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10 August 2012

Four Point Friday Update! [More:]1. Baby is growing like a weed, getting chunkier and more alert every day. At the moment, he's asleep on my chest in the Maya Wrap. He loves napping in a carrier! Thank goodness; as he gets heavier it hurts your arms to hold him up!
2. My cousin (best friend since tweendom, married into the family) had a psychotic break about a year and a half ago and she seems really manic right now and everyone is worried :( She was doing well on medication but then she unexpectedly got pregnant and had to stop and now she's breastfeeding the baby and I don't think she's on anything. Her family probably doesn't approve- "Christians don't need medicine for mental health issues, just pray", ugh; hope her in-laws (my uncle is a doctor and she adores him) can get her on something.
3. Need to go to Trader Joe's today; we're a little low on food over here. Must resist temptation to buy tons of candy, even though their salted chewy caramels are soooo gooooood.
4. Not much on the calendar for the weekend, other than church. It's nice to take it easy! We watch a lot of Olympics and Netflix- lots of "Queer Eye".
"salted chewy caramels" - Confectioners are really up and running with this salted candy fad. I have tasted some truly mind-blowing treats lately.

1. Joined LA Fitness and signed up with a trainer. Expensive, but I think this is my last shot at ever returning to work.
2. Cardio exercises means needing a new mp3 player, and the larger capacity demands new playlists.
3. I survived Seattle's recent heat wave. Those mid-80s temps almost got me. Do I need to move to Alaska?
4. Further, the arrival of summer here brought along sleeping with the window open, and nights here get cold enough to warrant an actual quilt on the bed.
posted by Ardiril 10 August | 10:35
1. I had my hair cut and highlighted today. It's always a pleasure to see my hairdresser, Mark, he's such a lovely guy. He keeps his hair in a very close crop - almost shaved - and today for a joke he was wearing a comb-over wig and when people looked at him he acted as if he didn't know what they were looking at.

2. Date #4 tonight with the new man - we're going to see "Ted" and will then probably get food afterwards.

3. Birthday lunch with a friend tomorrow - I fancy a drive to the coast, for fish & chips and a 99.

4. On Sunday I'm going running in the morning and my ex-trainee at work is coming for dinner - she's off to the Middle East soon in her new job and we need to have a catch-up before she goes.

So, a busy weekend, and things are going really well with this new man. I haven't had a fourth date with anyone in a long, long time.
posted by Senyar 10 August | 10:41
1. Unprecedented (for me) interest in that Lexicon game, cool.
2. Work is interesting from so far away, and harder to take personally.
3. House settlement goes through today. Yay, money again! Also, I get to stop paying mortgage, rent, house insurance and most utilities.
4. But I also "get to" take care of my parents' estate, make sure all maintenance is done with the house and clean up the basement (no small task).
posted by kalessin 10 August | 10:52
1. It's been forever since I've had actual free time. Haven't been to the movies in a long time either. Will probably go this weekend -- what to see? I really want to see The Campaign, but it's not at my way-better-than-the-rest theater of choice.

2. Might drive to Illinois tomorrow to see my uncle's 80s-ish band play. Should be a fun jaunt.

3. So many local theatrical productions premiering this weekend -- almost all Sondheim! SO expensive!

4. I finally, finally called my psych to reschedule an appointment that her office canceled. Unfortunate timing when they did, since I had just realized that maybe I don't need nearly a year to recover from my wedding, but in fact could probably use a bump up of my drugs.

Rereading Acheman's comment here was the thing that helped me realize that maybe things should be better. I'm pretty content, but nearly every other indicator of life satisfaction and capability is down.
posted by Madamina 10 August | 11:06
1. I need bell puns; please see my new askme.

2. Craving pizza; off to Papa Gino's for lunch.

2a. Yesterday Mom said I've gained a few pounds this summer, which is true (see #2), but the cute guy at work said the spring dieting (which I had told him about) has paid off and makes me look great. Mom is always right about these things, of course.

3. They just came out with an updated history of our church (it's a big one in a historical area), and I'm in it, having directed the handbell choir there since 1996. In it they called me "talented" (*SNORT*)
posted by Melismata 10 August | 11:12
1. My stomach hurts. Probably due to the drinking and homemade pizza last night.

2. Kinda in limbo at the moment. I have projects that I should be working on, but I'm taking some time to relax and chill.

3. Trying to figure out what to get to wear to Fall Frolic next month. I never seem to have enough partytime clothes that are appropriate for these sorts of gatherings.

4. Supposedly going out with mom today. I should probably get dressed and do dishes and make the bed.
posted by sperose 10 August | 11:40
I don't feel like checking, but the first two are probably practically the same as the last update I posted on here. Oh well.

