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Archives for: April 2014

30 April 2014

End of April Goal Check In Time! So, how did y'all do on your goals?Read more...
"Not great, Bob!" but small and all things. Pete would be at a loss, but I am riveted.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Reflecting. Suggested by occhiblu. Thank you.

29 April 2014

they're just scraping nails out here over the weekend I went to buy a clay face mask (I was headed for The Body Shop but I got diverted into another store and got this one from Seacret but although that was the main event the saleswoman in her little pitch showed me this nail thing they hadRead more...
Bunny! OMG! Is this the cutest baby bunny ever? She has EVERYTHING! Feets! Earsies! Fluff! Eyeliner!
Smoke to vape? Any bunnies who have made the switch? Input appreciated.Read more...

28 April 2014

Pictures of Google Amsterdam office A bakfiets as reception desk.Read more...

27 April 2014

Sunday 3-point update - what's going on in your life? Read more...

26 April 2014

Name some tunes!

25 April 2014

Friday Question A five year old asks you, "Who is God?" What is your response?
Photo Friday: Light Play

24 April 2014

What to do in spain We're thinking, really planning, of a trip to Spain and Morocco in June. Need some help planning.Read more...

23 April 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Light Play. Suggested by bearwife. Thank you.

22 April 2014

Summer plans! For those of you in the northern hemisphere... have you started planning your summer?Read more...
propos of nothing What occupies you right now?

20 April 2014

I was undecided if I could do anything for today's convergence of Easter Sunday and 4/20. Then I saw this at 70s Sci-Fi Art, one of the coolest tumblrs in existence*: OMG BUNNY.
Happy Birthday ThePinkSuperhero!!

19 April 2014

18 April 2014

Friday Question Do you think the best part of your life has already happened? If not, what's your guess about when the best part will come?
I'm sitting here watching a tv screen showing a baby burro napping in the sunshine. Read more...
Photo Friday: Easter

17 April 2014

Another Lyrics Challenge (I am trying not to let my esoteric tastes make this too hard. . .just sorta hard. That said, most of these songs are from the previous century. On preview, only one of the songs is since 2000.)Read more...

16 April 2014

SHOUTING THREAD well, maybe venting thread
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Easter. So, anything that reminds you of Easter, such as (but not limited to) bunnies, eggs, resurrections, chicks, peeps ...

15 April 2014

Jon and I are in New Orleans!
How ARE You? (In which we gripe about our aches and pains) Everything above my knees is great!Read more...

14 April 2014

Help me think this through? So I've been looking around at professional opportunities and someone made me a good offer and really had me in mind in terms of how they saw the future of their venture, I turned it down and they were quite taken aback and saddened. I feel kinda bad about it too. Thoughts or advice appreciated.Read more...
What are you listening to? 10 shuffle songs.
Game of Thrones spoiler spoiler spoilers thread Ok, who has not read the books but watched the show last night? I gots questionsRead more...

13 April 2014

11 April 2014

Friday Question Would the world be a better place if no one ever used recreational drugs or alcohol?
Photo Friday : Places that don't exist any more

10 April 2014

Is this a scam?
Small Town Noir Mugshots and stories from New Castle, PA. A fascinating snapshot of the criminal history of a small town in the mid-20th century.
Stephen vs Stephen Did they just kill Stephen Colbert?

09 April 2014

MetaChat is back. What did you during the outage?
Some MetaChat maintenance is going on today behind the scenes, so apologies in advance if you have trouble connecting to the site from time to time!
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Places that don't exist anymore. Suggested by fleacircus. Thank you.

08 April 2014

Sharing signs of Spring (I made you a poem) Winter has shown its ugly lear
long enough in the Northern hemisphere.

Signs of Spring are finally here!

06 April 2014

04 April 2014

Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen tour New York City together - in matching bowlers and generally acting like adorable goofs. Happy Friday!
Friday Question What potentially nearly possible scientific achievement are you most excited about/scared of
Photo Friday: In the Air.

03 April 2014

Thunderbirds Are Go!
What do your anxiety dreams look like? I usually have the one where I've registered for a math or chemistry class and I realize a week before the final that I forgot to drop it and it's now too late and I haven't been to class since the first day.Read more...
Three Point Update Time!
It's not true about boiling a frog. The frog will jump. It's such a useful analogy. I've used it to describe the way my marriage sucked the life out of me, how a crappy job can eat your soul, etc. Now I'm going to have to say 'the metaphorical boiled frog', which doesn't have the same effect.

02 April 2014

It's time for your April Goals! It's time to set up your goals for April! Read more...
So, I made cauliflower rice today.
The Pigeon Post. I am tempted to try this.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is In the Air. Suggested by occhiblu. Thank you.

01 April 2014

Miss you all.... I have been a terrible bunny, but it's for really good reasons. You guys rock!Read more...