me to say: AAAAAAAUGH, TUB CENTIPEDE! Not my favorite way to start the day. Those things trigger some atavistic, prehistoric repulsion in me.

posted by Elsa 31 August | 08:55
It gets better? Really? I doubt it, but I remain hopeful. On a brighter note, I guess things couldn't get much worse ;-)
posted by dg 31 August | 16:13
Progress on costume for saturday's shoot. || Happy Birthday Youngergirl!