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17 May 2007

Metachat memory lane. [More:]

Remember when the [img] tag was banned?

What else do you remember?
Remember the MeCha cartoon bunny zombie? Sometimes I miss the MeCha cartoon bunny zombie. Is it archived somewhere, or do I have to do that (in all its holiday incarnations) for posterity?
posted by shane 17 May | 15:39
Remember the MetaTalk thread that planted the MeCha seed in taz's feverish cranial cavity? And the MetaChat is Ready! thread?
posted by iconomy 17 May | 15:40
Remember when a whole bunch of us got together in Vegas and we all participated in something or other that included Elvis?
posted by mischief 17 May | 16:05
I remember Dingle.

*takes a swig*
posted by me3dia 17 May | 16:07
Heh. I just read that original meta thread again for the first time since... then. God, I sound petulant. But MeFi was down almost all the time for Europeans at that point; Matt had to manually kickstart it on a regular basis back then, I think, and of course he could only do that while awake.

Also, knifebutt. Aaaah, memories!
posted by taz 17 May | 16:09
Oh, and watching baseball whilst on IRC...

...and the glory that is...

...and when quonsar was here regularly...
posted by me3dia 17 May | 16:11
Is it archived somewhere,

Yeah, on LipstickThespian's arm!

Hee hee, the glory!
posted by Specklet 17 May | 16:12
I wonder who posted the very firstest MeCha Pink Bunny on a Hillside in Italy...anyone know?
posted by iconomy 17 May | 16:18
I dunno, but is anybody living in it yet?
posted by Hugh Janus 17 May | 16:19
The Wiki says this was the first pink bunny post.
posted by mudpuppie 17 May | 16:21

...the first MeCha MixUp?

...when mudpuppie announced in IRC that she was marrying Quonsar?
posted by muddgirl 17 May | 16:29
I remember you guys being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on/whine to.
posted by kellydamnit 17 May | 16:32
I missed the [img] ban, but like kellydamnit...i remember when you guys were there for me too(but i'm too lazy to look up links)...

I remember the first mechamixup vividly...i learned alot about each of you that participated...and therefore fell in love with matildaben(although i'm not sure i ever told her...)

i don't remember much but i remember you...
posted by Schyler523 17 May | 16:54
[nope, I had no idea.]
posted by matildaben 17 May | 16:59
I remember the unmasking thread from last year.
posted by Eideteker 17 May | 17:48
Metachat's baby picture (wow, rabbit post on Day 1).

Here's MeCha at New Year's 2005! What a cutiepie, her first New Year's Eve.

Here's MeCha on the eve of the first birthday. You can see the resemblance!
posted by Miko 17 May | 18:03
I remember it all.

Unfortunately ;-)

Reading through the threads kellydamnit linked makes me realise just how cool a dude ColdChef is, too. I always knew that, but he just moved up a couple of notches.

I remember the thread(s?) about MeCha crushes where nobody had a crush on me (unless I misremember, of course). I remember the first valentine thread, which I missed until I got an e-mail from taz telling me to get my arse over here for the fun.

Actually, most of it is a two-year blur. Two years? I still can't quite come to terms with that.
posted by dg 17 May | 18:09
Miko's 2nd link opens IRC. Weird.
posted by mudpuppie 17 May | 18:18
I remember when I used to actually hate all of you and I wasn't plagued with the mildest of lukewarm indifferences.
posted by loquacious 17 May | 18:54
Hahahaha pup
posted by Miko 17 May | 21:31
*snif* the bunnyhead... *sniff* me loved bunnyhead very much... *snif*

My son (tree yearths owld) had a crush on bunnyhead too. But I had to explain to him that taz, the sweet girl he met in Thessaloniki took it away...
posted by carmina 17 May | 23:08
The What Not to Post to AskMe threads are my fondest MeCha memories.
posted by Orange Swan 18 May | 08:40
...and when quonsar was here regularly...

he's here regularly, he's just shy and reserved these days.

...when mudpuppie announced in IRC that she was marrying Quonsar?

yes, shy and reserved as a result of the crushing rejection he underwent at the hands of that brazen hussy...
posted by quonsar 24 May | 12:05
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