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Archives for: March 2013

31 March 2013

Making cents with AdSense My blog made slightly more money in March than it did in the months of November, December, January, and February combined. Read more...

30 March 2013

Twigs and berries Okay, this should work, but first the disclaimer:Read more...
Bunny! OMG! This is no ordinary bunny, though.

29 March 2013

After Lights Out- some gorgeous, occasionally eerie photos.
Sunday Dinner Anyone cooking anything fancy for Easter dinner?
Ok, The Smiths are the breakup music in play for pre-punk twiggy I haven't been punk in a lot of sell out time, but mention cause forgotten punk anthems are really welcome. Anyway, I broke up after 6 years and putting out a call for any and every anthem/solace song of any flavor.

28 March 2013

Photo Friday: Madness
I dunno man ¯\(°_o)/¯ my new life philosophy is that sometimes you can't think your way out of negative feelings. I think this is a kinda trap that verbal or introverted people fall into, this fallacy that everything can be internally articulated and weighted. If you're doing whatever you need to be doing and there's nothing actionable to think through, just let it fade away.
DOCUMERICA: Images of America in Crisis in the 1970s A nice collection of images from the EPA's "Documerica" project. The Flickr collection is here
What do you wish you were doing RIGHT NOW?
I always though I'd end up with a Jew but I really seem to have a thing going with the Catholic--Read more...

27 March 2013

Name These Tunes!

26 March 2013

Fashion Challenge: Harry Potter Or Harry Potter ish. Tie and pocket square colors of House Hufflepuff, Owl lapel pin, and pocket watch (magical, of course)
They are Glad to Receive Us We are planning a trip to EuropeRead more...
Thin Mint Brownie Recipe There are Girl Scouts in my office building selling cookies and they had samples of these brownies. They were so good, I thought I'd share.Read more...

25 March 2013

Not ready for Reddit? I just joined Reddit and posted a link to my blog. It's getting roundly voted down. Do any of you use Reddit and what's your experience of it?
Snow Bunny in the News! OMG! Scroll to the second image . . .

24 March 2013

Any Bunnies planning on keeping Passover?
NYU Hawkcam is back!

23 March 2013

Whale bone porn. Won't someone think of the children?

22 March 2013

Question for Bloggers..
NYC dinner out We got a babysitter to go on a date night tomorrow night for dinner, but I don't know where to go. What do you suggest, people? Manhattan, preferably toward the west side (A, C, 1 lines), somewhere quiet & grown-up.

21 March 2013

Photo Friday: Brought to you by the letter K.
I should have known it was the Kinks but I prefer the Pretenders over this. Now to go in search of the original.
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter K - kangaroos, kelp, kites, kings, and everything else starting with the letter K. Suggested by gomichild.

Sorry for the super late notice, guys.
TEDxSummerisle Good times had by all.
Thursday 3-point update
A Calvin & Hobbes strip, animated. So fantastic.

20 March 2013

Where can I buy a used cell phone in Manhattan ASAP? Son's cell phone broke. The Samsung Intensity II. He wants another one or facsimile or simulacrum or whatever. Verizon wants $280 for a new one!!! No! no no no no.Read more...
Soyuz TMA-06M Spacecraft (post re-entry) - looking more like an abandoned relic of space explorations past than a modern spacecraft. Re-entry is a hell of a drug, or something.
How do you, personally, prepare for hosting an event? Read more...
Of sharks and the jumping there-of: is the TV show Bones still any good? Should we start watching Dexter again?Read more...
Day One of a 3-day diuretic purge. I gotta lose 16 pounds, and I'm gonna feel like crap through the weekend. Good news: all the Fritos I want, to replace the salt. If you have something funny, post it here.

19 March 2013

Essence of Spoiler Drag Race edition. It's got to be the funniest one yet.Read more...
This cartoon was not intentionally timed to correspond to this news, but it works.Read more...
A person can't even write a knitting blog without getting all political. At least I can't. I should have picked something else, like scrapbooking. No, wait, I can foresee problems with that too, namely that I hate scrapbooking.:-) This morning a reader (who is a MeFite) told me via Twitter that she was so bothered by the constant body policing on my blog she'd decided she needed to stop following it. I wrote this special extra post in response.
Owl and the Sparrow is a really great film.
Lost In Light Rotation, a fun new song from Tullycraft, a cool band I haven't thought of in years.

18 March 2013

Hope me! IE no like position:fixed?
I started an NCAA Bracket Because I did not see anyone else doing it.Read more...
"In a recent xkcd's alt text, Randall Munroe suggested stacksort, a sort that searches StackOverflow for sorting functions and runs them until it returns the correct answer. So, I made it." If you understand what this is doing, it's hilarious
Hot Like Sauce [soundcloud] life is too short to have sorrow Read more...
I would love recommendations for the fiercest of fierce tattoos... Ok, so I'm tossing a few ideas around in my head, and asking other people for tattoo recommendations is usually a bad idea for obvious reasons, butRead more...

