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10 August 2012

Where would you run away to if you could run away from it all? [More:]This week work has been making me cry a lot and not be able to actually go in to the office or shower and stuff, so the bf booked us a wonderful long weekend on the Mendocino County coast, which is relatively rugged coastline in Northern California with NO INTERNET ACCESS OR CELL RECEPTION!!!!

Where would you go to run away from it all for either just a weekend or forever?
Augusta, ME.
posted by Eideteker 10 August | 04:56
That sounds rough.
The northern california coastline is wonderful. I think I've been up to Mendocino from SF on a road trip. I loved it.

I wouldn't mind retreating to rural Roumania for a while. Or Hungary.
posted by jouke 10 August | 05:08
The Mendocino website highlights their hosPETatlity. Sign me up!

posted by mullacc 10 August | 08:12
A cruise ship. Forever.
posted by Splunge 10 August | 08:46
I won't tell. I don't want anyone following me.
posted by msali 10 August | 08:58
Bunker sweet bunker.
posted by Hugh Janus 10 August | 09:03
I would get on my motorcycle and ride (mostly off pavement) from Jellico, TN to the Oregon coast on the Trans American Trail.
posted by workerant 10 August | 09:13
A sleepy small town in Bolivia or Ecuador. Somewhere high in the mountains. That'd do.

(sorry you're having a rough week, twiggy...)
posted by ufez 10 August | 09:17
I loved the Sterling Stage Kampitheater when I went there for Folkfest. It's definitely a nice place to go for a weekend.
posted by sperose 10 August | 09:47
Some summer, I would love to pitch a tent in my grandparents' old pasture and spend a few months there. Otherwise, the Ku'damm in Berlin.
posted by Ardiril 10 August | 10:45
A place in the hills in Tuscany or on the Amalfi coast. Also sometimes dream of moving to a coastal place in South Africa.
posted by bearwife 10 August | 11:49
Death Valley, CA. Or maybe somewhere between there and Las Vegas.
posted by Melismata 10 August | 13:17
Canada's far north. Or maybe dev/null if I really want to be away from all of it.
posted by arse_hat 10 August | 13:24
I would be happy just ignoring the world from my house. Three weeks and counting until my 4 day weekend . . .
posted by bluesapphires 10 August | 14:21
Some place warm. On an ocean would be nice. And no @%$#& people.

posted by Thorzdad 10 August | 16:19
Speaking of Tuscany... Fiesole. Or in France, Cordes sur Ciel. In the US, Yosemite, although Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa... I wouldn't complain.
posted by halonine 10 August | 17:08
And I'm sorry you've had such a rough week :(
posted by halonine 10 August | 17:15
In a cabin or cottage on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
posted by deborah 10 August | 17:23
Oh man, my new favorite, since the cruise.... St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. What a beautiful place. Seemed to have a lot of folks who found themselves there from a vacation maybe or shipwreck and just never left. Over drinks called "Where'd I park my &$@%# boat?" (lethal) and fried calmari with Thai chili sauce at the Fat Turtle, Jon leaned in and urgently began prodding me to get a job teaching English there. If only.

I must say, real estate's cheaper than NYC.
posted by Pips 10 August | 18:41
I'm lucky that I actually get to run away from it all once a year. This year I went to Mali, next spring to the island of Socotra. I am getting serious wanderlust lately... I can't wait to get outta here again!

My honey and I went to Mendocino for our anniversary this year. It was a really lovely place, although I regret that we did have cell reception for most of it. The one exception was the open-air Skunk Train that takes you deep into the woods for hours. Gorgeous forest-watching!

Pips, did you get to go to the BVI as well? I find the BVI to be overall cleaner and more chill than the USVI, but going there in any case is still a total pleasure.

My favorite local place is Joshua Tree. Planning a weekend there with a few close friends in October once the major heat dies down. I seriously think it's the most beautiful place in America.
posted by mykescipark 10 August | 18:56
No BVI, but we did go to Grand Turk, which was also lovely. Ah, palm trees...
posted by Pips 11 August | 14:03
Treehouse forever.
posted by The Whelk 11 August | 15:17
I don't like to leave Maine in August. Turn off the phone, pour a cold beverage, and read some of the books stacked here and there.

From mid-Novembet to March, though, I would be delighted to go to Hawaii. Sunny, warm, breezy, and the Aloha Spirit is real.
posted by theora55 12 August | 15:00
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