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19 September 2015

What's your weird choice? [More:]
Given the choice of cookie - chocolate chip, double chocolate, white chocolate & raspberry, etc. - all of them available with no restriction on what I could have, every single time I would opt for oatmeal raisin.

I also like the Toffee Penny best in the tin of Quality Street. Whenever there's Quality Street in the office and I say I like the Toffee Penny everyone says "but nobody likes the Toffee Penny!"

What's the thing you would choose that other people might think is weird?
Vanilla ice cream.
Now, I love tons of other flavors, but a really well-made, balanced vanilla is something wonderfully subtle and to be savored.
posted by Thorzdad 19 September | 07:57
Mac & cheese made with Velvetta or American cheese

I find cheddar mac & cheese to be so greasy and clumpy
posted by bluesapphires 19 September | 08:35
I totally agree, bluesapphire. The best mac & cheese I ever made was by melting down a packet of Kraft cheese slices with milk.
posted by Senyar 19 September | 11:00
Yogurt. Plain Yogurt. No flavor, no fruit just yogurt I can put over cereal or fruit. It's getting harder to find.
posted by arse_hat 19 September | 15:08
arse_hat, you need an Easiyo. Makes great yogurt.
posted by Senyar 19 September | 15:19
I had a yogurt maker years ago but lost it somewhere along the way. I should get a new one.
posted by arse_hat 19 September | 15:28
I semi-concur with bluesapphires and Senyar. Velveeta is an important tool in my Cheese Toolbelt, but usually mixed with 'more serious cheese' (most often Cheddar, but I consider including some Muenster in almost everything) in Mac and Cheese (2 parts Vel, 1 part other) or Queso/Nacho Dip (1 to 1, plus a little sour cream). But not in my "LazyMan's Stacked Enchilada" from the lunch thread, which probably fits here too.

I'm a "Pineapple on Pizza" weirdo too, best with onions, peppers (not too hot) and pepperoni, not the Canadian Bacon (How DID "Canadian Bacon" become part of "Hawaiian Pizza"? True Hawaiian, they should use Spam!) And I like pineapple or mango or peach in my salsa (but not when used to make Nacho Dip or the Enchiladas).

And while mentioning Pepperoni, I like "crisping up" pepperoni under a broiler (or when lazy or hurried, in a microwave), as a replacement for bacon in sandwiches and salads (no, not breakfast, I'm not THAT weird).
posted by oneswellfoop 19 September | 19:56
Soy or almond milk
Unsalted nuts as a snack
Coffee ice cream
Plain full fat Greek yogurt
Whole fruit in preference to any candy

My younger self wouldn't know me
posted by bearwife 20 September | 11:14
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