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Archives for: January 2013

31 January 2013

Interview attire: OVERTHINKING I have an interview today. It's super windy and 40F. I haven't been on an interview in ages.

30 January 2013

Puppy Bowl Roster Magnolia ftw. Will anyone else be watching this Sunday?Read more...
Just a random thought I wanted to share...
What does "inappropriate" mean to you? Try not to think about it, go with your automatic response, don't look at anyone else's answers:
Your phrase is "inappropriate dating option"
Photo Friday Advance: Family portraits, suggested by pjern

29 January 2013

The Light That Shines: Showing Cancer Patients They're Beautiful Jill Conley was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31. Only six months into her marriage, she and her husband had to go through the horrors of chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy and a problematic reconstruction before she finally entered remission. Now 35, she has been diagnosed with incurable stage 4 bone cancer.
Bunny! OMG! An overload of bunneh kyoot.
Dire Straits' "Romeo & Juliet" video is an amazing bit of early 80s film-making. It's like Man Ray and Robert Palmer had a baby. Read more...
Captive America: "Some of the most fascinating, unsettling examples of landscape painting in the contemporary United States are to be found in its prison visiting rooms, where they function as painted backdrops for family photographs."

28 January 2013

Songs of teen tragedy. Brief, strange, music fad.
So, let's talk Project Runway ... Spoilers inside.

27 January 2013

Booster shot Vogue Knitting linked to a post about knitted shoes on my knitting blog this morning. VK is the biggest-selling knitting magazine in the world (English-language at least — there may be one in another language with a higher circulation) and has 70,000 likes on Facebook, so this is big.Read more...
Probably an easy question How do I create a contact group on my iPod Touch so I can e-mail pictures to a group of people easily?
my mind has been brooding extraordinarily for a few days. The striking feature of whatever it's been grappling with is that there's no purpose beyond general anxiety. I'm going to put these thoughts into a flowchart model. Like, what's the actionable item from going over this for the 30th time? Nothing? Moving on...!

26 January 2013

And The Winner of Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival Audience Prize is… Ellen Coons' "MONEY BUNNY BLUES" in which cuteness turns surreal and poops pennies. (I totally approve.)

25 January 2013

I never thought I'd call an NBA player adorable but damn. What a sweet guy and what a sweet family.
What are you looking forward to?
To those who've seen both: Which is better, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower?
You may recall how much I love ...
Photo Friday: Color photo, but it looks like a black and white.

24 January 2013

pomegranates! two pomegranates were accidentally included in my groceries. I get to keep them. What the hell do you do with a pomegranate?
PROSTATE CANCER UPDATE NOW (Link is from 6 months ago.) I had my follow-up, Read more...
Furnace is out And it's 10 degrees Celsius in the house and minus 12 degrees outside (that's 50 inside and 10 outside in American). Calls have been placed to a furnace repair company and to my tenant. I'm terrified that my furnace may have bit the dust for good.

23 January 2013

Photo Friday Advance: Color photo but it looks like a B&W, suggested by flapjax at midnite
Soaking?
for my web devs, designers etc responsive cat!

22 January 2013

If everybody else is like me...
"A drunk man will always find his way home, but a drunk bird may be lost forever." That is, a random walk in 1 or 2 dimensions has a probability of 1 (certainty) of returning to the point of origin. But not in 3 dimensions.

21 January 2013

Katachi A lovely new video from Shugo Tokumaru.
Monday 3-point update
Kitty Cams Project Pulled from a comment on the blue because it deserves its own post! Scientists at the University of Georgia & National Geographic teamed up to put cameras on cats and record their "surprisingly complex" lives. Includes excellent scary videos.

