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28 October 2009

Neighbour from Hell update. [More:]As I type this, the gas company is executing a warrant to enter his flat and cut off the gas supply. He's not yet moved back in, because he ripped out everything when he left and has to reinstall all his appliances and kitchen cabinets, but he's been there most days. He must have just left when the gas company turned up.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. But I didn't expect him to fuck up again before he'd even resumed occupation!
Oh my goodness.
posted by gomichild 28 October | 09:30
posted by Specklet 28 October | 09:31
This won't stop him from moving back in, but he'll have no hot water or heating until he pays his gas bill. And it has to be a pretty high bill - there'll be court costs and the cost of the warrant on top of the actual cost of the gas.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 09:41
Ha, never underestimate the ability of fuck-ups to fuck up!
posted by rmless2 28 October | 11:36
fuck-ups: it's what they do!
posted by jason's_planet 28 October | 11:48
Hopefully he'll just give up and sell the place.
posted by deborah 28 October | 12:02
When you think of fuck-ups, think that it could be worse, like the Beales or the Collyer brothers....
posted by Melismata 28 October | 12:04
Oy. I could tell you stories of my mom's social work ... all without personal identifying characteristics, of course!

Our situation hasn't completely changed, either, after all. Some people have vanished (like the guy connected to the passed out body) but others apparently remain. Well, the landlord's on "probation" with the city and the next 911 call is certain to make a real difference....
posted by dhartung 28 October | 14:30
Whoa. I didn't know they actually had to go in and do anything. I thought there was just some switches and shit in a box outside.
posted by sperose 28 October | 15:39
In modern homes the gas meters are in boxes outside but in our 60s-built flats the meters are inside, under the kitchen sink. He's not been back today, and tomorrow I'll be at work, so I'll probably miss the screaming phone call to the gas people.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 15:49
Even here in the US if your gas has been disconnected they will verify appliance connections before activating your service again. Safety first.
posted by dhartung 28 October | 21:07
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