17 March 2013

As I say, a strange thing – ...not quite a portrayal of a woman, more a depiction of an archetype, ethereal, symbolic, and looking quite bemused. Read more...

16 March 2013

New Cellphone I just bought a new cell phone today and I am looking for any new apps that I can download. The last cell phone that I used was one of those big, cancer inducing brick phones from the 80s, so I am a complete beginner . I got the Samsung Note II and I all set to start playing with it. Would love to have some suggestions
People in Your Neighborhood (1988 pledge drive special) - in which Bob meets Martina Navratilova, Barbara Walters and Ralph Nader, and Ralph finds the faults with Bob's sweater

15 March 2013

Hey Canadian Bunnies! So there's a contest on a beauty blog I read (Ommorphia Beauty Bar) to win a new Elizabeth Arden fragrance - Green Tea & Honeysuckle. It's only open to Canadian residents (or addresses).Read more...
Hugh Janus (gawker link)

14 March 2013

Photo Friday: Big Fat Secret or Guilty Pleasure
Never try, never fail, never win "For those who got medals for participation, rejection is unbearable" or some such papRead more...
AskMe Cross Post: 1939 German Shorthand Document Does anyone know German shorthand? Found in an old edition of Shakespeare, totally perplexing.
O.M.G. -- BRILLIANT bunny tee, lol. And Picard's Earl Grey kinda rocks too. Teefury hit a couple homers today, IMO.

13 March 2013

Photo Friday Advance: Big Fat Secret or Guilty Pleasure (SFW), suggested by ethylene and desjardins

12 March 2013

What did you have for dinner?

11 March 2013

the dark side of Class I was looking at this website called that was pitched as a way to get entrepreneurial advice from 'experts' at a per-minute rate. I wrote about it on twitter and mentioned that I was conflicted about it. Someone from Clarity asked me why the conflicted feeling and (cause I'm so gangsta) I plainly replied it "seems a bit gauche"Read more...
Centuries-old wooden churches in Russia and vicinity: four pages of amazing photos.

10 March 2013

Scandal in Amsterdam : prostitute who was advising the mayor of Amsterdam on prostitution policy and who succesfully published books on prostitution related issues turns out to have lied about being a prostitute.

09 March 2013

New sidebar art! Thanks to pjern for curating some of his photos for the sidebars this time around. And, my apologies to all for taking so long to put up some new art! Sheesh.
Shell Game! Molly Crabapple's art show about revolution and economics, is finally opening to the public. I'll be there on the 14th and I'd like you to join me.

08 March 2013

Pop Quiz, hotshot! Men's room edition
Possibly the best job for MeChazens ever They are looking for a new "animals" editor at Buzzfeed to find and post cute animal pics and stories.
Photo Friday: Shimmy

07 March 2013

Tips on taking the perfect selfie This one's for the other pussycat Mechazens: ceiling cat, catlet, catfive, etc.

06 March 2013

Any former (or current) servers out there? Feel like taking a quick survey to help out a student? My GF is working on her thesis and has put together a short survey - if you've ever worked as a waiter or waitress, it'd be awesome if you could take a few minutes to click through!
Wednesday 3-Point Update! Tell me what's going on, people.
Photo Friday Advance: Shimmy, suggested by crush-onastick

05 March 2013

Men's Wallets are a notoriously finicky thing. But I find I need a new one. Where do you go for wallets? Read more...
Jim'll paint it. "I am here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups). Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. While there aren't enough hours in the day to physically paint every suggestion I will consider them all. Bonus points for originality and humour. Use your imagination!"

04 March 2013

Bunny Therapy awwwwwwwww
Ezra Stoller: The Photographer Who Made Architects Famous. A nice NPR Picture show blog post.
avoiding extortion 101 since I am a specialist at reasoning about things I don't actually know about, I have developed some thoughts on avoiding extortion (really)Read more...
Yo, Pope Benedict, you got owned by Oakland Rapper The Vatican’s plan to call the retiring pontiff Benedict XVI “Pope Emeritus” hit a snag today, in the form of a threatened lawsuit by an Oakland-based rapper who has been recording under that name since 2006.

03 March 2013

OMG! BUNNIES VS NEANDERTHALS!! (the neanderthals never had a chance)
The Artistic & The Beautiful A fascinating interview with America's first great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

02 March 2013

MetaChap is an informal spot for MeFites to chit-chat, hob-nob, share a cuppa, and other such rot and dross that may not belong on MetaFilter, wot wot.

01 March 2013

Share your March goals!
Old Slides of Parents My parents (mostly) as a very young married couple at the beach where they lived.Read more...
so I'm in a self-control phase that I sometimes get into in which I manage to get a hold on multiple things (e.g. diet, finances) at the same time. It's interesting that I find them linked this way, but more interestingly, I find it helps me to stay on track if I think of discipline as abstract forecasting rather than an internal impulse struggleRead more...
I need a Shuffle-a-gogo fix! Who's with me? Set your MP3 player on random and let 'er rip! Read more...
Photo Friday: Accidents and Bad Ideas.