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25 August 2012

Holiday weekend 3-point update I have no idea if it's a holiday anywhere else in the world, but this is our last public holiday before Christmas.[More:]
1. The new man is taking me to a football match today (Orient vs Hartlepool, so the skill level is low but the liklihood of a fight on the pitch is high). After the match I'll be meeting his cat for the first time (!) and then we're having dinner with some of his friends, one of whom is an Indian chef who's cooking a meal to celebrate the end of Eid.

2. Dinner with a friend tomorrow. Unfortunately she's a terrible cook, but I'll eat what I can and enjoy the company. I haven't seen her for a few weeks.

3. Monday I'll be catching up with my running bud, Bev, who's just got back from Indiana, and will see the new man too.

3a. Dutch baby in the oven is almost ready for breakfast.
1. Next weekend is my holiday weekend with Monday 9/3 being Labor Day. Plus I'm taking the Friday before off. I'm counting down the days.

2. I have naughty pups who decided to steal a toy that was put up while I was lounging in bed. Good thing they are cute.

3. I have no plans for this weekend. I need to pick up some baby yarn for a blanket. I should take another stab at cleaning the spare bedroom. And if it's not raining tomorrow morning, I should try to clean up the horrible looking flower beds.
posted by bluesapphires 25 August | 08:04
1. I'm spending the morning working on my sermon for tomorrow. With Oliver around, and my parents having visited for most of the week, I'm no where near where I want to be on it. But it'll get done and it will definitely fueled by lots and lots of coffee.

2. Going to a housewarming party tonight for a friend in our old neighborhood. It should be a blast.

3. And, tomorrow night, we'll be going to a "welcome back/welcome new students" party at my Seminary. We're bringing Ambrosia salad. We'll see how much of it ends up going to the party and how much ends up in my belly before hand.
posted by stynxno 25 August | 08:11
1. We have friends staying with their two kids (one 3.5, one 1yo) so it's all a bit chaotic here, but in a good way. Off to the AMNH this morning.

2. Friends here mean a lot more wine is drunk than usual.

3. I have a teeny headache.
posted by gaspode 25 August | 08:28
1. I have a birthday party for a 10 year old to attend (also it's a pool party, yay!) Can't believe she's ten years old already. It also makes me a little sad, because her mom was in my wedding when I married the late Mr. V, and she attended at a month old. Just a reminder that it would've been our 10 year anniversary if things had turned out differently.

2. Tomorrow I have another pool party with another friend (some of the folks from todays' party will also be there as well). It'll be my first time seeing said friends' new house!

3. My youngest son's best friend came to stay for..a week! I knew it would be a few days, but a WEEK?? Meh, he's a great kid, used to live next door until his mom passed away, and now they'll be attending different high schools, so I miss him, and my son misses him. I need to stock up on more food!

Senyar, why are you cooking a Dutch baby? Lol
posted by redvixen 25 August | 10:09
1. Nursing a teensy hangover this morning. We had a party last night and much wine was quaffed. Thankfully I ate plenty and drank loads of water, so the hangover has been mitigated.

2. I scored some great smoked salmon, so we are getting bagels this morning to prepare a proper lox and cream cheese sandwich for our Brazilian guests, who have never partaken in this particular heavenly treat. Bagels in Brazil suck ass, so this is something new.

3. If the weather holds out, we are off to this for the evening. If not, we will end up at a sports bar (ugh) so my husband can watch the Steelers game. Again, American football is a novelty to our Brazilian friends, and they are eager to see a game. I personally don't care for sports bars, but trooper that I am, I will put up with it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
posted by msali 25 August | 10:27
One month into the new gym membership and with a trainer, my pants are noticeably looser. After nine months of no progress whatsoever trying to get more fit on my own, this is a welcome change.

I see the potential of my returning to work within a few years from a physical/stamina perspective, but I still don't know how to deal with the memory issues and other cognitive problems that arose after the stroke. You don't want someone who makes simple arithmetic mistakes and has no sense of time/timing working in systems engineering.

The heat wave in Washington state appears to be over. It barely cracked 70 degrees yesterday. That week in the low 80s was a monster.
posted by Ardiril 25 August | 10:42
redvixen, I'm so sorry. Those anniversaries can sting. Sending hugs your way.

And I agree that a week is a long time to have a friend visit, especially if it's not your friend. But how nice for the kids to spend so much time together!

we're having dinner with some of his friends, one of whom is an Indian chef who's cooking a meal to celebrate the end of Eid.

This sounds like such a fun (and delicious) evening!

1. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and body aches. Blah.

