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13 August 2012

I need to bust up the place. Any place, really. Who's with me??? And what the hell are we busting up?
posted by occhiblu 13 August | 22:55
I am always ready/available for demolitions.
posted by Eideteker 14 August | 04:22
That chifforobe, of course. I'm in.
posted by rainbaby 14 August | 06:04
I take birth control continuously to prevent any and all effects of menstruation. Thanks to new meds, I'm going on 6 weeks of continuous, often debilitating, cramps. I'm about ready to *kill* something. I was kind of hoping for one of the rare door-to-door evangelists. (Way out here, I only see them about once every two years, and I think they're not due for another year and a half.)
posted by galadriel 14 August | 06:47
Kill your tv.
posted by JanetLand 14 August | 07:56
I like to bust things up! I've always wanted to get into a fight, be destructive. Finally, my chance!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 August | 08:45
This would be a fantastic song to bust up some shit to. Thanks for the inspiration JanetLand!
posted by richat 14 August | 10:14
(also sorry for the grammar)
posted by richat 14 August | 10:14
Woo! We're a mob! POW!
posted by occhiblu 14 August | 10:30
What the hell are we busting up? Whaddaya got?!
posted by halonine 14 August | 11:36
Would like to participate, please. I have a crowbar, a big hammer and a Sawzall.
posted by initapplette 14 August | 12:27
If we gotta bust someplace up, howzabout the Westboro Baptist Church?
posted by Splunge 14 August | 13:04
init, I have an 8-lb sledge and a bigass axe to add to that list.

lately I've been wanting to go all Office Space on the stupid printer down the hall, but that's just too boring and predictable. Howzabout I substitute Annoying Neighbor's Annoyingly Loud And Horribly Maintained Stinky POS Truck?
posted by lonefrontranger 14 August | 15:37
I got sandpaper. Bring it.
posted by chewatadistance 14 August | 18:50

sorry, was that valuable?
posted by lysdexic 15 August | 14:44
This is a nice forum you got here... It would be a shame if something happened to it. HTML is so fragile at times. Those lovely frames. Is that javascript? How tasteful. Bet it's expensive. If you know what I mean.
posted by Splunge 15 August | 15:32
Apparently I didn't need external busting up. We have a leaking pipe in the foundation slab somewhere. Busting up has happened for me.
posted by galadriel 16 August | 07:03
Aaaaand now the plumber has gotten out the jackhammer and is doing exploratory jackhammering.

Professional leak detectors are too fancy for the contractor my insurance company recommended, even though the insurance adjuster included an allowance for their services.

Plumber "thinks" the leak is "pretty close" to where the pipe comes up out of the floor.

He's just going to dig around with the jackhammer and see if the leak is even on that side of the wall.
posted by galadriel 16 August | 15:47
Now he's dug up the other side of the wall, too.

He did find the leak! But I have lots of open space in my foundation.
posted by galadriel 17 August | 08:14
The pipe is fixed! And he put down cement to cover up the holes! We have water again and the holes in the slab are gone!

He says just leave it alone for 24 hours and it will cure on its own and it will be fine. I kind of wonder how level it is with the bottom of the foundation, and stuff. Is it really going to cure without shrinking away from the sides of the hole? Isn't cement supposed to be kept deliberately damp for several days in order to cure properly?

The top is really, really uneven. The contractors who hired him say that's okay, before they lay tile over it they'll even it out.

posted by galadriel 18 August | 08:01
Did I mention that to get at the leak in the first place, they had to destroy my (already falling apart from the sogginess) master bathroom vanity? They also had to tear into the wall before they discovered that the leak was in the slab itself.

There was lots and lots of busting going on in my house this week.

I helped.
posted by galadriel 18 August | 08:03
My MIL and I went to Lowe's yesterday and picked out a new vanity, mirror, and light fixture. The vanity because we wanted to have a choice of what goes in, and the mirror and light fixture because we hated the old ones (so insurance isn't paying for those, but they'll be nice). We think we're going to really enjoy having this new bathroom look; it'll be so much nicer than the dark, clunky, dated vanity that had to be destroyed.

It'll be delightful to have the nasty wallpaper in there gone, too. It was destroyed by the leak, too. They may need to replace all the moulding around the floor, that's nice. They have to replace at least some of it. The bathroom is originally overwhelmingly peach, and with the removal of that wallpaper the last of the peachy pink will be gone gone gone.

I'm feeling a lot less like busting things up than I was last week. I do wish there'd been some way to ventilate the house when the actual plumbing repair was going on. The soldering was killer. My throat and sinuses are still killing me, and it was Thursday.
posted by galadriel 19 August | 09:46 || Happy Birthday Orange Swan!