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07 August 2012

Would like to run a Lexicon Game. Need Players. Jessamyn suggested I post a call for players here. I've done so on MeFightClub and gotten a couple of recruits. My next step is MetaTalk. But I agreed with jessamyn that MetaChat folks might be a good match for a Lexicon Game, so I'm asking here first.[More:]

Lexicon is a written, no dice, no board, no figurines, free form role playing game. It's play-by-wiki and it usually takes a few months to a year to complete a round through the alphabet depending on turn frequency.

In playing, you get a great written-role-playing gaming experience, get to flex your writing muscles a bit, get to role-play your ass off, get to collaboratively world-build a really interesting world with a bunch of really interesting people (usually the people who stick with the game after the first few turns self-select as interesting people who mostly get along). During and after the game, you get a great world built that you participated in building. As with many role playing games, in this one you get approximately what you put into it, out of it.

You role-play a scholar writing a Lexicon/Encyclopedia. Each week you dibsies an article (or come up with your own) within a letter, write a 100 - 200 word entry in the Lexicon (it could be longer), interlink with some pre-existing articles and make up some new ones for later turns and be as obstreperous as your character wants to be otherwise, within the rules of the game.

You have to know very basic MediaWiki editing operations and syntax. And if you want, you can also help out the GM (me!) if you know more about MediaWiki and the rules.

For this game, the turns will be weekly, at most the topic will be "What came after" and I'm shooting for 10 - 20 active players and a standby list of interested players who will join when the active ones fade out. With weekly turns, we'll go through the alphabet once every 6 months.

A good pre-existing game that's still on the Web is Ghyll, if you want a taste of the end-product. Ghyll went around the alphabet twice.

Playing Lexicon is a fantastic experience. I ran one game which is unfortunately lost but it really was one of the most fulfilling writing and role playing experiences I've had in my life. And I say this as a gamer geek.

Also an interesting geeky aside about Lexicon rules is that most Lexicon GMs observe that the rules enforce convergence of all players' agendas into one merged world within 2 to 3 turns. So by letter C.

Come help me test that out!

Please drop me a line at or in a reply to this post if you're interested in signing up.
I... think I played one of these games before, and if it's what I'm actually remembering, it was in fact delicious fun.

I'm in!
posted by Madamina 07 August | 16:35
You got it. I have you added to the list.
posted by kalessin 08 August | 23:25
I could be interested? I think? Not sure I get the "game," even after looking at "Ghyll."
posted by Eideteker 09 August | 08:04
If you have questions I can help with, I'm happy to answer them, but it's an RPG, so that's where the game is.

Madamina and Eideteker, if you would like to follow up with an e-mail address I can use to contact you regarding the game and that I can use to send you an account password and an invitation to the likely off-wiki discussion/coordination list, that would be awesome.
posted by kalessin 09 August | 09:43
I note that I've posted the call to MetaTalk this morning.
posted by kalessin 09 August | 11:46
Players, please let me know what character name you want. Spaces are a-OK. UNICODE may be, not sure. I'll show you mine if you'll tell me yours.
posted by kalessin 09 August | 15:32
You both should have received a confirmation signup for an announce list for the game. Please go ahead and accept that if you haven't.
posted by kalessin 09 August | 17:57
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