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29 September 2015

So ... it turns out I have shingles [More:]I had what I thought was a mosquito bite on my stomach. But it didn't respond to an anti-histamine lotion, it spread and blistered and hurt like hell.

After some Googling I took myself off to the doctor who confirmed that it is, indeed, shingles (the adult version of chickenpox). It's very painful, but hopefully the antiviral drugs I've been given and plenty of rest will sort it out.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear-- I hope it's a mild case for you. One of my brothers had it-- not pleasant. Take care--

(I was thinking I should get the vaccine, as well as the pneumonia vaccines, along with my yearly flu shot. I could use all the help I can get--)
posted by Pips 29 September | 09:36
Ack! I got the vaccine last year as I feared getting this. Hope it is effective. And I hope you get well soon!

Sending good thoughts to you, Pips, and hopes your eye goes on the mend.
posted by bearwife 29 September | 11:26
Shingles can be NO FUN.... I tried to get the vaccine several years ago, but am too young for insurance to cover it; and, I ended up having shingles a couple of years ago (I didn't realize that's what it was since I was overwhelmed by my Mon's hospitalization at the time.) It was, by the time I figured it out, too late for the antiviral.

I hear great things about the antivirals - good that you're on it so quickly. Best wishes for no itching/burning/pain! I take anti-inflammatory pain pills whenever a shingles outbreak acts up again.
posted by mightshould 29 September | 11:34
Oh, shingles is just horrid. Go antivirals!
posted by JanetLand 29 September | 12:38
In the UK the vaccine is only available to people in their 70s. I'm not quite there yet ... although I certainly feel it today.

I remember you having shingles, mightshould, and the stress you were under at the time. I'm hoping these tablets - 5 a day for 7 days - will do the trick. This morning the shower on its lightest mist setting was agony to stand under.

But on the plus side, I might miss the corporate awayday next week. Silver lining, etc.
posted by Senyar 29 September | 13:59
Hope it goes by quickly Jan. My wife and I got the vaccine when we turned 50. Our insurance company feels it is worth the price because so many people end up costing so much for remedial treatments.
posted by arse_hat 29 September | 14:38
It's amazing the progress there's been in not that long a time.
I think my brother had it and it was a misery without much to be done. He was possibly still in his 20s and now I'm wondering if he didn't get chicken pox as a kid.
posted by ethylene 29 September | 16:18
I keep hearing of more young people getting shingles. I wonder if they will soon offer vaccine to younger crowd?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 September | 18:13
Hm. I never had chicken pox, though my brother did. Maybe I need this vaccine.
posted by Miko 29 September | 23:43
i hope the antivirals work quickly, senyar. a friend's elderly father had a bad case of it earlier this year despite having gotten the vaccine.

you have to have had chickenpox at some point to get shingles. It's the same virus being reactivated at the nerves ( if you hadn't had chicken pox, you probably want to look at the chicken pox vaccine instead as i've heard it's pretty horrible to have as an adult.
posted by bluesapphires 30 September | 06:01
It can actually be fatal in adults.
posted by bearwife 30 September | 13:08
I had shingles. Nerve pain, not bruise pain. It goes away with treatment, but not soon enough. Some cases have lingering effects, so do go to the doctor and get this stuff in hand.

Meanwhile, you have my sincere sympathy.
posted by mule 02 October | 11:07
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