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15 September 2015

I know this isn't SportsFilter but, damn I'm beside myself about Aldridge Playing for the Spurs next season. This Grantland write-up has some soothing paragraphs about how he'll fit in, and man it's been such a long summer. Looking forward to a deep playoff run, and a couple more chances to make it down form Austin to SA to catch Duncan play in what will probably be his final season.
I found the more button after posting this, will attempt to use less fp real estate henceforward.
posted by Devils Rancher 16 September | 06:46
I have nothing to contribute but I hope someone else does, because I know less than zero about basketball, but I also really like when people have strong opinions about something I don't know about and I get to read them.

Is all.
posted by gaspode 16 September | 07:51
Glad to see somebody EXCITED about their team. My baseball team is doing a late season fade away, and it's most depressing.
posted by JanetLand 16 September | 07:54
(let's go Mets!)
posted by gaspode 16 September | 07:56
You mean "Pirates."
posted by Chrysostom 16 September | 08:35
As far as sports orgs go, and they ALL have their faults (especially the NFL corporate office) i find the Spurs fascinating to watch because they're so damn cerebral and methodical. Gregg Popovich is an interesting & complex man whose "team-first, win games, leave the egos in the high school gym" approach appeals to me. He has said he won't hire a player who "hasn't gotten over themselves," and if you read (the Spurs SB nation Fan sub-site) you'll see plenty of gnashing of hands and wringing of teeth concerning Aldridge's ball-hogginess & whether that will fit in with the spurs good-to-better, pass to the open man style of offense.

They're always at their best when the move the ball side to side until that moment when they catch the defense leaning the wrong way, then blam. Aldridge hasn't played that type of offense so much, so I'm intensely curious as to whether Popovich adjusts for him & if so how much. This is their first off-season Big Name Free Agent signing in a long, long time.

Others say they he'll be good for Tony Parker, whose most nimble years are behind him, in that Aldridge is a great mid-range shooting big, who will draw defenders out of the paint & open up holes for parker's driving layups.

Let the season begin already.
posted by Devils Rancher 16 September | 10:36
As an Arsenal supporter I fucking hate Sp*rs..... oh, basketsport. Never mind.
posted by terrapin 16 September | 16:37
It makes googling weird sometimes, eh?
posted by Devils Rancher 17 September | 00:08
Vernacular typography in France || Bad postcards.