1. House selling and house buying are probably up there with the most stressful and most time-consuming things I've ever dealt with.

2. My mom has been in the ICU for a week now after contracting pneumonia (again). She's showing a lot of progress and is able to breathe on her own for longer and longer each day. Of course, that's only a temporary reprieve before she has to have a ventilator permanently placed, but the longer she can hold out the better. I want her to make it off the vent until the baby is born, but that's looking unlikely.

3. We are trying to save money, but I feel like I need to do something to de-stress this weekend, and I'm thinking prenatal massage. We'll see.

4. I am very happy for Senyar and her 4th date! You deserve for this to work out! And I also want to know what a 99 is!
posted by amro 10 August | 11:45
1. I think I have a back tire issue on my bike and must commute home with detour to bike shop and bike ingloriously on the bike rack instead of under me being pedalled. Boo.

2. Speaking of transportation issues, my sweet Bear washed and vacuumed my car yesterday as a surprise for me . . . but apparently meanwhile accidentally hit the button that turns on the parking and rear lights, causing the battery to drain completely. So we had to do this complicated thing where he dropped me and picked me up from my "running camp" calisthenics/sprint class last night, then jumped my car so I could take it for a charging spin on the freeway. I was ravenous by the time I finally got inside the house to eat dinner.

3. This weekend looks warm (but only high 70s, Ardiril! And Seattle winter is coming!) and busy. Long run with "running camp" folks tomorrow AM, then the big Bear family barbecue on Sunday.
posted by bearwife 10 August | 11:56
1. It is beautiful and windy and sunny and fluffily-clouded here, and everything smells good because it rained yesterday and last night, and I am enjoying sitting outside even though my butt is getting wet from sitting on a not-yet-quite-dry cushion.

2. Spending the weekend house-sitting, which I think will be fun.

3. I'm in a stupidly good mood today, which is a nice change from about a week of feeling irritable as hell.

4. I bought a basil plant at the supermarket a few weeks ago and I am very proud of myself because it is not only still alive but actually flourishing. Used some of it in a sausage, bell pepper, and tomato pasta sauce last night and it was wonderful.
posted by occhiblu 10 August | 12:01
I am happy to hear all of the good updates, and have whuffles for all those with less than happy ones.

1. I had a weird new job assignment yesterday. I had to play a schizophrenic patient in a training video. Actually, two different schizophrenic patients, one with a more mild case, and the second more severe. I've never acted before, much less been filmed (If I have ever been filmed, it has been accidental or incidental filming, I have never willingly done it. I am nothing if not camera shy). I think I did alright, I got through both scripts without screwing up, and the people making the film said I seemed sufficiently disturbed, so that's good, right?

2. Husband's stepbrother and family are passing through town tomorrow for a couple of hours, so I have to prep my house for three boys under the age of six.

3. Hopefully (and hopefully is the key word here) we can relax this weekend and watch some of the Olympic final matches. We've been so busy with work, and I am so behind on my household chores (I am writing this instead of running errands, yay! Procrastination!), I need to schedule some time to relax.

4. Looks like it's about to pour buckets.
posted by msali 10 August | 12:14
2. Craving pizza; off to Papa Gino's for lunch.

I fail to see what the first clause has to do with the second. ;)
posted by Eideteker 10 August | 12:50
1. I am in a holding pattern.

2. I am in a holding pattern.

3. I am in a holding pattern.

4. I am in a holding pattern.

posted by Eideteker 10 August | 12:51
Looks like it's about to pour buckets.

1. Here, too. The humidity is draped on us like a blanket. We're expecting thunderstorms.

2. Getting ready to head out to my mother's where we're going to have the ritual once-a-summer lobster dinner for visiting family. Nieces and nephews! Yay!

3. Last year when the corner store was out of whoopie pies during the kids' visit, I BLEW THEIR MINDS by making homemade ones. Apparently that memory stuck: last night we were talking about what they wanted to do while they're here and my older nephew made big hopeful eyes at me and said "Maybe we could make whoopie pies!" You bet we could, kid.

4. I'm doing well with my Health Month goals. I'm surprised what a difference it makes knowing that I'm going to check in with the team daily.
posted by Elsa 10 August | 13:02
Amro, this is a 99. Whippy ice cream with a Cadbury's flake. Heaven on earth.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Senyar 10 August | 13:05
1. We're on Day 5 of having a loaner dog Meet Sally. She's staying with us while her people work through a death in the family. Workerdog is mostly OK with this.

