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10 September 2015

Your Media Week in Review What caught your attention?[More:]

Here's mine off the top of my head.

You're the Worst is back!
This one line of "I didn't know it was a school." is so dark it bursts into hilarity, like when on Louie a lonely Xmas Louis C.K. hears the newscasters on tv tell him he might as well kill himself.
If you don't know why that's funny, it's not the show for you.

Drunk History is also back and Maya Rudolph should be playing the Black Widow in everything. As Tina Fey says, her face game should set the standard.

Just the phrase poop noodle is viscerally repellant.
Do people try to sound less articulate on purpose? Frequent swearing and cajoling goofiness--
I don't want to name any actual podcasts except Bob Guccione, Jr. on WTF, which as a SPIN reader was a very interesting insight. (Also, I left my podcasts playing when I fell asleep so I woke from the strangest dream where someone was seemingly defending Bill Cosby. Not actually in the podcast, which is much about context, fittingly, but because your brain will try to rationalize sounds, leaving podcasts on generates... interesting dreams. But may make you wake up after scant hours very confused.)

Internet reading:
Delighted a casually racist remark was removed from a show commentary and this Interview article caught my attention.

This infuriating session of "What's that smell" is a whiff of cat pee coming from nowhere that gets me up and hunting every hour. I'm about to break out the blacklight and smoke ribbons to track the air streams.

This is actually only the last couple days but it's already too long. I could link things but

Now You. Go.
Media eh?

I'm still thinking about was listening to a radio noon call in show yesterday at lunch on CBC. Topic was "Why don't Muslims vote" and I was taken by how often the host interrupted people who called in.

I get that it's a call-in show, and you have to curtail those who blather on, but for this topic, for the host to be interrupting Muslims who called in to explain some of their frustrations with taking part in the voting, it really didn't sit well with me.

I'm having a tough time articulating exactly how the host's behavior bummed me out, really did. I've found that I have less and less tolerance for people who shut down the voices of the "oppressed", whether it's a woman talking about experienced misogyny, or a POC talking about racism they live with, or, as it happens, Muslims being asked to discuss why their voter turnout is low and then being interrupted and cut off. I really struggle to figure out how to lift these voices, on a personal level, but I sure seem to be more and more aware of hearing those voices being shut down.

On a different front, Thunderbitch is pretty awesome.
posted by richat 11 September | 08:49
Who was the host richat?
posted by arse_hat 11 September | 13:26
Hey arsey - it was Rita Chelli who hosted!
posted by richat 14 September | 09:50
I'll look it up. Thanks.
posted by arse_hat 14 September | 16:17
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