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Archives for: April 2013

30 April 2013

Check-in post
Sick of the iPhone being so prudish.
Congratulations to danf!!!!!!
What do you really like about yourself at the moment? Time for some Tuesday positivity!

29 April 2013

This was slid under the door.... ...or the bar my friend works at.
Thank god for

28 April 2013

One of my favorite singers Kelly Hogan describes faking her way into an Atlanta gay club in 1982. Such a great story even if you don't know her music.

27 April 2013

Danf, this is for you and everybody else who might have been raised by hippies, been a hippie, known a hippie or been hippie friendly. My daughter put it on my facebook wall. Of course she did.
So sick, yesterday I missed the post-a-thon. I know that's no excuse (I'm feeling barely better now) so let me offer this Form(al) Apology
The Internet Can End Now. . . Sent by Daughter. . .
post by: danf at: 13:43 | 1 comment

26 April 2013

Watch this guy find out he's been drafted into the NFL. So cute.
Stoya, The Sweetheart Of Smut - Village Voice Posted for gratuitous vain glorious name dropping friend of a friend of a friending.
Let's get married! We've been seeing each other long enough. I'm not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere. Whaddaya say?
The Expendables: Inside America's Elite Search And Rescue Dog Training Center Rejected by society, these talented misfits are carefully recruited by tactical experts and trained at the nation’s top facility to perform the most dangerous, lifesaving missions. Meet Wilma Melville, who turns rescued dogs into rescue dogs. A surprisingly good article, considering it's on buzzfeed.
post by: ufez at: 15:43 | 1 comment
Late for LARP I saw this in a theater a few weeks ago here in Pittsburgh at Film Kitchen, a monthly screening of experimental short films. Thought it was cute and pretty well written and acted. Read more...
Adorable Aussies, anyone? Don't miss the "Previous Litters" tab.
Describe your favorite day, real or imagined.
Share your new favorite blogs
I've really been digging this song all week. What are you listening to lately?
Photo Friday Reportage: your bookcases and favourite books? Is there any interest in that?Read more...
What's going on with everyone? I'll go first (briefly)
Points! One point for each record you bought on Record Store Day last week.

Two points for each key on your keyring.
It's a lyrics challenge! Come inside and play...
Quasi-Professional lunch at a Wall Street Bistro What should I wear?
What's for lunch?
As we don't have a Photo Friday theme yet, I propose ... Your Best Pictures

25 April 2013

post by: dg at: 15:38 | 16 comments
I propose a Friday Post-A-Thon!

24 April 2013

I finally updated my site.... that all my various internet writing would be in one place
Apocalypse Gnome
Oh, the gnomanity ...

23 April 2013

Would anybunny be willing to do me a favour? I'd like to buy something off eBay that won't ship internationally, and I would like someone to do a receive and reship for me (and I'll reimburse for any costs involved, of course).Read more...

21 April 2013

Have blogs killed zines?
AskMeCha: Food edition I'm good for baking things in the oven, but I'm afraid of the broiler. Help!Read more...

20 April 2013

Happy Birthday mdonley!
Happy birthday to ThePinkSuperhero! May your day be happy, and pink.
OMG! Bunny! TURTLE! Any Threadless fans here? I have a tee in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles competition. Votes are appreciated -- I need the art exposure and especially the cash, LOL. Feedback is always cool, too. Thanks!

19 April 2013

Friday 3-point update

18 April 2013

Photo Friday: Math
Get your Dinklage fix here He's starting to look a bit worn. They may be wearing him down, like a crayon.
On "Lifestyle" Media. A few years ago I started getting interested in fashion and when I casually looked at website or magazine sections focused on "Style", I saw that they were grouping restaurants and movies and all that under the "Style" section. I was like, "this is dumb". But now I realize that they were onto something I'm just figuring out…Read more...
AskMeCha - free mapping tools
post by: dg at: 15:57 | 9 comments
What do you have for breakfast every day? What is your breakfast routine? Where do you eat it, and how long does it take you? Read more...

