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31 December 2023

Hopes for 2024 [More:]
I hope you all have good health, shelter, enough to eat, prosperity, comfort and occasional moments of joy.

I hope the tiny things I try to do to improve the world around me make a difference. I feel it's smaller than a drop in the ocean.

I hope I can continue to grow and change to the point where I don't nitpick and second-guess myself all the time, always finding myself lacking in every way.

I hope Trump doesn't get elected. Democracy is fucked if that happens, and the implications for the world are truly frightening.

I hope the Tories lose badly in the 2024 election, but the opposition is so disorganised that I can't see it happening. The Tory 'austerity politics' of the last 13 years have decimated basic services, yet working-class people still vote for them on the basis of lies and hatred stoked by the right-wing media.

I hope Rudi doesn't bite me when I try to give him a kiss for the New Year.

What are your hopes for 2024?
I like your list!

I haven't really thought about it...because like you, I am seeing so much that's f@*d up and not so sure there's a way forward.

But, I personally hope for better health during the next year. I end up looking after everyone else and absolutely must prioritize my well-being but that's a difficult thing.

I am so greatly looking forward to hip replacement next year when I can afford it. I hope that will allow me to sleep and sit and walk comfortably again.

As a side note, I am pondering how many olives I can eat without getting sick....because I love them and have a container sitting in front of me and they seem to be disappearing..... hm?.

Sending good thoughts to all the bunnies and bunny-kin.

posted by mightshould 31 December | 18:34
Just watched the new year fireworks on BBC 1. No idea what I'm going to do or even want to do this year but I am going on a quick adventure for my birthday. I hope Ginger will come in this year and I do hope you all have good health this year.

Here is the crew looking like a band picture.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 31 December | 19:49
People are shooting off fireworks here, too. Or guns. It is Florida.
posted by jonmc 31 December | 23:30
It is past midnight here now and oddly there were no fireworks. I think it's just too rainy for people to bother.
posted by arse_hat 01 January | 00:39
There were lots of fireworks here, which were loud enough to make Rudi seek out my company for comfort (although snuggling was still a step too far, he kept his distance). The Guy Fawkes fireworks some neighbours had last year didn't bother him at all, but the neighbours immediately behind me had a lot of loud fireworks last night, which upset him. Of course, once they were done he went back to ignoring me...

What beautiful cats, arse_hat.
posted by Senyar 01 January | 05:03
Those cats are gorgeous, arse_hat. I love that picture.

People set off so much fireworks here last night we have an unhealthy air quality alert. Eep.

My hopes for 2024 are the same as 2023. Eat healthier (lose weight), exercise, and write more. Remember to be grateful.

Happy New Year bunnies!
posted by Pips 01 January | 12:33
Arse_hat, that's the singer on the left, the lead guitarist on the right, and then it must be the drummer in the back...
posted by mightshould 01 January | 18:57
Kitty Destruction. || Today I hung off the side of a building at almost 1200 feet up.