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12 September 2015

Have we become so inactive here that The Other Meta gets an OMG BUNNY post?
I'll just leave this OMG BIG BUNNY here.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by oneswellfoop 12 September | 19:39
That is one scary big bunny.
posted by arse_hat 12 September | 20:39
We do seem to be in the doldrums a bit here, with only the same few people posting anything. Photo Friday has gone from being a lovely active thread each week to just me and maybe one or two other people.

What shall we do to revitalise MetaChat?
posted by Senyar 13 September | 05:54
I think you should start a new post where we discuss it, Senyar! I too am missing our metachat of old.
posted by msali 13 September | 16:30
I was worried a few years ago when we were down to only four or five posts a day. Now we get less than one a day.
posted by octothorpe 13 September | 22:36
I'm not that optimistic, guys - I don't think it's really revivable. The downturn started way before 2012, even, and it's not the site or the people itself - the world, and the web, have changed around it. I don't even hold out a ton of hope for MeFi proper, though it'll coast on volume for a while.
posted by Miko 14 September | 00:03
Everything's on facebook now! Walled gardens for everyone! Someone start a metachat facebook group?

Meanwhile, #bunnies is still thriving. Come say hi!
posted by Eideteker 14 September | 10:23
Ugh, no. I refuse to believe that there is no internet for people who can't stand stupid facebook.
posted by JanetLand 14 September | 10:32
As a student I was intrigued by the trope of the Hortus Conclusus. A hidden door that gives entrance to a forgotten space. That was an element that struck me in reading Alain Fourniers Le grand Meaulnes (a highschool French reading list staple).
Actually I once encountered such a forgotten garden in Sintra Portugal; full of balustrades, staircases and statues covered in moss hidden in the shade behind a wall that we climbed over.

Also in old cities in the NL there are so called hofjes. Enclosures that date back to the 17th century where poor people could live. They'd be created by wealthy aristocrats out of pious charity. It's nice how you can be in the bustle of inner cities and go through a porch and enter a quiet 17th century garden with surrounding small houses.

(full disclosure: Hortus Conclusus is a Christian renaissance theme that has to do with the Virgin Mary. Not with romantic forgotten gardens.)
posted by jouke 14 September | 10:55
Well, my old log in still works, so the site is now one comment further from death.
posted by Devils Rancher 14 September | 22:08
Two comments. My old login still works too.
posted by double block and bleed 15 September | 00:05
I won't repeat what I said in the other thread, but please let's not have a MeCha facebook group. (Maybe it's too late?)
posted by tangerine 15 September | 14:27
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