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28 August 2012

AskMeCha: Problem with using E: for the first time. No, not that kind of E. So I got my new external hard drive delivered today and have been trying to transfer my files from my old desktop, Old Faithful, to the new laptop, and have run into a problem.

[More:]I copied all of my personal files (word files and pictures and one Excel spreadsheet) on my old computer to the hard drive, folder by folder. It seemed to work fine and random checks on the files showed they were in the E: drive and opened as they should.

I then plugged the external hard drive into my new laptop and then looked at the directory to find only two out of about ten folders were showing up. I moved the plug back to Old Faithful and again the files looked fine in the E: drive. But I did notice that the folders that did show up, as well as the system folders, were in a highlighted yellow while the folders that didn't show up were not. What does this mean? How can I fix this?
Update: I copied all my files onto a CD and used that to copy them to my laptop's C: drive. However, when I then tried to copy them to my E: drive, there was a pop-up window asking me if I wanted to over write the old folder of the same name. Even though I can't see this supposed folder. Anyone have any advice on how I can make these invisible files show up?
posted by Orange Swan 28 August | 15:44
That doesn't sound good. At first I thought they might be shortcuts or something. Can you copy from the CD to different names? Or, a simpler thing would be to make a folder called "CD backup" and put all the folders there.

SANdisk has some recovery utilities that might help.
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 21:17
You know what, I think I'm going to just send it back. I was advised to get it for back up, but why can't I just use CDs for that?
posted by Orange Swan 29 August | 13:28
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