2. This mixed-berry seltzer I bought by mistake is FANTASTIC.

3. I am doing not much besides drinking fluids and resting. I have to knock this bug out because a friend is visiting tomorrow with her two-year-old. I haven't seen either of 'em since the baby was born. Obviously, if I'm still sick, I don't want to expose them to it. But I will NOT be sick because I AM NOT MISSING THIS.
posted by Elsa 25 August | 10:51
Msali, there's been a recall of Spencer &Co and Wellesley farms salmon lot #6704701.

Hitting the cape today and having dinner with a friend and her kids.

Found out too late that Susan B Anthony's birthplace has been turned into a museum.

Having a late breakfast at a Worcester diner (where they originated).

Hugs and whuffles to those who need them.
posted by brujita 25 August | 11:08
1. Attempting a new recipe. I figure if it doesn't have a lot of flavor on its own I'll just dump sriracha on it.

2. Last night I dropped my prized tiki god bottle opener, and it broke in half. This is a tragedy. I am thinking of trying super glue on it.

3. Next weekend is my holiday long weekend, and I am taking the train to The Big Scary City.
posted by JanetLand 25 August | 11:35
1. Watching tennis (a couple of small tournaments finishing up before the US Open next week) and reading the Times. I've been a night-owl lately (my natural inclination when I don't have to work), so a nap later may be in order (I love lazy days).

2. Ordered groceries for us and some tops and socks for my mom online (FootSmart for the socks -- great resource for wide and/or swollen feet -- and LL Bean for the tops). They'll ship directly to her in Connecticut. I never knew there was such a thing as "Diabetic socks." I hope they're comfortable for her (she's not diabetic actually, but her legs and feet are very swollen and regular stuff doesn't fit her I'm afraid). I also want to order her some magazine subscriptions (I have her credit card info, and the bills go to my brother, who has power of attorney). I must say, it took awhile, but online shopping's a blessing.

3. Got a letter from my union inviting me to a training session for new Chapter Leaders next week. I was pleased to get it -- it was the first acknowledgement from the union that they know I am the new Chapter Leader for our school this fall (the election was in May). I wasn't sure the burrough office had received the paperwork. Now at least I know I seem to have made it onto someone's mailing list. Unfortunately, I have a ticket for the US Open that day. My understanding is there will be a number of training sessions in the fall, so it's no big deal to miss it. The thought of dealing with my asshole administrators in the fall puts a knot in my stomach. I am, however, maybe, possibly, perhaps just beginning to look forward to seeing students. I know I'm getting there when I start planning lessons in my head. Well, ready or not.
posted by Pips 25 August | 13:45
3a. I just got word from my friend that she and two-year-old will come even if I'm still sniffly. Hurray!

pips, congratulations on being Chapter Leader!
posted by Elsa 25 August | 14:04
(Thanks, Elsa... I kind of won by default, though, since nobody else wanted to do it. Bad sign? I'd really rather just teach, but I couldn't stand the miserable way the administrators at my school were treating some teachers. Anyway, I'll do what I can.)
posted by Pips 25 August | 14:44
1. Went out for a delightful early evening for my birthday. The Neil Young Journeys movie, then a very nice dinner out. Got home to find the house ransacked. 2 Macbook Pros gone, plus most of our DVD's (they left the Big Lebowski), plus a strongbox with all of our financial info, including valid passports. We even got back before dark and this had happened. Called it in waited for the cops to come and they had not come by midnight. One showed up this morning and took a report.

Cancelling credit cards and setting up an Equifax fraud alert in that they probably have all of our SSN's.

There is no 2 or 3.
posted by danf 25 August | 14:47
Ugh, so sorry, danf.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 August | 14:56
Oh, danf, how miserable! I'm so sorry!
posted by Elsa 25 August | 15:37
Oh so sorry danf. I know from experience how much that sucks. :(
posted by Twiggy 25 August | 16:23
Dammit Danf, that sucks! So sorry!
posted by msali 25 August | 16:50
Shit, danf, that is so awful. I'm really sorry.
posted by Senyar 25 August | 19:28
Oh, Dan, that is awful. I'm so sorry.

1. We saw Bourne this weekend (rather than last), it was pretty good.
2. In the midst of watching the first season of Weeds while waiting for season four of True Blood. It's good, too. (We really should dump most of our cable line-up and subscribe to HBO and Showtime.)

Number three seems to be on vacation at the moment.
posted by deborah 25 August | 20:06
Man, that really does suck, dan. And on your birthday, too. (At least they left The Big Lebowski. They didn't pee on the rug, did they?)
posted by Pips 25 August | 21:23
Blaarghl, danf! I'm sorry.
posted by brujita 25 August | 22:44
Oh my god danf, I am so sorry.
posted by Stewriffic 26 August | 08:03
:( That is some serious ass, danf.
posted by sperose 26 August | 08:56
Wow, danf. That really sucks. So sorry.
posted by gaspode 26 August | 10:19
Hello, Henry! || Coda to the manned space program. Rip Neil.