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11 February 2017

My fish named Wanda passed away on Saturday. She was a simple fish with big fins and bigger dreams.

A few months ago I wanted a fishtank and with some help from my mother (since I don't drive) I pulled it off.
Five feeders, tons of living plants. Everything was great for months.


Then on Wednesday it all went to shit.

I woke up to Wanda laying on her side on the substrate. She was swimming in corkscrews when she would swim.

So I have a spare tank but it needed some work. So new water and conditioning and all that. Thursday morning I put wanda in the new tank and in about five minutes she was swimming great.

I was confused so I ride my bike to get the water in both tanks tested. Both appear fine.

So I go up to my sisters house a 120 miles away to watch her kids. Wanda was in the spare tank and my mom was going to watch my fish.

Saturday morning I get a email that Wanda passed.

My mom buried her in the flowerbed. I feel like a failure.
I think I fucked up. I missed the "more inside" thing if there is one. Feel free to edit.
posted by johnpowell 11 February | 00:28
Fixed the more inside thing for you. Sorry about the loss. I had fish many years ago and it can be surprisingly hard to get it just right at first.
posted by arse_hat 11 February | 01:29
And keep in mind that even when everything's perfectly right in the tank (I kept fish for years as a kid), fish still just up and die sometimes. It happens, and it's just part of keeping fish, or any pet for that matter. That looks like a lovely tank and I'm betting you probably did nothing wrong.
posted by JanetLand 11 February | 09:28
It sounds to me that you gave Wanda the very best care she could have had. Feel sad and grieve for her, but don't feel that you let her down, because you didn't.
posted by Senyar 11 February | 13:09
I really hated having fish for just this reason. My horrible ex-boyfriend -- from decades ago -- had a fish tank, into which went exotic goldfish. They died in various ways, and it just killed me each time. It was, I must admit, not my boyfriend's fault, because although he mistreated me, he was very careful and attentive to the tank conditions.
posted by bearwife 11 February | 14:04
Thanks for the kind words. This has kinda been a bad few weeks.
posted by johnpowell 13 February | 05:25
I'm sorry to hear about Wanda. We have a friend that keeps fish, and I learned from him that it is much, much harder than I ever thought, and that sometimes things just go wrong. Sometimes nothing goes wrong, but fish die anyway. It looks like Wanda had a lovely tank and environment to enjoy!
posted by needlegrrl 13 February | 08:56
What a beautiful tank set-up! And I appreciate knowing that you named your fish Wanda. Your care and concern is a lovely tribute to her and the effort to make a good life for her.

Hugs and condolences.
posted by mightshould 13 February | 10:23
What have you been watching lately? || So the recent post from johnpowell got me thinking.