17 April 2013

I have something for you Garbage & Screaming Females in the studio recording Patti Smith's "Because The Night" (official vid)
Photo Friday Advance: Math, suggested by crush-onastick and ufez

16 April 2013

philosophically minded mechazens could you design an experiment (mental or physical) to test if other people actually exist? what would you try?
Audrey Hepburn's Roman Street Style 28 fantastic photos from the 1950s and 60s. The very first one may be my favorite.
Writing prompts? Can you recommend any good resources for writing prompts? Read more...

15 April 2013

14 April 2013

So what's the deal with this Bioshock thing that everyone's going on about? Assume I've been in a cave for the past decade. Read more...
Getting all 70s and rereading The Exorcist. What're you up to?
Dear Uncle Sam, I have to file an extension this year, because... Read more...

13 April 2013

These two images will both warm and break your heart.
Some sad/some happy/some help name this new dog. It is with much sadness that I announce that my beloved dog Lulu passed away at the beginning of March. Mecha helped me name her. Read more...
social media attention is addictive I can't really blame these attention seeking teen girls on instagram man. Those thumbs-ups, those new comments in response to your writings, those retweets of your responses by others, that stuff really does make your brain go "that was nice". I've mostly stopped posting on or reading forums and other online outlets these days but whenever I do it I'm reminded of why the mechanisms have such strong pull.
Free ebooks. The University of Chicago Press has a new free book each month.Read more...
Awesome/Annoying Saturday morning

12 April 2013

A commercial jingle that has been running through my head for about 30 years now.
Pets & Postcards or look at the cute kitties! A metachat project ideaRead more...
I need help deciding on a hairdo for tonight..... Short of just combing it back into a lacquered paste, cause the event is Fancy.
Photo Friday: Music / Lyrics / Songs

11 April 2013

OMG BUNNIES! Who says there's nothing worthwhile on Tumblr?
Holy S*$&%, Indeed Kayak fisherman off Hawaii gets scare.
It's all your fault.

10 April 2013

Leftover Peeps?
Don't Try This At Home! unless you want to destroy your microwave. There have been many peeps-nuking films, but this made me smile. Plus, Science!
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers splunge, TheophileEscargot, Kronos_to_Earth, ethylene, and Hugh Janus.
Photo Friday Advance: Music / Lyrics / Songs (I don't know who suggested this one)
Live/work near the UWS fo Manhattan? Want a belt? Cleaning out my closet, found a never-worn L.L Bean red webb belt that's too big for me (Mens 46). Never Worn condition - red with black stripe in middle- feels solid, fun/prep/casual in design. E-mail me if you want to pick it up.
Bunny! OMG! (Alternative title: Ah, f*ck it ...)

09 April 2013

The women of Fifth Avenue A photoset by Leland Bobbe.

08 April 2013

What do you skip when you're running late for work?

07 April 2013

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. This image* reminded me that there is almost an entire generation now using Tumblr that may not remember Mary Tyler Moore's TV production company. Makes you feel old, doesn't it?Read more...

06 April 2013

I made my first infographic Song Quality of Titles Beginning with ‘Call Me’: image link
So for months now, this expensive fashion brand from NY has been blanketing me with thousands of google ads. Just huge amounts of advertising. So I sent them an email with a modest proposal: image link
Casemod your cat with cardboard Do not blame me if you try this and end up losing a limb or an eye.

05 April 2013

04 April 2013

1985 Trailer- The Stuff Hidden place in my heart for the high-concept, pulpy exploitative horror movies.
Photo Friday: High
What's going on in your life? Multi-point update, please.
Photo Friday Advance: High, suggested by mdonley

03 April 2013

(Cook) Drink Drunk The Whelk Way! We're sitting on a pile of pre-made food and a bunch of ..random liquors, help us make a cocktail?Read more...
Graveyard of Peaches: How Tennessee Will Win Its War Against Georgia
"Even if Georgia is only able to mobilize half the residents of Atlanta, that’s still a lot of SUVs to stop. We can’t count on all of them to stop at the Cracker Barrel in Dalton and lose interest."
Why last Sunday was special How fitting i get to be the one to knock my 4 hour music wad off the page to bring you this--curses! Foiled again!Read more...

01 April 2013

April Goals!
Faux Ask Me Can we do another thread of fake AskMe questions, in honour of the day?Read more...