20 January 2013

Apparently I now look like a historical thug Hair status update. I looked like this. I told my barber "boardwalk empire" and I got ...this, and thus, and side. It's a big change.
legal mechazens! can you help me understand this aspect of the Aaron Swartz case. His friends are saying they didn't talk about his case and he didn't talk to people about his case because they'd be subpoenaed (and the idea is that the prosecutor would harass them this way). And he couldn't raise funds for his defense without arousing the ire of a judge. What's that about? Don't people talk about others' cases all the time? What exactly is a subpoena anyway?
Dolly Parton's 67th birthday mix The first two minutes are skippable, just the remixer farting around, but the rest is very cool.

19 January 2013

"MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post..." OK, so I'm posting. Who wants to responsible for the base touching?
Happy Birthday Edgar Allen Poe.
Covers Caturday! This is the post where we post a link to a cover song and a link to a cute cat (or multiple cats, if that is your preference)

18 January 2013

We should shuffle! Let's do it...
Did you watch the Archer season premier last night? Read more...
so freaky in my own brilliant way I managed to find myself going to an office all day while having to finish a side work project at night. so I spent Mon-Thu with a combined like 6 hours of sleep total (1-2 hrs a day) but surprisingly without physical/mental degradation. Well on Thurs night and I'm just sitting there in my home office trying to wrap up something at 4am and I'm like 80% asleep.Read more...
Photo Friday: Drawings, sketches, paintings.

17 January 2013

My pantry moths have moved on to my wardrobe Tonight I got out my muskox yarn cap, and found it had two big holes and one small hole eaten in it by some form of larvae [whimpers]. I've been battling pantry moths for a few years now and I'm guessing they decided to move to a more fibre-based diet. Fortunately the other woolen items in the basket and my wool coats in that closet seem unharmed.... but how long will they remain that way? I went to the store and looked at some mothballs, but the box said they wouldn't work well in an open closet. Does anyone have some advice on how to keep the moths from eating anything else?

16 January 2013

Poutine. 38 Variations. It's Canadian Foodporn (and happily, all on one page). Enjoy.Read more...
Skyping Dogs Does what it says on the tin. Tip of the hat to nickyskye on Facebook; it made me laugh out loud this gray morning.

15 January 2013

The Library of Congress presents: The Buccaneers of America A unique eye witness account of piracy. How Henry Morgan ransacks Panama city.Read more...
Update re: Two thousand dollars' worth of china Previously I posted about my mother's china dinner service and how it had one piece missing, a piece I've learned to call the gravy boat underplate. Well, I found one. And it was $20 plus shipping, which I don't consider unreasonable.Read more...
i removed the facebook app from my phone about two weeks ago. i also stopped email notifications on the phone (the ones for the mail app, not just fb). i was starting a big project and wanted minimum distractions. i still get email, just no badge indicator or popups or anything. i find that it's quite refreshing. i haven't even bothered to log into facebook on the computer at all. have any of you turned off the digital socialness in some form and not gone back?
Nefarious canadian humour. Notice I spelled humor correctly.

14 January 2013

Idiocracy The Atlantic posts a paid story from the Church of Scientology: link
So What Soup Should I Make Tonight? I have some home made chicken stock, butRead more...
Monday question: How long have you lived where you live? I'm coming up on 24 years in the same city which is 8 times longer than I intended to stay here at first. How long have other bunnies been where they are?

13 January 2013

Orchestrated Text An interesting "animated text" experiment set to an excerpt from Vivaldi's "Winter." Some background on the project.
Reviewing the reviewers - Now that Ebert has pretty much drifted off the scene, who is your go-to movie reviewer?
Why don't we give love one more chance? David Bowie and Annie Lennox, giving one of the most memorable pop music performances ever in 1992.

