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Dates: August 4-6

Host's choice:

  • July 21-23


  • July 28-30
  • August 4-6

That's it, the final and absolute date which is happening, that's the weekend, those are the dates. Yeah! - - - mygothlaundry (who is too much of a wikidiot to figure out how to make her editing name blue and cool stuff like that)


mygothlaundry and moonbird are in residence.

Lodging Locations

Camping on mygothlaundry's property or sleeping on mygothlaundry's couch (sleeps two) or in one of the extra bedrooms since the kids can easily be kicked out for the weekend. We can accomodate 6 people besides mygothlaundry inside if somebody sleeps with mygothlaundry. ;-) If not, then 5. Room for several tents out back.

Also, Chateau Moonbird is available for your flopping plaisir.

The Mountaineer Inn

Lodging Section of the Official Asheville Tourism Site

Nearby Asheville Motels

Asheville is a tourist town through and through: there are literally hundreds of motels. I can’t list them all, but googling Asheville + motel will turn up a lot. If in doubt, email me.

I live in West Asheville; Moonbird lives on the west side of downtown. We’re both very close to downtown; we’re more or less across the river from each other. You don’t want a motel that says West Asheville, though, because they’re actually all basically in Candler. I’m much closer to downtown than I am to Candler and in fact I’m probably a bit closer to South Asheville than to Candler too. Tunnel Road is not that far away either – look for the low numbers, not the high numbers. Anything that says convenient to downtown is also pretty much convenient to me, but of course they lie like rugs.

Exception to the above: In West Asheville there is the Rockola. The Rockola, well, rocks, at least from the outside. I have never been inside. If you are into vintage in a big way, go to the Rockola. 1655 Patton Ave. 252-1901. The other vintage treasure is the Mountaineer Inn, 155 Tunnel Road, 254-5331. I have heard that it’s actually really nice. Neither of these is as convenient as the downtown ones listed below, but they’re not that bad either.

Links of interest: for those of you who want a B&B, Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association – there are a lot of nice ones in and around downtown.

For the wealthy and/or those who wish to splurge wildly and live well:

Grove Park Inn The ne plus ultra of elegance, style and comfort. World class spa. Fabulous overpriced bar. Not quite so fabulous yet equally overpriced food. Views to die for. Ghost in ballroom.

Haywood Park Hotel (this is in the center of downtown, has a very good bar & restaurant attached, all the rock stars stay here. Couldn’t be more convenient or expensive.)

The following more reasonably priced downtown motels are listed in order of convenience.

Days Inn Downtown 120 Patton Ave. 254-9661 Pros: Wildly convenient, totally close to everything cool downtown, cheap Cons: Skanky, Gross, Slightly Scary

Best Western Downtown 22 Woodfin St. 253-1851 Pros: Relatively convenient Cons: Not all that convenient, seems to be perpetually under construction

Renaissance Downtown 1 Thomas Wolfe Plaza 252-8211 Pros: Nice, fancy, creepy bar in lobby, chance to crash wedding receptions Cons: Across the street from the Best Western but twice the money.

If in doubt, email me and I will attempt to respond ASAP.


Some East Coasters have raised the possiblity of a carpool, from either the Balto/DC area or the NYC area.

Expedia suggests alternate airports as Greenville (GSP-41 mi), Tri-City (TRI-72 mi), Knoxville (TYS-86 mi), and Charlotte (CLT-91 mi). (Any comments on the goodness/badness of any of these alternatives?) MGL sez: Greenville/Spartanburg is by far the closest & the easiest drive - like an hour, really pretty - and very often it's a LOT cheaper than Asheville, so be sure to check it.


omiewise has suggested rafting. Probably for free, if the time is right I can borrow a raft, and I've guided the river plenty. This also depends on rain. If it's too dry it isn't fun.

Google Links for rafting on the French Broad river.

If we went rafting we could also go to Hot Springs for a soak, it probably is not too expensive to rent a tub. (Update: it's about 15-20 per hour, BYOB, clothing optional).

A trip to Salsa restaurant for lunch! (Hector's place is still open, right? It's been two years since I went.) Update: Yes, still open. So many new groovy places, too.

I, Moonbird, also suggest a kickball tourney, hiking, debauching and dancing. I will take those interested for waterfall hunting and to the Biltmore E$state (I've got a year pass and usually can swing some kinda discount).

The following was an AskMe answer, so forgive the wacky HTML. Anyway, links to activities in & around our fair city. ALSO, ALERT!!! TOM WAITS IS PLAYING AT THE ASHEVILLE CIVIC CENTER ON AUGUST 2!! TICKETS GO ON SALE ON JULY 14 ONLINE OR BY PHONE ONLY!!!