2. The heat has finally broken; daytime highs under 85 mean a happy and active workerant and workerdog!

3. Sunday I'm leading the [GS riders of the] BMW Riders of Knoxville on a dualsport ride. My route is long and challenging but it looks like the weather will cooperate, unlike the original date of last Sunday when a monster storm came through. Cross yer fingers that the newbies stay on two wheels!

4. Monday (my weekend is Sun-Mon) I will go to the Chico's outlet in Sevierville. Rumor has it there's a jeans-fitting savant on staff there and Flex's awesome post has made me itchy for some good jeans.
posted by workerant 10 August | 13:35
I am also a fan of the Trader Joe salted chewy caramels. Amazingly I'm still eating my way through the last purchase. Of course I haven't had much of a sweet tooth lately. But Senyar's 99 looks awfully tasty.

1. Three weeks and counting until my 4-day weekend. Three weeks and counting until my 4-day weekend. Three weeks and counting until my 4-day weekend.

2. Pups had vet appointments this week. Boy pup was perfect as expected. Girl pup did not trust the vet. at. all. She kept her eyes on the vet at all times even though I was trying my best to distract her during the shot part. It was really really funny. Especially since the vet is very nice and very non scary.

3. Lunch with the bff & 2 other friends tomorrow for bff's birthday as they make their way to Washington DC for a concert. It will be nice to see them.

4. Dr appt on Tuesday to find out if things are progressing like they should.
posted by bluesapphires 10 August | 14:40
Ooh, I love ice cream and Cadbury's Flake!
posted by amro 10 August | 14:47
1. Doc ordered a bunch of blood and urine tests and then called to have me come in for the results. Was kinda nerve-wracking to wait, but I'm just low on B12 and hemoglobin.

2. Mum got the tickets for King Tut in Sept. Yay!

3. Way over-due for a haircut, should get that done this weekend.

4. Finished season three of True Blood (Team Eric!), number eleventybajillion in the library queue for season four.

That 99 looks scumptious!
posted by deborah 10 August | 17:45
1. Just got back from an 8 day Carnival cruise today. Glad to be home. Tired. Wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped (nothing probably could be), but there were moments (Jetboat ride; El Morro fort and Mofungo in Old San Juan; palm trees and blue-green water of St. Thomas and Grand Turk; the sunset over the ocean from our cabin balcony; food and more food, and did I mention food?). Ironically, I think Jon, who didn't want to go at first, had a better time than I did (good for him -- he needed the rest). Ah well. At least I got rid of that "cruise fever" (i.e., the obsessive need to research, book, and take a cruise). Unfortunately, I think I gave it to our cabbie. Nice fellow. He asked a lot of questions about the cruise on the ride home from the port and now seems determined to go.

2. Caught up with mail and email. Ordered groceries for Sunday delivery. Checked the bank account online (sadly much smaller now -- but what the heck, it's only money). Unpacking will wait until tomorrow.

3. Still have three weeks until school starts up again. Both Jon and I had vivid work nightmares our last night on the ship.

4. I got a haircut on the boat. Too short. : (

4a. I still feel like I'm moving.
posted by Pips 10 August | 18:22
1. Adding myself to the haircut group..I am over due for a haircut, but my favorite stylist first cut her hours at the salon, then I find out she left altogether. Boo. Happily, she called and now I have an appointment next Tuesday. As long as it's short, messy, and bed-heady, I'll be happy.

2. Took the weekend off. I've procrastinated enough - I need to get things done around here before my family comes for a barbeque on Sunday. I've done most of whatever I needed to get done, but there's always something that needs to be put away/straightened up/got rid of.

3. Having a heck of a time getting rid of fleas this year, and I always make sure to treat my dog and my inside/outside cat (the other cats are not allowed out). I think I may have found a reasonably priced, effective treatment (please keep your fingers crossed!)

4. Saw a lizard in my yard for the first time ever - a Northern Fence Lizard, one of only three varieties in NJ. Very cool.
posted by redvixen 10 August | 21:13
1. At the end of the month, I'll be temping for two weeks with an attorney for whom my boyfriend clerks and got a sneak peek of what a crazy day looks like. Suffice to say, I know how to serve court documents now.

2. Tomorrow, a friend is in town for a vacation and we're going to this PS1 MoMA event. I've never been to one of these before and it should prove interesting. Later, drinks, hopefully here in Brooklyn.

3. Finally got off of my ass to edit a podcast that was recorded in July. A few more tweaks on Sunday, and it'll be good to go for Monday!

4. Still excited about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. I mean, c'mon... playable pandas!

4a. Not so excited about the security breach. Boo, Blizzard!
posted by TrishaLynn 10 August | 21:27
Where would you run away to if you could run away from it all? || OMG! Ridiculous bunny ear phone case!