11 January 2013

Cat on Sheep (somebody call Parry Gripp - it's a sequel to his biggest hit!)
Bunny! OMG! You didn't see anything, okay? OKAY??
Moonwalk. Beautiful video of a tightrope walk in an unusual setting.
Photo Friday: What I Did Over Summer Vacation and Favorite Vacation Photo

10 January 2013

Define nap. When does a nap just turn into sleeping or visa versa? Length of time? Time of day? Location? Attire? Other factors?
why do some of the cydia apps say they are ios6 compatible? there's no jailbreak for ios6, so that confuses me. the only reason i'm not updating to ios6 is NCSettings and Zephyr. i would lose those if i updated to ios6 since there's no jb yet? or is there something i don't understand about iphones/ios?
Best songs of 2012 In his first live show of the year (Jan 8th) quality fanatic Jon Oliver plays his favourite soulful international underground tracks of the previous year.Read more...
Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie on The Merv Griffin Show in 1980.
Ask The Whelk Anything At The Airport! Dublin to Paris To NYC, we arrived very, very early.....

09 January 2013

With all this talk about a trillion dollar platinum coin, whose face would you put on it, and what would you put on the reverse?Read more...
I Met Jonmc at the Strand over Christmas Break and He Recommended a Great Book The book is Ladie's Man, by Richard Price, and it was fantastic. Definitely the kind of read folks who like Philip Roth or Charles Bukowski would enjoy, but not necessarily defined by it's "man's book about manly things" slant.

While I'm up, does anyone need anything?
Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank classic. guy rolls up to drive through windows disguised so it looks like an empty car.
Photo Friday Advance: What I Did Over Summer Vacation & Favorite Vacation Photo

08 January 2013

After a lengthy silence, during which both men eyed each other searchingly, the man from Szolnok County declared that he had been preparing for some time to write on a few pages and send the pages to the young woman in America, but he was afraid that if he wrote on too many pages someone in America might bind the pages into a book with his name on it, after which the people of America might well suppose he was dead.Read more...
Music to drive former DJs insane, or what I call Lipstick Bubblegum: Bullet - White Lies, Blue Eyes, Cymarron - Rings, Glass Bottle - Ain't Got Time Any More, White Plains - My Baby Loves Lovin', Lobo - I'd Love You To Want Me, The Bells - Stay Awhile Read more...

07 January 2013

3-point Monday rambling
Boosting some meetup signals So, there are two awesome NYC-area meetups going on this weekend, and due to scheduling, I've decided that the one on Sunday is going to be my last NYC-area meetup before I move. Read more...
Catch up on LOTS of tv-- thar be spoilers ahoy! Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, maybe Fringe, nothing is safe, reallyRead more...

06 January 2013

I'm genuinely aggrieved at how often I see 21-25 year olds defined in media as "young". Nobody told me when I was 22 that I was "young". I thought (in comparison with my college peers etc.) I was a huge f-up and my life was done. Read more...
Guardian on that movie wrt state propaganda What's your opinion on Zero Dark Thirty?
Have you seen it? What did you think?
Will you go see it?

05 January 2013

My hotel has an on site bunny family. The black one is very curious and approachable which is unusual for bunnies in general.

04 January 2013

Firemen revive unresponsive dog at fire scene. This happened locally. Pretty cool.
The Oscar WIlde Statue In Dublin It faces his childhood home!
Amy Stein's "Domesticated" series depicts humans and animals interacting in our largely artificially-controlled environments. They're beautiful photos, but I also find them heartbreakingly sad.
Photo Friday: Your best shot, 2012

03 January 2013

Treats! So I find it embarrassingly easy to manipulate myself into doing stuff with little rewards, but I need your help to brainstorm some new ones.Read more...

02 January 2013

A naked guy just walked into my office. This is beginning to be a really strange year. A naked 19-21 yr old guy just walked into our office. He said he was Zeus and looking for the credit union. He was quite in earnest.Read more...
Farewell Milwaukee, "Way Out" A lovely, wistful music video. Contains roller-skating and sincerity.
Photo Friday Advance: Best of 2012 - show us your greatest photos from last year!
World's largest model railway/miniature town, in Germany. This video amazes me. The little firefighting trucks going to simulated blazes is probably my favorite part.

01 January 2013

Jesus I hate feeling unsafe I just went across the street to the convenience store from my office and some dude followed me in and was asking my name and for my number and trying to chat me up. Read more...
Happy Birthday arse_hat!