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20 April 2022

You probably thought this day would never come.... [More:]but (as a few of you in pips facebook circle know), we are leaving New York City. (Yes, you heard that correctly). And it's for the usual reasons- it's too expensive, NYC isn't NYC anymore, etc.

Our first stop will be a couple months in the St. Petersberg/Tampa area. If any of you live near there feel free to get in touch. And, to the NYC contingent, we will miss you, but you'll still fund us here.
Well congratulations and commiserations. That is a big change. Best of luck to you both and please keep us updated.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 14:15
Wow! It's hard to imagine NYC without you two and vice versa. But congratulations. It's exciting to feel out a new place.

I've been thinking about how much I miss the conversations we all used to have here. Please keep us posted -- I'm looking forward to reading about how you're doing and what it's like there.
posted by tangerine 20 April | 15:55
The most NYC thing is moving to Florida as you get older. So, y'know, you're still legit.
posted by Eideteker 20 April | 17:44
what Eide said.

Good luck!
posted by terrapin 20 April | 18:16
Having talked to Pips about this over the last few months, I think it's going to be a good move for you both. I'll be sad not to see you when I (eventually get to) visit NYC. But I'm happy for you both.
posted by Senyar 21 April | 05:14
The Yankees have a really nice spring training/minor league ballpark in Tampa.
posted by JanetLand 21 April | 11:45
The Mets have one nearby, too.

/Mets fan
posted by jonmc 21 April | 17:03
This is shockingly .....

a nice move! Something that you can look forward to.

Best wishes.
posted by mightshould 21 April | 18:31
How exciting, and, I'm sure, nervewracking. I hope you both love it. Best wishes!
posted by redvixen 22 April | 16:10
Mazel Tov!

I know it's slow here...but it couldn't warm my heart more to see these names and know that yep, people keep checking in. Love you all.
posted by Miko 27 April | 21:30
Huh, I never thought about it but, if I had, I would never have thought this day would come.

All the best for whatever the move brings you - it's hard to leave somewhere that's been such a part of your identity, so good on you both.
posted by dg 18 May | 04:24
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