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23 September 2011

Time for another something cool! In case you don't remember, something cool threads are for sharing your own personal awesome with us in bite-sized doses. [More:]

So... I finally got permission at my job (the one with the 2hr. (each way) commute) to work from home 1 day a week! JOY! I really like this place but the commute has been taking its toll on me. Even one day a week means I can start going to therapy again, do a decent grocery run (or get Fresh Direct delivery because I know when I'll be home), and it means I can do more improv! Plus, a little bit of extra sleep!

And date ("date"?) tonight!
Oh, and this time, I am the one who is wearing his (new) favorite jeans. Yup, I went down a size so I bought some new pants! =D

Hooray for having a good job I like where management is willing to work with you and the people are nice and the environment isn't toxic, for having an actual social/dating life, and for just generally starting to like myself! =D =D =D
posted by Eideteker 23 September | 11:27
The friends whose home I have been crashing at for the past few weeks are finally returning from the States tonight! Yay! I miss them so much. I am going to fix them my favorite dish (it's one of theirs as well): spaghetti alla carbonara (done proper!). I don't know what else I am going to serve, but that should be pretty good right there.
posted by msali 23 September | 11:43
That's great Eide! Long commutes can be super draining.

msali -- I LOVE spaghetti carbonara. The last time I made it my boyfriend insisted on putting cream in it, as he swears that's how he was served it in Italy. The next time I'm going to show him the recent Metafilter thread about it.

My cool stuff: Well basically that after a hectic week, I'm going to be able to spend a relaxing evening with the boyfriend, roast a chicken (thinking of using this recipe) and sleep in tomorrow. Yay!
posted by peacheater 23 September | 11:47
I am making a pot roast this weekend! And sitting around doing nothing while I rest up for my bone marrow stem cell donation on Monday. This will be perfect for this rainy weekend, I'm sure.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 September | 11:48
My long dormant seekerit projects are coming to a head and it's lifting me out of my funk!
posted by The Whelk 23 September | 11:52
Last night I flirted with a man, all by myself, and he flirted back. We were both too shy to do anything more than that, but for me this was a huge step forward.

Pretty much as Eid said, I'm so glad to have a great job I like, where I get to work from home so much, and with nice people to work with when I'm in the office.

I've lost 30lbs in total since I started running and all my old clothes fit me again.

Piano bar tonight!
posted by Senyar 23 September | 11:57
Jan, you have to favor us with glamo(u)rous pictures of yourself. I expect no less than a red sequined ball gown on you as you're draped across a piano tonight.
posted by Eideteker 23 September | 12:03
I was a motherfucking adult this morning and made 2 phone calls: one to get back in to my retirement accounts and the other to make a dentist appointment.

Other awesome things for later today: going to the drycleaners, celebrating Mabon, and heading out to the gym.
posted by sperose 23 September | 12:05
I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt tonight, Eid. And the piano is an upright, so I'd have to plank on it.
posted by Senyar 23 September | 12:10
It's either one of the two:
(1) Yay! My favorite aunt & her little girls [it's kind of freaky how many of my first cousins were born after I graduated college] are coming down this weekend so I'll head down to my mom's to see them
(2) My favorite aunt isn't coming down so I won't have the 4 hour trek to see them!

I have to say the best thing about my current job since the agencies merged is working from home 3 days a week. Never underestimate the delight of reduced bra wearing.
posted by bluesapphires 23 September | 12:11
I did a complete set-up on my new Epiphone Dot (a guitar both Lennon & Harrison played) sometime back, and now this guitar is the most in-tune guitar I have ever owned. I can play up and down the neck watching the tuner, and the notes pop right off. Say what you want about cheap chinese guitars, but when you start paying $400, you can get an incredibly great instrument.

I also now have a way of getting recorded guitar sounds into my computer at a reasonable fidelity, so hopefully I can start posting some original music that actually sounds good.
posted by Ardiril 23 September | 12:23
I have a new nephew as of yesterday, and his name is TITUS. This kid is already awesome.
posted by BoringPostcards 23 September | 12:31
I have lived with my boyfriend for just about a month now and it has been fantastic!
posted by amro 23 September | 12:37
Also, I want to see a picture of Senyar planking on an upright piano!
posted by amro 23 September | 12:39
Planking, owling, whatever, just so long as Senyar is on top of the piano.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 September | 12:43
So much awesome! I love you guys! You're a depressive boy's best friends.

I have to admit...

posted by Eideteker 23 September | 12:50
I am not breaking the only piano in the only piano bar in London. A hundred gay men would kill me.
posted by Senyar 23 September | 12:55
I hadn't heard of owling before! Owl, Senyar, owl!!
posted by amro 23 September | 12:57
A hundred gay men would kill me. - I can think of worse ways to go.
posted by Ardiril 23 September | 13:06
Today I'm going to make a first attempt at making soap. Coffee soap, cilantro soap, lavender soap, sage soap. Probably 2-3 of these.

Yesterday I built most of a skirt that I'm finally probably going to be happy with and thus not give away to someone. Which is good, because it will keep me warm in the Republic of Georgia during the wintertime. Also, patching holes with pockets.
posted by aniola 23 September | 13:11
aniola, I once made soap from animal fat. Let me know how it goes!
posted by Eideteker 23 September | 13:22
Last night I had the first really great night's sleep I'd had in quite a while. When I woke up, the weather was just right: no too-hot bedroom, no too-dry throat. Just a little crispness in the air, perfect for snuggling up.

