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18 April 2014

Friday Question Do you think the best part of your life has already happened? If not, what's your guess about when the best part will come?
I think now is it -- happily married, great dog, great job, and generally good health.
posted by bearwife 18 April | 20:05
I think the best is always yet to come!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 April | 20:07
Every day I get is part of the best time of my life. Even a long life is just too short to start dividing it up into bad/good better/best.
posted by arse_hat 18 April | 22:18
I certainly hope the best has not already happened! Honestly, I think the best will happen when I get off my arse and make it happen.
posted by dg 18 April | 23:20
It's gotta get better. Right?
posted by Hugh Janus 19 April | 06:20
This is a question I do not care to think about at all.
posted by JanetLand 19 April | 06:37
Yeah, the best is past me now. Unfortunately, I was too immature to appreciate it.
posted by Thorzdad 19 April | 06:55
Oh hell no :| I don't think my life has really started yet. Team Late Bloomers.
posted by Firas 19 April | 11:34
To quote the old man at the table next to my mom and me at the nursing home dining room: Any day above ground is a good day.

That said, assuming good health for Jon and me, and pension intact, I am looking forward to retirement.
posted by Pips 19 April | 13:02
I don't know if the best part of my life is past but life is pretty good right now and probably won't get a lot better. I've kind of achieved all of my life goals, which were admittedly pretty modest, and I'm feeling like I'm coasting a bit right now.

My main goal right now that I'm turning fifty is to stay employed for the next fifteen to twenty years until I can cash out my 401K and while I'm doing that pumping as much cash as I can into that 401K since I'm allowed to as of this year.
posted by octothorpe 20 April | 08:47
My comment on the matter
posted by Miko 21 April | 23:10
I'm sitting here watching a tv screen || Snort worthy