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17 August 2012

Things that make you feel awesome. I'm making a point lately of noticing Things That Make Me Feel Awesome. [More:] Mostly, they're small things, or things that feel small but have a big effect.

Today's list of Things That Make Me Feel Awesome:

- Writing a good coupla pages of a new project.

- Requesting a Motorist's Handbook from the DMV with the intention of fiiiiiinally getting my driver's license.

- Realizing that I could probably do it in secret and surprise The Fella next time we go on a road trip, or during a parking ban, or by declaring myself the designated driver some evening out.

- fixing the WiFi on a Friday afternoon so we don't have to worry about being without it over the weekend.

- Remembering I packed up last night's leftovers. Having them for lunch and realizing they're tastier than any takeout could be.

What are your Things That Make You Feel Awesome? Because I know you are awesome; I just want to hear why.
-Fixing the leak in the toilet tank myself and saving hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

-My bird on my shoulder, sleeping. She sometimes makes little squeaks, dreaming I guess. It's sooooo cute.

-Washing the dishes. I hate doing it, but I love it when they're done.
posted by Splunge 17 August | 14:58
-Washing the dishes. I hate doing it, but I love it when they're done.

I do love seeing the shiny, polished bottom of the empty sink. You've inspired me. I'm going to get up and do that handful of lingering dishes in a few minutes.
posted by Elsa 17 August | 15:02
-Getting up early enough to take a proper shower and fix my hair.
-Having an awesome, fashionable haircut for maybe the first time ever in my life, that actually needs fixing up in the mornings.
-Dressing better for work, including jewelry. I work in an extremely casual office, and while I still wear jeans, I now wear smart casual tops and shoes, because it got depressing looking like a high schooler every day.
-Speaking of jewelry, the opal ring I bought on our run-away-from-it-all weekend in Mendocino recently.
-Planning to get the fancy watches I inherited from my step grandmother fixed up this weekend so I can actually wear them.
-So that this list isn't all about sheer vanity, knowing I'm going home to an awesome fella tonight.

posted by Twiggy 17 August | 16:20
1. Cleaning with Bar Keeper's Friend
2. Watching Andy Lau
3. Listening to Adriano Celentano
posted by Hugh Janus 17 August | 16:36
- Cleaning the house. I love seeing the results but really hate doing it and rarely have company so I often let it slide.
- Finishing a house project, whether it's building bookcases or fixing the drip in the bathroom sink. I always feel so talented.
posted by bluesapphires 17 August | 16:39
My entrance music

Replacing the graphics card in my computer all by myself

Good hair days, in general

Engaging in witty banter with attractive co-worker

Being proven right - not being right, being proven right
posted by koucha 17 August | 16:57
Baby, you can drive my car.
posted by Eideteker 17 August | 17:36
The fact that the time from putting our house on the market to closing on the sale today was less than three weeks.
posted by fleacircus 17 August | 17:44
Sleep. And I'm not being snarky here. Those first moments when I climb into bed, the comforter and pillow so soft and cozy. Especially since we got the new bed last year. King size pillow top. Heaven.
posted by Pips 17 August | 17:47
The happy look on my dog's face when I come home, and the joyous barking and dashing about the house with his bone that ensues. Also the doggy kisses in the AM and trusting rolling over to show me his tummy for a belly rub.

And when my Bear holds my hand or puts his arm around me. Also when he tells me I'm a stone fox.

And solving the Friday and Saturday NYT crosswords. And getting Final Jeopardy question right when the contestants can't.
posted by bearwife 17 August | 18:06
Being chosen by our Chief Exec as the only person she thinks is able to handle a particularly difficult case.

Getting an invitation to afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel.

When Lucy curls up on the sofa with me, and looks up at me, purring, with an expression of trust and contentment on her face.
posted by Senyar 17 August | 18:19
-remembering to drink my tea while it is still warm
-hearing about it when someone has said something nice about me
-finishing CSA vegetables before they go bad
-cooking something new and having it come out well
-when I wake up and Senator is still sleeping next to my pillow where he was the night before
posted by rmless2 17 August | 20:21
This feels a lot like ego-stroking but I guess okay once in a blue moon.

- I feel really good when I realize I've carried myself through a difficult experience. Like driving today and realizing my angry ragey response to crazy drivers is now to just relax and back-off. It was so hard won bit I did it!

-I realized today that I can endure just about anything and do it with joyful gratitude. It's made my heart open for others in a new way. I feels awesome but I'm so unworthy of this kind of blessing.

- Today, once again, the neighborhood pets came over to visit me. Marley the cat, Otis the dog; we communicate/relate. It's just amazing.
posted by MonkeyButter 17 August | 20:24
This feels a lot like ego-stroking but I guess okay once in a blue moon.

It feels like that because it can be exactly that for those who want it (and because that's not only okay from time to time, it's downright valuable), or it can be a "nice things are nice" list for those who prefer that. Whichever.

I don't know what your days are like, but mine are too often lavish in negativity and complaints and emotional undermining. A little antidote to that is a very healthy, happy habit to develop. If you don't need that, I'm genuinely happy for you.
posted by Elsa 17 August | 20:47
I hear ya Elsa. Especially the emotional undermining. And it often comes packaged in such deceiving sweetness but underneath, it just eats away at a person. Sorry if I made it sound like a really bad thing to acknowledge satisfaction. Any blessing is a good blessing.
posted by MonkeyButter 17 August | 23:48
I have great neighbors, in just the right way: we do stuff for each other and generally take an interest in what's going on in our respective worlds. It's nice to have a lifeline.
posted by mightshould 18 August | 15:39
Taking the time and money (not much, actually) it took to make our living room look awesome (for varying levels of "awesome"). It's amazing what a couch and chair covers (stupid cats with claws, but what're you gonna do) and some rearranging will do to a room.
posted by deborah 18 August | 18:45
I'm OK with ego-stroking.

I got accepted to present at a really cool conference in San Francisco. Highly competitive, too!

A colleague/friend of mine is making steps on a local school committee to get some bad policy revoked/changed. I helped him get on the committee.

That's it.
posted by Stewriffic 21 August | 18:02
What are you doing this weekend? || Friday Shuffle, anyone?