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29 August 2012

I blame Marion Cotillard I bought the materials for a new project today. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me [cough], but this seems like an extra-special project.[More:]

A month or so ago I came across a bolt of silk velvet at Fabricland that really appealed to me. It was dark brown with a scattering of autumnal leaves printed across it. I resolved to keep it in mind for any future projects for which it might be suitable.

Then about a week ago I decided I could really use a long winter coat. I thought of the velvet. I dreamed of the velvet. I craved the velvet. I browsed the current Vogue patterns to see what they have that would work with it. I loved this one, but it is knee-length. I came across this very classic one (see view E, sketched in gray) and decided it would be just right. (The pattern also conveniently went on sale today.)

And I have just got home from Fabricland, where I bought 5 metres of the velvet, 3 metres of a crepe-backed brown satin for lining, and, since the velvet isn't really "coat" fabric, 3 metres of something called Thinsulate, which is just what it sounds like, a very thin kind of interlining that will make the coat warm enough for winter. The crepe-back satin will help a little as insulation too.

Several other customers plus the sales woman who helped me were asking me what I planned to do with the velvet and oohing and awing over how nice it will look as that coat. It had better, as it wasn't cheap even with my membership discount, and will be a lot of work.

I blame Marion Cotillard for the splurge. I think her posing for the August 2012 edition of Vogue, looking exquisitely beautiful and divinely elegant in velvet coats, made me unconsciously crave one of my own, even though I will never be anywhere close to as elegant as she is, let alone attain any attractiveness that is even comparable to her looks. I suppose I should be glad that in my sad, futile efforts to try to be elegant I at least know better than to try to actually walk on a cobblestone street in five-inch stiletto heels.
Oh crap, I meant to link to some pictures I took of the fabrics. Here's the velvet by itself, and with the satin lining I bought for it. The colour quality of the photos aren't great. The fabric looks rather burgundy, whereas it's really brown.
posted by Orange Swan 29 August | 14:41
That fabric is gorgeous!
posted by sperose 29 August | 14:51
that is indeed gorgeous fabric, I'm intimated working with anything above thrift store material.
posted by The Whelk 29 August | 15:00
How lush! Can't wait to see photos of the finished product.
posted by deborah 29 August | 15:30
Oh my goodness, please post pictures when done! Are you working on it this weekend?
posted by eatdonuts 29 August | 15:45
I won't be making it right away. For one thing, I just ordered the pattern online. And anyway I have another project underway I want to finish first, and think I will also then do a few simpler sewing projects on my list. I can't wear the coat until at least October anyway, so there's no hurry. But yes, I will post pictures when done.
posted by Orange Swan 29 August | 16:02
I can't wait to see it finished.
posted by Ardiril 29 August | 17:51
Ooh, that's lovely! I wish I lived somewhere where a velvet coat were weather-appropriate after October. Can't wait to see photos when it's finished.
posted by catch as catch can 30 August | 05:28
Oh, that will be stunning. Now I want one too. Only in black, and perhaps waterproofed microsuede.
posted by galadriel 30 August | 08:12
omg that fabric is beautiful! The pattern looks perfect for it.
posted by wens 30 August | 08:27
You will be ensconced in velvet and, pppshaw! You'll look just as elegant as anyone. Beautiful!
posted by MonkeyButter 30 August | 10:57
How absolutely ravishing. Please post when completed. And if you can, while underway . . .

I am so sewing challenged that I nearly failed my Home Economics class, as the project was to assemble an apron. All I could do well was the embroidery on it.
posted by bearwife 30 August | 11:33
I always blame Marion Cotillard. In fact, one of my number one rules is ABC: Always Blame Cotillard.
posted by Eideteker 30 August | 11:39
Oh, that is going to be perfectly lovely. Can't wait to see it!
posted by Elsa 30 August | 12:36
Heh, Monkey Butter, a mention of George Costanza and velvet always makes me think of those pictures Karmer took of George posing on a red velvet chaise lounge.
posted by Orange Swan 30 August | 12:38
How beautiful. A friend of mine has a long, dark-blue velvet coat, and it's stunning. I'm too short to wear a full-length coat.
posted by Senyar 30 August | 13:52
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