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11 August 2012

So one funny thing about this century is you can find lipdubs about your High School. I'm just sitting here going, and that's where I nearly broke my nose and that's the gym padding I cried into and that's whee home ec was and oh they changed the floor but that's where I ate lunch for Four Years....
This is my high school. As near as I can tell many of the teachers there are now younger than me.
posted by jessamyn 11 August | 11:16
That gym is huge!
posted by The Whelk 11 August | 15:06
When the neighborhood schools were segregated, my alma matter was the school for black students. The campus was a number of poorly maintained buildings dotted around a sandy square; no covered walkways, so if it rained, you just got wet. A lot of them smelled like mold or pot. A few years after I graduated, they built a new school on the football field and tore the old campus down. I haven't visited the new school; it's weird to think that even if I visit, it's not the school I went to. That place doesn't exist anymore.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 August | 15:14
I had a campus-style HS too, lots of small buildings around a central library (cause the library is the center of knowledge!) I visited my brother there a while back and they had connected them all together with these godawful beige hallways, the brick-and-glass 70s thing wasn't exactly attractive but at least it didn't look a hospital. The old campus is still kinda there but it's completely buried under extensions and add-ons.
posted by The Whelk 11 August | 15:24
That third guy is really-- yeah, and that one girl will forever be wishing she had tucked her skirt between her legs...
My high school is now a public city building and it use to be very weird to walk in there for all the dreams that have taken place there. They've gutted and altered it a bit but I know every back way and inch of the place.
posted by ethylene 11 August | 21:07
Not a lipdub, but Free Hugs from my old high school.
posted by deborah 11 August | 23:00
Talking to other people about High School is always interesting cause I apparently had a really outlying experience. I loved High School, I got to be in drama and robotics and latin club! Everyone was really nice! Our liberals arts were really well funded cause we won awards for them! We had a pool and I got to take Archery and Fencing for gym! There was a D&D group that met! No one cared that I was gay! I had a bunch of really great teachers and got to spend hours in the library which had like Robert Aton Wilson books and New Yorker Cartoon collections and Alan Moore. College was such a freaking let down.

And then I talk to other people who had like, creationist text books and administrators pushing pills on them and getting beat up or harassed every day and I realize I went to like fucking Hogwarts or something.
posted by The Whelk 12 August | 01:01
Like our Drama Club was way more celebrated and lauded then say, football (but not Diving. that was the big thing, thus the huge pool.)
posted by The Whelk 12 August | 01:03
Evidence: their production of Be Our Guest

Also trolling Youtube for High School productions of musicals is a charming way to spend your evening. THEY LOOK SO HAPPY.
posted by The Whelk 12 August | 01:24
No lipdubs from my high school, mostly just sports videos and theatre videos, but hey, the school chorus did get to back up Foreigner.
posted by Miko 12 August | 08:14
Yes, we are surrounded by muggles.
posted by ethylene 12 August | 11:33
I barely remember anything about high school. Part of it is that it was thirty years ago but I remember trying to remember it when it was only five years in the past and I couldn't remember much about those four years. That time in my life just went by in a blur. I don’t think that I had a terrible time at school, just not much happened to talk about.
posted by octothorpe 12 August | 22:29