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Archives for: June 2013

30 June 2013

Is anyone here from Detroit? I'm pretty sure this libertarian article about the "awesome" effect public service cuts have had in Detroit is a whitewash. Is there anyone from Detroit or who is familiar with Detroit who cares to deconstruct it for me?
Time to review June's goals! Alright everyone, it's the end of June. Time to review how y'all did.Read more...
It's awfully quiet...

28 June 2013

Rejoice!
Photo Friday: Nostalgia.

27 June 2013

These come from Trees - Know anyone involved with K-12? Free stickers!Read more...

26 June 2013

So, hey!
This week's Photo Friday theme is Nostalgia. Suggested by Twiggy. Thank you.

25 June 2013

Government at work? The filibuster by my Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis, to stop an anti-abortion bill, is in peril. It is currently being ruled whether her filibuster violated Senate rules. The link goes to a live feed. High drama at times (although they are talking off-mic at the moment).

24 June 2013

Spoilers? I not only want to post all the gifs but make some. Dishy dishy dish dish! Ted CHawwww faces! Peggy Peggy Peggy! Oh, fer Pete's sake.
I dreamt last night that I shared a big Victorian house with mygothlaundry, my brother, and a former co-worker, and mgl went on a manic drunken kitten-buying spree so we ended up with 18 kittens of various colors and two rabbits. Read more...
Painting on water is mesmerizing

23 June 2013

anyone into martial arts I've been watching some MMA and I find it very remarkable how unintuitive the submission wrestling moves are. Which is an interesting twist on technique vs strength in physical combat. Seems like a skilled grappler can easily break bones on a much stronger unskilled opponent as long as they can get them on the ground.
"Photographer Bela Borsodi fastidiously manipulated household items in the photograph below to create an image that looks like 4 photographs."
Staten Island in the 1980s (black and white photos)
When your lavender bed becomes a deathbed I've just been looking up lavender recipes online (because I've got a large lavender bed just coming into flower) and came across one for "lavender chocolate raspberry jam". How decadent is that?

22 June 2013

FOUND is the National Geographic big-photo Tumblr, and it is amazing.
Best/favorite grilling recipes? The fussier the better! All foods/types considered.

21 June 2013

hi guyz! It's been so long since I said hi over here. DESPITE the fact that I saw a few bunnies (TPS, Eye Detector, Gaspode & Kkokkodalk,'s been so long I had to double check kko's user name spelling haha).

anyway HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII tell me your lives for the past I dunno 18 months? IN a nut?
IT'S FRIDAY! How ya doing?
Happy Birthday, D.C.!
Photo Friday: Light play.

20 June 2013

First fruits These are the first strawberries I've gotten from my strawberry bed this season, and this is the first rhubarb. Silly thing to want to show off, perhaps, but it took two plantings to get a rhubarb bed going in my garden, and three before the strawberry patch took.

19 June 2013

Good News! Bad News!

18 June 2013

It's make a rustic Maine Cabin theme Cocktail time! What can we do with Southern Comfort, Spiced Rum, Cranberry juice, Blueberry Seltzer, coke a cola, and lemon juice? ( er, not all at once, that's just what we ave in )

17 June 2013

Not kitty nor bunny nor sloth Thank @NekoCase and Hunter of Cute (@jennandoah) June 17, 2013
movie musings
Concord Dawn - Uprising (streamnig album on Grooveshark). Lively New Zealand DnB, now A DECADE OLD.
Did you eat anything fabulous this weekend?
Last night's Mad Men (spoilers)

16 June 2013

15 June 2013

Happy Birthday bearwife!

14 June 2013

Does anyone else suffer from Bitchy Resting Face?
Secret life of cats Interesting to see what cats are up to all day. And I am not really a "cat person" (though I do like other people's cats just don't care to have one of my very own).
Knitting on the beach I just posted a post on vintage knitted swimwear (because it all used to be knitted) I'm rather proud of. Brace yourselves for that first picture.
Photo Friday: Bling.

