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Archives for: September 2015

30 September 2015

Heavy Rotation -- what's your song of the week? What's in heavy rotation at your house? What's the latest beat from off the street?
"Jon Hendren spent an entire segment talking about Edward Scissorhands instead of Edward Snowden. No one noticed."
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Stars
*tap* *tap* is this thing on? So uh, hello!

Long time no speak. How are YOU doing?

Missed this place!
There, I did it. With this heartwarming video of a kitten using his wheelchair for the first time, I have fulfilled my pledge to post something (anything) every day for the back half of September. Hope I didn't bore you too much!

29 September 2015

Hurfy Berfday two mee just stopped by to say happy birthday to me. i mean to quonsar. well, he is me.
*shakes mighty fist* In this prolonged round of the dreaded game, "What's that smell?"Read more...
So ... it turns out I have shingles
Bunny! OMG! Cottontail rabbits, represent!
Today is National Coffe Day in the US Just in case anyone missed the IMPORTANT NEWS of the day.... free coffee at participating stores

28 September 2015

"I don't think I'll be able to eat rice, salmon or olives in any form ever again." 20 Unholy Recipes from the past. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?

27 September 2015

Japanese manhole covers. I believe it was Hugh Janus who told me about these. Aren't they lovely? There is also a book.

26 September 2015

Weekend 3-point update : Are you having a good one? Read more...
MusicMusicMusic. I just bought a Norma Tanega CD featuring her 60s hit, Walking My Cat Named Dog. What are you listening to?

25 September 2015

Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions What is your very best Jeopardy! category? Your worst?
It's Common Ground Fair time! I look forward to this all year. Hippie rural living, represent!
Photo Friday: Yum!

24 September 2015

A favorite site, Retronaut, now has a book out! I know what I want for Christmas . . . .

23 September 2015

Warning! Not for bunny-lovers! Content may scar you for life! Awful Library Books is one of my go-to webplaces when I want to laugh and cringe simultaneously (work those facial muscles). And this is a prime example... such abuse of the Bookman Swash Italic typeface on the cover!
That is NOT your email address. Some idiot just opened an ebay account using my gmail address. This sort of thing happens to me a lot. Read more...

22 September 2015

Is Hamlet Fat? Love articles that go crazy over one single line in Shakespeare.

21 September 2015

Tiki!! There is a tiki bar opening near me soon. I am excited!
Posting early : The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Yum! I'm going away for a few days with no internet access, hence the early post.

20 September 2015

Choices I hate making big life altering choices ....

19 September 2015

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got no #bunnies? With the current revival here, (yay!) I wondered if was proper to mention that the Very Unofficial Chat Channel with the Very Appropriate Name is still out there...
"Maybe the word is too powerful to permit explanation." Apparently it's National Fuckboi Day today.
What's for lunch? I am eating a grilled cheese sandwich at South Station in Boston. You?
What's your weird choice?
Sharing is caring Post your all purpose advice and/or answersRead more...

18 September 2015

Denzel Washington to produce August Wilson plays for HBO I'm very excited about this. Sadly this is the kind of thing that PBS should be doing but at least someone is.
Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions What's your favorite movie that is at least 10 years old?
Weekend 3-point Update Weekend plans? Or vent the stress of the week. WHATEVER. Anything goes.Read more...
Photo Friday: Sun and Moon

17 September 2015

The morning after I killed myself. Lots of research that most people really want to live, and that getting beyond the suicidal impulse is the main thing. Worth reading.
Bicycle Morning, by Billy Sans For some unknown reason, this song has been running through my head lately. Read more...
Not Yours to Play With: Why Viet Cong's Name Offends I shared this on FB recently, and thought it might be a good read here, too. I've been a little bummed out listening to people discuss this issue at times. My thoughts are... Read more...
If this evening's Republican Debate wasn't ENOUGH bat$#!+ insanity for you, here's Kathleen Tonn, testifying at an Anchorage, Alaska city council meeting with a Bible and a tampon.

16 September 2015

A six-second epic about iphone attachment (mildly scatological, toilet humor)
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Sun and Moon
I hate petty tyrants!! (rant) How do you deal with the petty tyrants in your life?! Arrgh!!! I can't stand it today!Read more...
...que fue traición de mujer. A modern rendition of a Chilean 1931 tango.Read more...
OMG Bunnies! So many bunnies!
post by: amro at: 12:57 | 1 comment
When the culture of wellness becomes unhealthy In the last year I've started running with a running club, and we organize everything via facebook (of course). Lovely, lovely people, but OMG the amount of "wellness" (read: disordered eating) stuff I have to ignore on the page... oy. Read more...
Bad postcards. Not BoringPostcards (alas), just bad postcards. Some are even disturbing.

15 September 2015

I know this isn't SportsFilter but, damn I'm beside myself about Aldridge Playing for the Spurs next season. This Grantland write-up has some soothing paragraphs about how he'll fit in, and man it's been such a long summer. Looking forward to a deep playoff run, and a couple more chances to make it down form Austin to SA to catch Duncan play in what will probably be his final season.
A note to the old soldiers on my email list (more inside)
Bunny! So elegant, so lovely, OMG!
It was 30 years ago today, (actually yesterday), Disney brought the Gummi Bears to play, and the most prestigious of animation studios lowered itself to get into the TV cartoon business AND raised the bar for almost everything we've seen since.

14 September 2015

If Mechazens ever decide to build a float We should build them to look like this. What kind of parade would our float be in?
Post Every Day Half September Thingy. I vow to make a post every single day for the rest of the month. Some may even have links!
Monday 3 point status update

12 September 2015

Have we become so inactive here that The Other Meta gets an OMG BUNNY post?

11 September 2015

Photo Friday : Dog Days

10 September 2015

Your Media Week in Review What caught your attention?
The Emojis We Need! (no pictures, just descriptions, after all, it IS Dinosaur Comics). So what would YOU like to see in a new emoji?Read more...
Socality Barbie is a barbie with a parody instagram account (and great hair.)

09 September 2015

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Dog Days Interpret this as you wish - the dog days of summer or just days with dogs in them.

05 September 2015

Oh no! Four-Oh! Gaspode hits the Big One.
Photo, er, Saturday : Vegetables

02 September 2015

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Vegetables

01 September 2015

Prayers/conforting thoughts requested
*Yawn* My idiotic cats woke me up at 4:30 this morning because they decided that Something Was In The Basement. There was nothing in the basement. What have your dopey pets been doing lately?