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03 January 2014

Since I took today as a snow day, I'll be heading to work tomorrow (at least we'll have a delivery truck by then and we'll have something to put on the shelves!). I was supposed to be giving a piece of furniture to someone via Freecycle, but I haven't heard from her in a couple of days, and frankly, I'm not chasing her.

Sunday - up in the air! Depends on the weather, I suppose.
posted by redvixen 03 January | 16:49
Bunch of errands to run on Saturday. Fancy dress party on Sunday for Twelfth Night; get to wear my tux (which was a bargain).
posted by octothorpe 03 January | 17:48
IKEA tomorrow to buy some stuff to organize our home office with (long held dream). Sunday we're having an open house party.
posted by Miko 03 January | 21:21
IKEA tomorrow to buy some stuff to organize our home office with (long held dream). Sunday we're having an open house party.
posted by Miko 03 January | 21:21
IKEA, woohoo!

Nothing on the schedule this weekend. We fly to Florida on Monday at 10:30 am, so mostly cleaning and packing.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 January | 21:38
Hiking on Sunday. Hopefully getting tether set up so the kitties can use their new harnesses outside tomorrow as I sit on the porch and enjoy the nice weather.
posted by occhiblu 03 January | 22:37
Cleaning my house, which is a complete disaster area since I have been giving no fucks while my schedule has been disrupted due to the holidays.
posted by sperose 04 January | 00:20
Recovering from a minor surgical procedure. I have five stitches in a fairly tender place, which are now hurting like a bitch after the local anaesthetic wore off. It's also dull, grey and raining, so today is going to be a sofa day with home-made soup for lunch. I'm catching up on old seasons of Project Runway that weren't shown on TV here - my God, that Gretchen from season 8 is such a horrible person and her clothes suck.

Also, I want pictures of kitties in harnesses.
posted by Senyar 04 January | 05:47
I'll be driving to the southmost point of the country to buy a 2nd hand saxophone. It's an enormous drive.

By our standards: 2 hrs.
posted by jouke 04 January | 07:03
Bull riding at the Garden Sunday afternoon (we're watching, not riding : )

Otherwise uneventful. Quizzes to revise for the kiddies next week; papers to grade; chores I should do-- I've been very lazy lately, and the place is something of a shambles. I don't know if it's the weather or this lingering cold I can't quite shake, but all I want to do is eat and sleep. If I can get myself to take a shower today, it will be an accomplishment. If only I could snap my fingers and have it all done -- laundry put away, kitchen and bathroom clean, papers graded. No wonder I want to stay in bed.

(hope you feel better, senyar--)
posted by Pips 04 January | 12:48
I think it's just one kitty in a harness. Radish runs and hides when I even offer to carry him outside. Parsnip is currently harnessed, tethered, and negotiating territory with the landlords' cat.
posted by occhiblu 04 January | 15:04
Feel better senyar! hope you heal quickly.

Hosting a friend of my husbands tonight and tomorrow so just finished cleaning the house. It always impresses me how much a solid hour of 2 people cleaning can do.
posted by rmless2 04 January | 15:56
Senyar, feel better!

I brought some work home to do (tomorrow!), and we just played the Firefly board game (it's fun!) and we ran errands today, including picking up a heated pad from my dad for our pug - she actually laid down on the heating vent earlier, poor thing. (it's not that cold in here, I swear)

Tomorrow is work and laundry, and delicious cheese and bread that we picked up. L'Amuse Gouda - it's so delicious! We bought some for NYE and went back to get more today..
posted by needlegrrl 04 January | 20:13
Found a recording of Tosca, on two records I mean, with Renata Tebaldi, from 1953 at Goodwill today. It's in pristine condition and only cost 2 bucks. *purrrrrrrr*
posted by JanetLand 04 January | 20:36
I decided against buying the saxophone. Money saved!
My inner parent is pleased. "you didn't need such a professional instrument. You weren't going to play it that often. There are other more important and more urgent things..."

Needlegrrl, can I advise you to practice the Dutch pronunciation of 'Gouda'? I think it would be rather funny to be pretentious about the original pronunciation with a guttural g. Like people will do about the proper Italian way of saying tagliatelli etc.
posted by jouke 05 January | 06:20
Just hunkering down. Heavy snow is coming today, and then the bottom falls out of the temperatures. We're looking at highs tomorrow around -10˚ and wind chills hitting -40˚. I'll be spending all day tomorrow making sure the cold water pipe in the kitchen doesn't freeze.
posted by Thorzdad 05 January | 07:45
Jouke, that sounds fun. I will have to try and find it, so I can practice.

I went to a cheese tasting class in August, and it opened up a whole world of cheese. (and also gave me a fabulous cheesemonger contact, so I can go to his shop and say "what's good?", and have him sell me yummy cheese.)

I hope everyone who is getting more snow stays warm and pipes, etc work the way they are supposed to!
posted by needlegrrl 05 January | 08:28
Gouda, needlegrrl. People will stare at you blankly. :)
posted by JanetLand 05 January | 08:30
Ha, Janet, tx for that link.
Yes, people will stare at you blankly I guess.
For some people that would be a major pay off; intimidating others with knowledge. (maybe I've been hanging out with IT narcissists too much)
posted by jouke 05 January | 09:09
I'm sick again and can't make it to the bull riding. Jon and I were looking forward. He doesn't want to go without me. I'm so bummed. : (

Every time I lie down I start coughing and wheezing. Barely got any sleep last night. I must go to work this week, though. I can't miss more work. I may need to go back to the doctor if the wheezing keeps up. Meh.
posted by Pips 05 January | 12:29
Pips, that sounds nasty. Definitely get back to the doctor.
posted by Senyar 05 January | 13:11
Huzzah for Gouda!

Sounds like an elephant carriage. Home of Stroopwafels and my friend Agnes, square-jawed, blue-eyed, bright and lovely, her name properly pronounced Akhnesh, which sounds like some Egyptian or Lovecraftian deity: Akh-Nesh, wings of lightning, woe of fate, scourge of terror.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 January | 13:16
Yay, stroopwafels. We gave them to our neighbors this year for xmas and now they love us lots :)
posted by gaspode 05 January | 13:36
Ha. I've never thought of the name Agnes as Akhnaton-like. :-)
I have to tell you though, Huig, that Dutch women are often tall but do not necessarily have square jaws. :-)

stroopwafels is easier to pronounce the right way than Gouda: 'strope-w-fels'. (not 'stroop-waffels') the 'r' should be a bit like a French r.

Get well pips!
posted by jouke 05 January | 13:50
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