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09 February 2011

Something cool! I need to be uplifted. You are awesome. Yes, you! Share your awesome! [More:]

I expect to find out tomorrow whether I've still got a job with my current organization. While there are other fish in the sea, I don't relish starting over again. I just want some stability right now, so I can take risks and do things like enroll in an improv class.

My awesome is that I have three interviews this week (1 was yesterday).
My awesome is that I got a super sweet tour of the Lemur Center on campus and saw some lemur training and feeding up close! And had tea.

posted by leesh 09 February | 15:48
Well, something cool, if not awesome: Walk-in boombox.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 09 February | 16:28
My awesome is my new guitar will arrive Thursday.
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 16:43
What values of "cool" are you looking for Eide?

At 0600 MST today, the NCAR Mesa Lab reported -1.8F.

At roughly that very moment, mr lfr and I were snowshoeing on the trail adjacent to the Mesa Lab. See, we live right next door to NCAR, and run/hike/snowshoe on the mesa trails virtually daily.

As the sun rose over the Flatirons they turned all pink and lavender and gold. Despite the breathtaking (literally) temperatures, it is a gorgeous bluebird day.

We snowshoed for an hour, came home to hot steelcut oatmeal, then rode to work on our studded snow-tire fixie commuter bikes.
posted by lonefrontranger 09 February | 16:54
My awesome is that I overcame a fear and went to a salsa class last night, and will go again because I loved it. From the sublime to the ridiculous, tomorrow night I'm going to Bingo with a couple of women from the office, and you can win a lot of money in the link games, which would indeed be awesome.

and OMG! LEMURS!!! *so jealous of leesh*
posted by Senyar 09 February | 16:54
I think your awesome is so awesome, Senyar.
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 17:03
Overcoming fears is right up there with lemurs on
the awesome scale.

My new toy is probably more "awww"some than
awesome, but:
posted by dorgla 09 February | 17:21
dorgla: awww, especially the meow part.
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 17:54
Go interviews! That is awesome, Eideteker.

Ardiril, what kind of guitar?

O salsa class, fun! I apparently am incapable of a salsa (I cha-cha I guess) so I'm impressed, Senyar!

My awesome is that I am going to a boardgame night tonight with people I don't know. Hopefully I'll get to play a game I don't know and will meet cool people!

Tomorrow, I am considering doing it again by going to the MeFi PDX game night meetup. It's at a brewpub I've been wanting to check out so it would be that much better. I'm off to go see if a bus goes anywhere near there from my house.
posted by Sil 09 February | 18:49
At work today, one of my coworkers called me for advice on how to make a visual powerpoint slide of swabbing someone's anus.

I got to brainstorm for several minutes about how to represent a butt (talk someone into letting us photograph their butt? create a butt analogue using shapes in powerpoint? [pretty sure we could get there with a coupla ovals and a starburst shape]). And then I got to discuss how to make the swab clipart look like it was disappearing into the anus. It's no good just swabbing the crack, you know.

It was a good day.
posted by jeoc 09 February | 19:36
"swabbing someone's anus" - Ahoy there, matey!
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 20:38
Sil: an Epiphone Dot, their version of a Gibson ES-335. But with dots.
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 20:40
Lemurs, OMG I am beyond jealous, Leesh. Any pictures? I love lemurs. Were there any ring-tails?

OK the best I can come up with for my awesome is:

I've had a setback on something that I've been working on for a year and it's looking like it isn't going to happen even though I want and need it to happen. The awesome in this is that I am trying very hard to keep pushing myself, that I'm not giving up, and if I can't make this work one way, I'll find another.

It's not much on the awesome-meter but steeling myself to be resolute is all I can come up with right now.

I could sure use a lemur.

posted by Kangaroo 09 February | 20:47
Dude, there are no pirates in the hospital. This is serious. business.

You don't want to receive a pernicious intestinal infection in the ICU? We're going to swap your anus to PROTECT YOU!
posted by jeoc 09 February | 20:59
Kangaroo, I got some pics for sure: Lemurs!

The Center has 20 kinds of lemurs and several ring-tails. I mostly spent time with the sifakas.
posted by leesh 09 February | 21:05
I made my fella a valentine out of sugar which I think is sort of neat [and a bit of a sekrit, so no passing it around but if he sees it here, okay]

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by jessamyn 09 February | 21:23
It's the bf's and my four year anniversary this weekend.
posted by Twiggy 09 February | 21:37
I'm at Gang of Four!

Jessamyn's valentine is awesome too!
posted by brujita 09 February | 22:24
I saw a (completely adorable) seven-year-old for a therapy appointment. I talked to his mom today, and she said that after the appointment, he was very happy and he told her, "I think that lady can help me solve all my problems." My heart totally melted, it did.
posted by occhiblu 09 February | 22:35
Lfr, that is a nice work horse commuter bike. For an american.

I ride this type of bike to commute and go into town.
24.6 kilo. Frame size goes up to 70 cm. Mine is 64 cm. Hence the crossbar reinforcement.
A 100 kg guy can sit on the back without a problem.
They're also very popular as mommy-/daddy-bikes. Take two kids and groceries with you.
posted by jouke 10 February | 01:07
Oh and awesomeness; my working out is starting to pay off. I'm 92 kg now. Which is as heavy as I have ever been. Pretty good for 6'6" since it's all muscle.
I'm getting looks in the pool when I go swimming.
posted by jouke 10 February | 01:18
Well come on, jouke, we gotta have pictures!
posted by JanetLand 10 February | 07:42
I'm going to Singapore on Monday! I can't wait!
posted by rmless2 10 February | 10:05
jouke, you simply cannot make claims like that without backing them up via photos.

also, the Batavus marque is actually relatively well-known amongst city-bike aficionados in the U.S. There's at least one dealer in Boulder who carry them in stock.

the nice thing about the Bianchi is that in foul weather / winter it serves as a grocery bike / commuter. However, I can remove the rack and swap the studded tyres for a lighter non-fixed wheelset shod with good cyclocross tread and have a pretty fast singlespeed trail bike.

...or I can just take out one of my six other bikes ;)
posted by lonefrontranger 10 February | 10:12
Ha, lfr, I'm sure there's a reason Dutch style bikes are not that popular elsewhere. Your bike is much cooler, for sure.
I wouldn't have thought that Batavus would be available in the US. That's strange.
Great scott; 6 bikes?

I'm sorry, I posted a picture but it was deleted by a metachat admin and I got a stern talking to.
It's not as if I'm wary of posting revealing pictures of myself online for everybody to see.
posted by jouke 10 February | 12:39
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