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06 August 2011

Behold! The Photo Friday Wiki Every Photo Friday from inception in 2006 through last Friday has been listed, linked, and organized for your viewing pleasure.[More:]

In addition to organizing all of the past themes, I've also aggregated all of the theme suggestion threads I could find since late 2009. They've been used to list "suggested by" details and update the list of suggestions for future threads.

If you remember suggesting a theme that was used, but you aren't credited for it, go ahead and add ", suggested by (username)" to the appropriate line in the wiki. Your login info for the wiki is the same as what you use here. If you're not comfortable editing the wiki, email me and I'll take care of it for you.

Suggestions that were the same or similar have been consolidated into one theme because we have so many to go through. These are the themes listed with more than one username. If anyone who has been consolidated has an issue with this, let me know and I'll split the suggestions as necessary.

Themes have been written on little sheets of paper that are all the same size so I can one at random from a baggie. Five themes have already been drawn from the baggie and are listed in the "Upcoming" section with their dates. I will still be posting an advance thread on Wednesdays to remind everyone, but I was hoping that listing a few in advance could allow us to do themes that might take more time than just a couple of days notice.

Feel free to add your suggestions to the list, but please make sure to check for duplicates before you do. Please also remember to add your name to the suggestion. I'll check the list for updates before I draw new themes for the upcoming weeks. We have plenty to go through, so no pressure. Again, if you're not comfortable editing the wiki I'm happy to do it for you.

I'd like your thoughts on this: In the first thread about the MeFi Magazine, Brandon Blatcher mentioned that we do Photo Friday over here and it might be a starting point for finding images to use in the magazine. Since I've got a handle on theme selection, would you guys be comfortable with me offering to post themes for the magazine people only if they are having trouble getting photo submissions? They'd still have to contact the user for permission using the photo and I don't think it would happen every month. Since Photo Friday is our thing, I'd like to make sure this is ok with everyone here before I offer the idea up to the magazine people.

I think that about sums it up. Questions? Comments?
What a great piece of work you have done! Thank you.
posted by Ardiril 06 August | 22:53
Youngergirl44, YOU ROCK. Thanks for showing the love. THat's no small piece of work! MeCha's Photo Friday is one of the best things about the site and it's survived all sorts of eras, peaks and valleys. Great to see the talent and creativity well organized and celebrated. Thanks for doing all that!
posted by Miko 06 August | 22:57
Also, love the magazine connection as MEFi mag just keeps getting better. BUt I don't really post in PF, so I'll leave it to those that do to share thoughts on how they'd feel about their material being used.
posted by Miko 06 August | 22:58
Wonderful job!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 August | 23:03
Thanks, guys. It was fun to do because I got to see a lot of what we'd done in the past. I'm just sorry that it took so long - I kept getting distracted by all the posts between Fridays...

As far as the MeFi Magazine connection - no one would use the photos without permission. I was more thinking that a week before the deadline the magazine realizes they're short on themed art, so I could use their theme for that week's Photo Friday. Then if they see something they like, they could contact the poster and ask for permission. Also, it would be a good way for people here to get notice that they need more submissions and submit them directly.
posted by youngergirl44 06 August | 23:19
Also, now that it's all done I realize it was mildly exhausting. I'm having wine to celebrate. Cheers!
posted by youngergirl44 06 August | 23:25
Yeah, Mefi Mag has blanket permission to use my stuff. This looks very cool!
posted by pjern 06 August | 23:25
Wow, this is great. Thanks, youngergirl!

Although I hardly ever comment in them, Photo Friday posts are some of my favorites.
posted by box 06 August | 23:31
Holy crap this is amazing!!
posted by rhapsodie 07 August | 01:31
Fantastic! This must have taken forever!
posted by TheophileEscargot 07 August | 01:42
This is just tremendous. Thank you so much, yg!

I think offering up our photos for MeFi Mag would be great. And they've had great themes for the issues so far, so I think using their themes here would be fun.
posted by BoringPostcards 07 August | 02:38
Wonderful work! Thank you!
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 07 August | 03:20
Wow, that's amazing. Thank you for putting in such a huge amount of work.
posted by Senyar 07 August | 06:33
Fabulous! Thank you! *spends the next three weeks browsing*
posted by mdonley 07 August | 10:29
Hope the wine was good! Chiming in to agree, thank you for doing this. MeFi Mag is welcome to use the photos I post!
posted by Sil 07 August | 10:46
Aww, thanks guys. *blushes*

Since everyone seems to be on board with the magazine connection, I'm going to email Brandon and let him know the wiki is done and we're open to using their themes to help.

I effing love this community.
posted by youngergirl44 07 August | 12:41
You are amazing, youngergirl!
posted by deborah 07 August | 16:40
Hi all, it's your friendly neighborhood Brandon Blatcher!

MeFi Mag (the magazine people, hee hee) is of course grateful to anyone who wants to volunteer photos, but as I was telling youngergirl in an email, neither do we wish to hijack this or any aspect of MeCha.

Our usual submission form is here, along with the themes for September and October issues, so feel free to submit there.

If ya'll would like to center a week around one of our upcoming themes, then 9/16 is the earliest available, which would be in time for the Death/Halloween issue.

Thanks for being open to the idea and no hard feelings if ya'll would rather not. Rest assured that no one's photo would appear without me explicitly asking the photographer for permission.
posted by nomadicink 07 August | 20:06
Also, I'm on Flickr, so feel free to ad me as contact and let me know you're a MeFite. I browse through streams, favoriting photos I think will work in the future.
posted by nomadicink 07 August | 20:11
Wow, great! Thanks for taking on this gargantuan task!
posted by flapjax at midnite 08 August | 05:10
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