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21 September 2011

What current TV shows are you following now? (international edition)[More:]
As the TV programmer in our house (in other words, I acquire TV shows for evening entertainment), the new crop of US shows looks thin.

The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles are on hiatus until one last episode each in the end of November, and it feels like Glee has jumped the shark (or the premise has worn thin for us). Returning shows of interest: Castle, Harry's Law, and The Big Bang Theory.

I want to watch Breaking Bad and Raising Hope, but the other viewers in our household aren't as interested as I am. I might get them to watch Raising Hope, but we'll see. From first glance, I agree with NPR regarding New Girl: kind of ridiculous, and not in a good way.

So, whatcha watching?
And by International Edition, I mean that I am willing to track down non-US shows to add amusement and intrigue into my household.
posted by filthy light thief 21 September | 12:28
We've just started watching the first season of "Justified," our first new TV show in awhile, and are enjoying it a lot.
posted by BoringPostcards 21 September | 12:37
Ice Road Truckers is the only show I make a point of watching regularly, in sequence.

For no particularly good reason, except for the fact that it was on when I was very sick two years ago; I associate the show with "yay! I'm not going to die!", which is kind of a pleasant feeling to have.
posted by Melismata 21 September | 12:39
Big Bang Theory and Hell's Kitchen even though I understand that Hell's Kitchen may be more scripted than BBT. I just like to watch Gordon Ramsay curse. I watch cooking shows that have actual chefs on them. Not Rachael "My Dead Dog Boo" Ray. Not Giada "Raptor Mouth" De Laurentis.
posted by Splunge 21 September | 12:52
I will watch Parks&Rec as episodes are available on Hulu.
posted by Ardiril 21 September | 13:00
Seconding Justified. Simple, formula TV but with great dialogue. It will be interesting to see if The Closer will survive Kyra Sedgwick's departure. Awaiting the new season of Dexter.
posted by arse_hat 21 September | 13:01
Daily Show (watched on computer the next day), How I Met Your Mother, Curb Your Enthusiasm (c/o my brother who sends them to me) and starting out with Ringer just to give it a chance to grab me.

That is about it.

Our plan is to start streaming Downton Abbey soon, also.
posted by danf 21 September | 13:04
I'm watching the Sing-Off. The last time I successfully watched a season-long tv series was in high school (Seaquest and Earth 2 being my favs) so it'll be interesting to see if I watch all of it. Having no tv freshman year of college killed my ability to and interest in keeping up with shows.

I'm also going to try Once Upon A Time as it seems like the sort of fantasy fluff I will love.

Some of my friends make spreadsheets of stuff to watch each year. I find it mind boggling.
posted by bluesapphires 21 September | 13:15
I'm really into cooking shows at the moment.

- Masterchef Australia (which is far more intense than the UK version)

- Chopped

- The Great British Bake Off

I'm also looking forward to the new season of The Office starting in the US on Thursday. Of course, we won't get to see it on TV in the UK for years, but it'll be available to download from various corners of the web within a week.

We have season 3 of Modern Family starting on Friday. I love that show.

I always watch Match of the Day on Saturday, if I'm home (usually am, how sad) or if not, on Sunday morning.
posted by Senyar 21 September | 13:24
Looking forward to Boardwalk Empire restarting, probably watch BBT, probably watch a few episodes of Terra Nova but not much else. I don't have the patience for most TV these days.
posted by octothorpe 21 September | 13:26
Oh, yes and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I absolutely love that show, and sometimes find myself yelling at Larry as he offends or upsets yet another person, who is usually nearly as obnoxious as he is, which I suppose offers him some justification.
posted by Senyar 21 September | 13:26
Only current show is Project Runway.
posted by JanetLand 21 September | 13:29
The Closer, The Good Wife, and Bones.
posted by bearwife 21 September | 13:29
Current shows we watch are Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Community.

posted by gaspode 21 September | 13:30
Oh, I keep hearing that the Good Wife is worth watching.
posted by gaspode 21 September | 13:30
and Bill Maher
posted by Obscure Reference 21 September | 13:40
I was watching B5 but it seems to have disappeared from Netflix Instant. I started watching Lexx instead (yeah, I know). I have the Farscape box set (thanks, oh yeah!), but I don't want to actually get sucked into a good show.

Also watching (and reading) Red Dwarf. And Yogscast Let's Plays (particularly the Minecraft stuff). Not going to link to the latter because it's addictive.

(Notice, I did not say LIKE CRACK.) >=(
posted by Eideteker 21 September | 14:00
Sorry, I can't tell the difference between TV and youtube anymore. Putting youtube on your TV is one of the best/worst things you can do.
posted by Eideteker 21 September | 14:00
Breaking Bad, Louie (though both of those are about to wrap up their current seasons), Party Down and Sons of Anarchy (I don't really recommend that last one--it's at least half terrible).
posted by box 21 September | 14:31
Oh, and Parks and Recreation and Community and 30 Rock.
posted by box 21 September | 14:49
Doctor Who is the big weekly event in our house. I've just started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and my god, I've never seen anything like it - I'm burning through it. Seriously wish I could take a few days off from work and just binge on it.

