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29 April 2014

they're just scraping nails out here over the weekend I went to buy a clay face mask (I was headed for The Body Shop but I got diverted into another store and got this one from Seacret but although that was the main event the saleswoman in her little pitch showed me this nail thing they had[More:]

She straight up just scraped the top of my nail ("they're called ridges", she explains) and this scraping (buffing?) block was four-sided and she used one of the sides to shine the top of the nail she'd just scraped.

And although I didn't buy that thing I have been really looking at this nail off and on for a few days. It's still pretty shiny. How the hell...? I looked it up and these nail buffer thingies don't seem to have a layer of something that shines your nails, it just happens automatically apparently.

I don't necessarily want shiny nails, but damn. I didn't realize you could just scrape off the top of your nail like that. And the results are very impressive.
Huh. I just recently noticed I have ridges - like the last year or so. I didn't know people buffed them off.

That's got to be some really fine paper to keep it shiny like that.

I got something similar from my mother in her last random package of stuff. I should check that out.
posted by lysdexic 29 April | 17:40
When I was in downtown San Diego, the people at the mall selling the expensive kit used to buff one fingernail of mine like that. I sometimes think that someday I shall actually get a buffer and do it myself and look like my nails are all Done since I paint fingernails like a neurologically impaired 5 year old. It's bad. No fingernail paint for me. But I think I could get behind the nail buffing thing.
posted by Mic 29 April | 18:51
My mom buffs her nails all the damn time. (She doesn't get her nails polished because she has her hands in water a lot and so it wears off really quickly.)

She also has extremely weak nails. Correlation =/= causation, but just an fyi.
posted by sperose 29 April | 19:12
It's actual nail polishing; I was surprised the first time i did it because it seemed unreal. I'm trying to remember if I'd polished stone before I first buffed my nails. It's not that big a deal, expensive or time consuming. The roughest side knocks off the roughest parts, the last step is usually a grey rubbery surface to make it shine. My nails are pretty thin but buffing seems to make them more durable. You can find the same thing as files, discs or all on one file. Unless you are screwing with your nail bed, you can see your health generally reflected in your nails, if you are talking about horizontal "ridges."

Oddly, in old palmistry texts, they have comments on nails that don't seem to realize that they've been attended to, but note that well formed smooth nails are often found confoundingly on superficially focused women.

My mother once told me that they use to use some type of flower petal wrap to stain her nails. I have to think nail polishing and treatments have been around forever. I do way too much with my hands for even the best lacquers to last very long in tact.
posted by ethylene 30 April | 05:31
Interesting. By the way I found this youtube vid of someone trying out the product in question. It shines the f- out of her nail too. lol
posted by Firas 30 April | 08:52
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