But what REALLY did it was the fact that my nose wasn't running, and therefore I did not start my day (like most of the other days in the last two weeks) with a half hour of hardcore heaving. I had been so worried that taking something before bed wouldn't last me all night, but it DID, it totally DID, and it wasn't even any weird combination of stuff that required research and/or experimentation!

And what was that? Why, my dear friend NyQuil, of course. I love it so.
posted by Madamina 23 September | 13:39
I am always looking for positive things to try and give myself some kind of hope. It makes me feel better to know other people are doing well and that there are good things going on in the world, especially since things have been bleak.
I did my third teaching session today and I think I at least don't suck at it too horribly. Slowly my feelings of total lack of confidence in my cognitive abilities is giving way to some evidence I am not a total incompetent. I've not wanted to say much because I've been so very complainy and focused on the negative but I check metachat on a regular basis and I find it reassuring in its presence even though i feel i have little to contribute.
Titus is such a strong name and I'm happy for all the good news.
Amro, you are in such a different place and I'm glad it is working so well for you. I'd like to say more specific things but I've got to run, hopefully for comforting situations.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 13:48
Oh yeah, the dam finally burst and I dropped about 14 pounds of water this week. My doc said if I hadn't I would probably be in the hospital next week.
posted by Ardiril 23 September | 13:51
I have been biking twice a week to the train to Seattle, and back again in the evening. It's only 5 miles each way, but some challenging hills are included, especially in the return commmute. Today I did it Tuesday through today. Aiming for all 5 weekdays next week.

Riding on my bike mostly fills me with joy, plus there is the incredible beauty of the view from the train of Puget Sound, plus I am starting to feel I have joined, late in life, the awesomeness of the green/geeky/cool biking crowd.
posted by bearwife 23 September | 14:16
Congrats to everyone who is dating and looking awesome and feeling better and healthier! I'm proud of all of you.

I finally got my cable/internet situation under control and I am happy to have internet again.
My sister is getting antsy while job searching, so I hired her to do a bunch of annoying paperwork that I haven't gotten around to like changing my address on my magazines and stuff. She enjoys it (idk why) and I am glad it's getting done, so win-win.

My bunny was having a bunch of stomach problems since the move but (knock on wood) he seems to have really kicked them to the curb now. He is happier now, too--he was digging at my pillow at night and grunting at everything before and now he is back to being slightly evasive but sometimes cuddly as usual.
posted by rmless2 23 September | 14:44
New kitty is becoming suggly! Even though I almost closed her in the door today :(
posted by mightshould 23 September | 15:28
We are finally, finally FINALLY closing on our new place on Tuesday. After a fucking YEAR of paperwork, delays and general fuckery.

posted by gaspode 23 September | 15:38
Congratulations BP and gaspode!

A classmate from Bradford will be in town next week and I want to see if we can get together with other local alumni.
posted by brujita 23 September | 15:48
So much good news and fun stuff! Congratulations, people!

I've been walking a lot, which makes my back throb. But I AM DOING IT. I figure I have two choices: walk miles, get stronger, and hurt or don't walk miles, don't get stronger, and be in pain anyway. I choose "get stronger" please!

This weekend, I'm going to make and freeze a batch of black bean pupusas and cheddar and another batch stuffed with cheddar and mushroom filling. Mmm, pupusas!

I got home today and found that my partner did the laundry while I was out! Yay!
posted by Elsa 23 September | 15:54
I am meeting a friend in about 15 minutes for delicious yummy Thai food.
posted by JanetLand 23 September | 16:53
I got to leave work early today and get a jump start on the weekend!
posted by trunk muffins 23 September | 17:10
my nose wasn't running, and therefore I did not start my day (like most of the other days in the last two weeks) with a half hour of hardcore heaving

That's why I gag and puke in the mornings??? YAY for knowing the reason!

I just got back from a nice trip to NorCal for a conference, and it was extremely awesome. I now feel like I know what I'm doing for work, and my confidence levels have skyrocketed. I also got stuck in the elevator, and part of me is hoping for a free weekend at the swanky hotel they put us up in. :-)
posted by Stewriffic 23 September | 17:10
Also, YAY to everyone's collective awesomeness!
posted by Stewriffic 23 September | 17:11
In the confines of the piano bar, this was the best I could do - planking on Nathan's piano stool.
posted by Senyar 23 September | 19:14
That's awesome, Senyar.
posted by sperose 23 September | 20:01
Yeah, that's seriously awesome.
posted by JanetLand 23 September | 21:47
I, too have lost weight somewhat recently - last summer, I couldn't even button the shorts I wear now.
I've been terribly irritable and complainy and emotional lately for no discernable reason whatsoever, yet my boyfriend has been so patient and kind and put up with all of it.
I've baked a few pies within the past day or two and can't wait to have them when we tailgate tomorrow. It's a really big deal at my school and both of our families are coming.
Tonight, we set up the tent (with my roommate, too), then came back to the dorm and had pizza and s'mores for a late dinner. We'll play D&D/Pathfinders tomorrow night. :D
posted by cp311 23 September | 22:48
Wow, lookit you, Senyar! Looking slim and trim, I must say. ;)
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 06:22
Oh man, Senyar. You are so awesome.
posted by deborah 24 September | 16:35
I've been dating the same woman for five years today.
posted by cjorgensen 24 September | 22:24
OMG HIPSTER BUNNY! || When has the time come to stop looking for something you may have never owned?