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24 February 2012

Real or fake? I am undecided. Still, hilariously terrible facebook drama, either way.
Fake- you can see his name under the "blackout" and when you go to his fbook page there is this comment from him "Austin Knill: And so many of them are faker than Sara Hartly. And Do whatever you want with the image.
Yesterday at 12:23pm "

But still really funny and a successful prank.
posted by rmless2 24 February | 15:05
I figured it was fake. The girl's behaviour and attitude is just too over the top.
posted by Orange Swan 24 February | 15:10
No words... should have sent a poet...
posted by Eideteker 24 February | 15:11
Makes me think of when Torrez' girlfriend tattooed his name across her shoulders in big gothic letters. It was fake, but funny. I think they are married now.
posted by ethylene 24 February | 15:22
I lol'd.

Trivia: He's from Sardis, a very small town. The mister and I lived there for a while too.
posted by deborah 24 February | 15:59
Guy says "been dating for a little over a week" then says the breakup "has been a long time coming" ... girl says "why are you always trying to cover me up" (always? little over a week is not a lot of "always") ... sounds like the hoaxers couldn't keep their facts straight.
posted by galadriel 24 February | 16:00
The language was too .. adult? Or not suitably truncated for the texting generation. And one "character" says "dat shit cray" and "this is the type of story that sticks with you for your entire life... thank you..."

And if you were wondering about the links in the thread: the YouTube link is Adele's Rolling in the Deep, the Blogspot image is a picture of David After Dentist with text saying "IS THIS REAL LIFE?!", and the DeviantArt pic is a generic pic of the Che Guevara two-tone image. In case you wanted more information about a (most likely) fake story.
posted by filthy light thief 24 February | 17:40
I loved it, thought it was very funny. And sad to say, given that people are determined to find "the one" on eight weeks of "reality tv", I think someone would be dimwitted enough to actually do this.
posted by redvixen 24 February | 18:41
Yes it's fake. Sadly.
posted by rhapsodie 24 February | 20:01
All in all, I'm not sad it's fake. It's not quite as funny, true. But it's not remotely as tragically sad and disturbing, either.
posted by kmellis 25 February | 10:07
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