1. <a href="">Hiking. </a>It's <a href="">gorgeous</a> here. Pisgah National Forest is all around; about a half hour drive takes you to the main entrance near Brevard. The hike up to John Rock or Looking Glass Rock is spectacular. Or you can pay money & do <a href="">Chimney Rock</a>, which is right near<a href=""> Lake Lure</a> and you can go swimming afterwards. Not up for hiking? <a href="">Drive.</a> 2. <a href="">Rafting, canoeing, kayaking</a>. We're a center for river sports. 3. <a href="">Food. </a>Lots and lots of great restaurants downtown. Wander around downtown. It's safe, and on Friday and some Saturday nights, there's always a big drum circle in Pritchard Park. 4.<a href=""> Beer.</a> <a href="">Asheville</a> is <a href="">blessed</a> by four <a href="">microbreweries</a> and a <a href="">plethora of good bars</a> for all age groups. 5. Live music. Everywhere, all the time. Check out the <a href="">Orange Peel</a>, <a href="">the Gray Eagle</a>, Jack of the Wood, the <a href="">Westville Pub</a> for their schedules. Jack is famed for jam sessions; you'd be amazed at who might show up for the Thursday night bluegrass jams. Summer Saturday nights is <a href="">Shindig on the Green, </a>which shouldn't be missed. 6. Art. <a href="">Downtown</a> and the <a href="">River District</a> are full of galleries and there's also the <a href=""> Asheville Art Museum </a> and the <a href="">Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center. </a>

I drag all out of town visitors up to <a href="">the Grove Park Inn </a>to see sunset over a wildly overpriced drink on the patio, and the combination of the architecture and the view is just amazing. Also, Fourth of July fireworks? The best place is on top of the Biltmore Parking deck, right by <a href="">Pack Place.</a>


{{Asheville| username |killdevil| possibility |Quite probable| colour |green| mechalodging |Wherever there is open space. I'll bring my tent and my sleeping bag.| carpooling |Yes, from Baltimore. I can drive or chip in on gas, whateva| dates |Summer.| comments ||
User Possibility Camping/Hotel/Other Carpooling? Dates Comments
mygothlaundry definite it is my house No, but I'll drive you around town early - mid summer preferred, but anytime really Come On Down!! This is Awesome!
moonbird definite I can accomodate about 3-4, what the hell. hop in my rod and we'll follow MGL around town anytime but the last week in June w00t! I'll make the lemonade!
matildaben Definite Has dibs on the double bed guest room. From Atlanta with BoPo July 21-23, July 28-30, August 4-6
mlis Definite Yes - NYC metro area August 4-6 shopping in Hickory, NC
mike9322 Definite Is willing to sleep with mygothlaundry With rainbaby! (And dano! And yccma!) Suck it, haters! Any of the proposed weekends I'm going to end up naked on the internet.
BoringPostcards Definite The Mountaineer Inn (motel) matildaben is riding with me from ATL
omiewise probably not :( tent yes from Balt/DC I would prefer either of the July dates, the earliest works best The Aug dates conflict with vaca with my sis & nephews.
chewatadistance Definite hotel most likely No - will have pooches can do partial July 22 and 28 weekends. Aug 4 is better EEYAY!!
danostuporstar Definate sofa d'moonbird Squeezin' in with the Richmondites Friday-Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
youcancallmeal negatory. the cash flow hath dried up. where ever i pass out. i'll come with a sleeping bag and i'm not picky. yes (can drive from baltimore) any time is a good time for mecha time
agropyron possibly hotel? camping? convince me might be fun to ride along with someone if they're driving from a city with a more accessible airport than Asheville pretty flexible Should bunny costumes be mandatory?
miko looking better all the time Camping yes Jul 28-30, Aug 4-6 way into the camping, waterfalling, rafting, hiking, dancing, etc
box very unlikely The good news is, someone else will be able to sleep on mygothlaundry's fold-out couch. Do any mecha folks live between Little Rock and Asheville? Why, August 4-6, of course.
tangerine conceivable would probably stay with my radiantly beautiful cousin Maybe from some airport. I'm flexible.
taz remotely possible no idea dunno summer mr. may be away working all summer, so I might visit the states for a while, and maybe...
rainbaby definate Mountaineer Inn in style with Cabana Boy!
Lola_G possible Unsure interested Any but August is probably best Parents live in Butler, TN and I am hoping to get down there this summer. Maybe I can coordinate it so I can do both. If so, I will keep NYCers apprised of my plans in case carpooling is possible.
mullacc possible I'd get a hotel room if I came. Interested? Aug 4-6 is fine I'm possibly interested in carpooling from NYC if it sounds like a fun roadtrip kinda thing. Otherwise, I'll fly.