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17 November 2009

Another Neighbour From Hell update [More:]
Following on from this, the electricity company called this morning to disconnect him. (Actually it was the same woman from the gas company who was here before, because he has his electricity supplied by them too).

He owes 490.54, which is a hell of a lot of electricity - these flats are small and don't eat up a ton of power. They agreed to give him an hour to come up with the money or they'll come in and either disconnect him or fit a pre-pay meter. He gave them a sob story and told them he's been in hospital for months, but because it was the same woman I'd spoken to before when she came to turn off his gas, she knew that was a lie.

Also, the gas company is laying new mains pipes in the street, and need to have access to the flats this morning. They got him on the intercom and he said he has no gas supply at present, so he's still not paid that bill. So, no gas (which means no hot water or heating) and soon no electricity ...
Where's the first Neighbour From Hell thread, I haven't followed this - he ripped all his stuff out and moved out first?
posted by dabitch 17 November | 04:24
Oh god, it's this guy that was raided by the cops? I have followed.
posted by dabitch 17 November | 04:26
He was evicted for non-payment of his mortgage, dabitch. He ripped everything out and the flat was put on the market. But he managed somehow to raise the money to pay off the arrears and get back in. (In the current property market, mortgage lenders don't want empty flats they can't sell, they want their money, so are willing to reach agreements with defaulting borrowers.)

He was decorating the place for a couple of weeks (which makes sense, when it's empty of furniture) and moved back in about 2 or 3 weeks ago. He'd only been back a couple of days when the gas company came to disconnect him, and now the electricity.

He's also driving a brand new 45,000 Mercedes onto which he's transferred his personalised plate (meaning it's not a leased vehicle).

I expect the electricity people will fit one of those pre-pay meters where the customer has to insert a plastic 'key' containing a computer chip. The key can only be used if there's enough pre-paid credit on it, and the key can be charged up with credit at various retail outlets.
posted by essexjan 17 November | 04:32
Good grief
posted by gomichild 17 November | 04:39
Oh, no! That guy? The guy who brings girls home and ties them up and shit? I thought he was long gone. :(
posted by taz 17 November | 04:42
Ugh, he's so grodie with his lying about being ill when really he's a violent weirdo serving a jail term. Hate him.
posted by birdie 17 November | 05:05
They're back, and fitting a pre-pay meter. Those things are waaaay spendy compared with paying on a normal tariff.
posted by essexjan 17 November | 05:08
Ugh...this guy is the gift that just keeps on giving!
posted by MonkeyButter 17 November | 06:57
posted by Specklet 17 November | 07:46
It gets better. The water company has just showed up. He wrote the guy a cheque on the doorstep for a month's payment, but said he'd been in hospital for several months and was on benefits.
posted by essexjan 17 November | 07:51
What a clusterfuck.
posted by sperose 17 November | 09:22
Wow. It's like watching a train wreck. I hate that you have a neighbor like this, but it's fascinating, in it's own way!
posted by redvixen 17 November | 11:49
Do realize that if he remains your neighbor, he'll expect to be invited to any parties you hold in the future, given that you included him here.
posted by brujita 18 November | 00:08
I invite who I want to my parties. He has no expectations of any social contact with me.
posted by essexjan 18 November | 12:08
You don't know what his expectations are. That you included him and your sister at this party (after making it clear that you can't stand them)only solidified my opinion that you are codependent.
posted by brujita 18 November | 23:41
brujita, I have no idea what you are going on about but it is clearly a personal issue that should be conducted via email. Thanks.
posted by arse_hat 19 November | 00:50
Have done.
posted by brujita 19 November | 01:37
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