13 June 2013

Happy Birthday rmless2!
Cleaning battery acid? Anyone know off the bat how or if one can clean off dried, leaked battery acid from a terminal?Read more...
Sesame Street in the year 2013 When I was a young'un, back in the twentieth century, Sesame Street dealt with numbers and letters. Now they're addressing the emotional stress kids experience from having a parent in prison.

12 June 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Bling. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
3 Point pre-storm/Wednesday update! The weather folks are calling for some gnarly storms to come through tonight/tomorrow for chunks of the US. Get yer updates in before you lose power!Read more...
Why does every article ever written about mosquitoes have a giant picture of a mosquito biting a human? It makes me itch just looking at it. Also, giant mosquitoes = I'm glad I'm not in Florida.

11 June 2013

Good things/Bad things
Apparently it's tour o'clock. I received five updates on big music/band tours: two received a moment ago, one half an hour ago, another a few hours earlier, and one yesterday. Read more...
Do the Tighten Up I'd post the song, but let us bask in the Clooney-born ridiculousness for a moment.
Now, I may have this wrong, but doesn't this defy the point of a scrotum?
Thank you.

10 June 2013

Is There an Easier Way to Get Donuts ?? I just spent the entire afternoon grinding away at The Simpsons Tapped Out on my iPad. Is anyone else addicted to this damn thing too ? lol
What's made you go 'Awwww' today?
Cats Watching You Have Sex Does what it says on the tin.

08 June 2013

What are you up to this weekend?
RED BASTARD I'm very much over stand-up comedy as a whole, but this is fantastic.

07 June 2013

OMG BUNNY! (bathing or basting?)
Photo Friday: Things you've stood upon.

06 June 2013

Hepatitis A News Now! I have a 3pm PDT appointment to get my first of two Hep A shot.Read more...
Coffee for bunnies? As I placed my order for a double tall latte with soy milk and a half shot of sugar free vanilla this AM, I wondered what your go to (non alcoholic) drink orders are . . .
Thursday. Three Points. You Know the Drill.

05 June 2013

Please hope me! What should I read? Short stories and essay collections please. New or old.Read more...
fuck FIP, and on being "the chosen one"
This week's Photo Friday theme is things you've stood upon. Suggested by fleacircus. Thank you.
No Small Children is a punk rock band from LA. The three members teach elementary school when they are not rocking out. They are the real deal. They have a blog.
An L-Shaped Conundrum Just saw our new apartment last night, trying to figure out how to assign the bedrooms.Read more...
OMG BUN BUN BUNNY BUN (content warning: Parry Gripp music)

04 June 2013

RIP Scooby My birdie died earlier this week. My baby. My Scooby. I'm still destroyed by this. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

I miss you so much, my Scooby.
What song do you have stuck in your head? Maybe it can replace mine!Read more...
New food things I realized that I've tried 2 new food things this week: some gruyere and whatnot pasta casserole thing from Wegmans and mild Italian sausage.

What new food things have you tried recently?
Themes for Photo Friday - let me have 'em!


03 June 2013

Knowing vs not knowing: spoilers Book first or movie? Original or cover?Read more...
Frilly heck! We're 8 years old! And we all forgot. I say this calls for a party. Or some form of collective nonsense.
Having a rough day.
Happy Birthday jason's_planet!

02 June 2013

01 June 2013

Jean Stapleton (aka Edith Bunker) from All In The Family died today at the age of 90, and this may be the most bad-ass pic of her I've ever seen, partying with Alice Cooper.
June goals! Aw yeah, it's the halfway point of the year. Do you have any new year's resolutions that need reviewing? Make them a goal for June!Read more...
I wonder if you could modify your mind state by controlling your interior monologue. It's weird cause the things you think are kinda results of your inarticulate internal state, but I also think it can loop back so that tiny tweaks in your controllable approach to things can affect your thoughts about those things.Read more...
Do you speak a foreign language? And if so; do you use music and movies to learn and enjoy that language?
Happy Birthday Lassie!