(Louie, Archer and Community are my other can't-misses.)
posted by jbickers 21 September | 15:49
The gf and I will probably watch Top Chef, Project Runway, and Survivor until they are yanked off the air. Each one we like for different reasons, such as simply loving to mock the contestants, editing, format, elimination rituals, and Jeff Probst. (Actually PR has been giving me second thoughts because the current season has been so weak.)
posted by fleacircus 21 September | 17:04
Jeez, Breaking Bad is almost OVER? I haven't even started watching this season yet. I'm probably also slightly behind on Who. =\
posted by Eideteker 21 September | 18:00
How I Met Your Mother; The Big Bang Theory; American Pickers; NCIS; and I will give the new Two and a Half Men a shot and see how it goes. Oh, and Pawn Stars; Ghost Adventures; and Ghost Hunters too.
posted by redvixen 21 September | 18:14
When the wife was in London she was amazed that they didn't censor Hell's kitchen. What a civilized society.
posted by Splunge 21 September | 18:30
I think Parks & Rec is great. Is there a new series of The IT Crowd yet? I just got finished with every episode of Trailer Park Boys, but it's not current. Speaking of not-current, I've been itching to watch House of Cards again (and of course the sequels).
posted by Hugh Janus 21 September | 20:09
I saw the actress from The IT Crowd has a feature role in something new, but I missed what it was. That show was my kind of brain candy.
posted by Ardiril 21 September | 20:17
How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Renovators, Scrubs (this might not be current for US people any more?) ummm... I think that's about it. I watch every race of the V8 Supercars, but that's not regular like a real show.

All on TiVo, of course. That box has spoiled live TV for me to the point that, when I'm travelling, I can't even bear to turn on a TV because the ads are so grating and there are so many of them.
posted by dg 21 September | 22:30
Splunge, Hell's Kitchen is not censored here, either. Even the (rare) 'c-word' slips out now and then.
posted by dg 21 September | 22:31
Breaking Bad, Archer, Fringe, Doctor Who, Modern Family and Cougar Town are the shows I normally follow regularly.

Throw in Downton Abbey on PBS and The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network to taste.
posted by WolfDaddy 22 September | 04:37
Currently airing shows...
Dr. Who, definitely. Sad that there's only two more episodes left in season 6. (thank you Comcast for putting it on OnDemand for freebies!)
I try to catch Warehouse 13 and Eureka when I remember they're on (sorry, nerds. I'm not buying a DVR or doing the streaming thing. It's just TV.)
Fringe starts back up this week, so I'll definitely be watching that one.

We tend to be Bones fans, so we'll probably watch the new season, though, personally, I think that show has gone on about two seasons too long.

I've been peeking-in on the new season of Sons of Anarchy. I'm on the fence so far.
posted by Thorzdad 22 September | 11:34
Must check out Fringe and Boardwalk Empire soon.

I agree that Bones seems to have evolved into less of what I loved (science) and more of what I don't -- half baked adventure. But having watched the first 5 seasonson Netflix nonstop, want to see what's up now.
posted by bearwife 22 September | 13:11
Re: Bones...Having her announce she was pregnant, hot on the heels of Angela's pregnancy, just seemed odd and almost like the writers had run out of ideas. I'm really hoping it gets played-out differently than expected but, since Emily Deschanel really IS pregnant, I'm expecting a season of pregnant-lady-digging-corpses jokes and the eventual Booth and Bones wedding.
posted by Thorzdad 22 September | 15:46
I'm not up to date on Season 6 -- just finished watching Season 5 and caught one recent replay of a Season 6 episode with my husband last night. (Still a little boggled that I went from seeing Angela and Hodgins getting married -- finally! -- in jail to seeing Angela's dad fail to terrorize Hodgins into letting him name their baby. High speed pregnancy!) I checked Wikipedia to see how many seasons I had to go to finish catching up -- Netflex stops with Season 5 -- and was blown away to read that Bones is pregnant with Booth's baby.

So, yeah, 2 pregnancies in one little lab is weird, but stranger still is that the long term tension of unconsumnated the Bones-Booth love affair/partnership seems to have been abandoned. Usually when this kind of rubber band breaks (e.g. Schwimmer finally winning Aniston on Friends), a show totally jumps the shark. Maybe the writers are out of gas on Bones.
posted by bearwife 22 September | 18:50
I've been watching all the new shows this season and here is what I think so far:

2 Broke Girls: started out terrible and I almost turned it off, but by the end of the ep, I liked it. Will watch again.

Free Agents: Feels like a fully formed show already, polished and funny. Will watch again.

Revenge: Looks like they are trying to make a darker version of Gossip Girl. Catty and posh. Prob won't watch again.

New 2.5 Men: Worst thing in the world. I never watched the old show but decided to see how they would treat the departure of Charlie and the coming of Ashton. I don't know if the show was always this bad but it was crude, dull, predictable, vile, and misogynistic. Will NOT watch again.

Office: James Spader rocks, I wish Pam would die in a hole.

Modern Family: excellent as usual, thank you producers for giving us 2 at once.

I'm excited to check out Whitney, I hope it is better than the ads have been. I think her standup is funny.
posted by rmless2 23 September | 10:09
I saw "Educating Essex" on BBC 4 last night - I'll definitely be tuning in again.
posted by tortillathehun 23 September | 10:43
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