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Bunnystock (Asheville, NC in August 2006) was an enormously fun and successful mega-meetup of bunnies. During that weekend, it was decided that mike9322 would organize, plan, and host Bunnystock II: The Deadening. The initial planning stages are complete, and it was decided that the event will be occurring the weekend of October 12, 2007, in Virginia Beach, VA.

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mike9322 is your fearless host.

Lodging Locations

mike9322: Anyone can stay with me. I have a three bedroom apartment which is 20-25 minutes from the oceanfront. I have a queen bed, a queen air mattress, and a twin in my daughter's room. If any couples are coming, I'll sleep in my daughter's bed and a couple can have my bed. It's really squeaky so everyone will know if you do it. I also have a couch whose most comfortable days are behind it, but is serviceable. Otherwise, if you want to stay with me, plan on bringing sleeping bags and pillows. There'd probably be room for another air mattress or two if you've got 'em. I have two bathrooms and plenty of bath towels (but you should bring your own beach towels).

I spoke to a friend of mine who spends a lot of time at the Oceanfront, and she recommended either the Hilton or the Ramada. Their offseason rates are each in the mid-100 range for oceanfront rooms. Both have bars and many good restaurants within walking distance. At the Barclay, where my sister stays, every room is a suite and has an ocean view, and you will probably pay around $100 a night.

Non-oceanfront hotels will be significantly cheaper during the offseason. You may also be able to find cheaper waterfront hotels on the Chesapeake Bay. These hotels will likely be on Shore Drive; the area is known as the North End. If you want to stay in a cheaper hotel nearer to where I live, there are a bunch of hotels in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA, that are about 5 minutes from my place.

The mid-Atlantic AAA guide is also a good resource.

I will try to answer any specific questions you have, but Google and the various travel sites will probably get you better answers. I don't spend a lot of time in hotels in my own town :)


We have multiple potential attendees from the NYC area, and possibly several from the DC Metro area. Post here if you want to work out a carpool.

If anybody is looking for a ride from DC, I'll be leaving on Friday afternoon (prolly return Sunday evening) and can pick folks up at a Metro station or Dulles (BWI is also a possibility). --dano

People intending to fly should fly into Norfolk (ORF). Alternatively, Airtran operates out of Newport News (PHF), which is a bit further away (45 minutes compared to 15), but you may be able to get a cheaper flight.


The beach. Duh.

More activities to follow as I come up with them, but, honestly, if the weather holds out, I imagine we'll probably be at the beach most of the time. There are of course a wide variety of good restaurants in the area. I'll procure a grill so we can eat at home as much as possible if that's what people would prefer.

There are Go-Karts and Mini Golf and other cool stuff at Motorworld.

We can rent a volleyball court on the beach. They are right outside the Ramada.


IMPORTANT: In this thread mike9322 requests that anyone planning to stay at his place, please email a confirmation by October 1. Email is in profile.

Bunny Possibility Mike's/Hotel/Other Carpooling? Dates Comments
mike9322 definite I live here! Happy to drive anyone around once you're here I'm taking Friday off so people can show up as early as Thursday night (10/11) Meetup? Cameras? Beach? Oy, it's time to work out.
ThePinkSuperhero and Stynxno Definite At mike's house in the bed! Sorry snoozers. Will be driving with Stynx, YCCMA and k5 Leaving NYC Thursday afternoon; leaving VA Sunday afternoon I have to bring my laptop and sneak in work
gaspode definite Ramada we're going on weird days so if you wanna do so as well, you're welcome to ride along driving from NYC wed night, leaving for Baltimore on Saturday afternoon bringing mr gaspode
youcancallmeal barring any tragedy, i'm there! i'll be coming with my sleeping bag riding with the nyc peeps in for the duration, i think. yay!
kkokkodalk definite Mike's house TPS/Stynx/YCCMA
herrdoktor definite Lives in Norfolk! Available to drive people around
BoringPostcards 99% definite Ramada Flying in, will have rental car Friday the 12th thru noon on Sunday the 14th will just be me- partner can't make it
rainbaby 99% Ramada sorry, can't, tight schedule Friday sometime through early Sunday Probably bringing the mister
Dano Stuporstar There. the floor, the beach, or my car driving, got room for more Friday (around 4pm) to Sunday afternoon. I just upgraded to green, baby!
mullacc possible Ramada Driving from DC-leaving late Fri. Arriving late on Fri, staying until Sunday. Good chance I can make it, but I may have to lug up my laptop for some hot VPN work action.
chewatadistance sliver of hope remaining Ramada up in the air most likely Friday evening to Sunday morningish. I'm short on green. Really short. Dammit.
youngergirl44 Now, not so good.  :( Boo hotel flying & renting a car remains to be seen I hope I can convince the BF to come with me
box At this point, the chances are probably close to zero. Sigh. Maybe Mike's, maybe the Ramada, maybe the worst hotel in town. I'd love to fly somewhere and then carpool w/somebody. Otherwise, y'know, plane, train, automobile, something. TBD Why does hip-hop suck in '96? It's the money.
mygothlaundry Sorry, y'all, not happening. Money & kid & dogs & oh my. Maybe next year! y'all have fun!
Safetyfork Has high hopes to attend. Hopes are less high. Hotel? Will have to be cheap. TBD GO NUTS! That about sums it up really.
brujita No....waaahhhh!!!! I'm still planning to come down to VA once the kitchen's finished.