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17 September 2011

MeCha Announcement: Changing of the BunnyGuard Hi all! Beginning today, I end my just-short-of-2-year stint as a MeCha co-Admin, (along with my pal and co-conspirator Boring Postcards), and hand over the official co-Admin scepter, crown, and pooper scooper to the ever-lovin', ever-loyal gaspode. BP will remain in place as the 2nd co-Admin, so you should experience no interruption in the fine service to which you are accustomed. Thanks podey, and BP, and modly crew, and everyone![More:]I'm starting to get super busy in my life, back in graduate school and working hard at it, and my job has increased in intensity too. I love MetaChat but could use to get a few things off my plate, and decided it was time to hand things off.

It's never been too onerous a task, thanks to all of you people of goodwill, and thanks especially to the team of kindly mods who have kept this place on the reals and worked together beautifully. I have really appreciated the chance to contribute to a community I love and which, in fact, really changed my life at some important points. I was looking through my posting history trying to figure out when BP and I started adminning in the first place, and it's enough to choke a person up, seeing all the wonderful water under the bridge. We've had our low moments, but on the whole - given that we have hundreds of more choices for socializing online than we did when this site was started in 2005 - I feel great that the community has maintained, even grown, and that we still have lots of new users popping in and carrying on the chattin'. I'm most proud of the site guidelines, which were a project I cared a lot about and which were truly community-compiled, group-edited, and have been really useful in setting a tone. Fortunately, there have actually been very few times we needed to even call them into play. I like to think that means they're working.

A shout-out to the wonderful and helpful mod team and of course to BP - it was a wonderful and smooth working relationship, and I so admire BP's contributions to the site like sidebar art and Friday Night Questions. Gaspode will be a terrific co-Admin and I will enjoy participating with this thoughtful and helpful team in place.

So thanks everyone for staying on MeCha and keeping things lively, thanks taz for your years of stewardship and for managing the last transition, and welcome to the 3rd generation of MeCha overlords! Huzzah!
So BP is still an admin, right? Long live the reign of the podey one. Glad you enjoyed the job, Miko.
posted by ethylene 17 September | 08:57
Yes, indeed, BP will carry on as co-Admin with podey.
posted by Miko 17 September | 08:59
I meant "on the rails" but I kind of like "on the reals" so I'll let it stand.
posted by Miko 17 September | 09:02
*burns myrr raises laurels *it is done.
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 09:56
on the real, I appreciate your efforts! Best of luck with the new busy-making things!
posted by Firas 17 September | 10:21
This bodes well for the future of MeCha.
posted by Senyar 17 September | 10:48
Senyar- don't you mean, "This 'podes well"? :)

Thanks Miko for all you've done, and thanks gaspode for stepping up!
posted by BoringPostcards 17 September | 10:53
Thank you, Miko, for all your hard work, and welcome Queen gaspode!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 September | 11:24
Thank you Miko. Of course we hope to still see you!
posted by danf 17 September | 11:42
Thank you, miko.
posted by brujita 17 September | 11:58
Thanks for the work and attention, Miko! Time to rest on those laurels, if only long enough to catch your breath. You deserve it!

And thanks to BP for everything you're doing! It been good to see Metachat reinvigorated, and you're a big part of that.

Hurray, gaspode, for stepping in to help helm this ship! Metachat is in good hands.
posted by Elsa 17 September | 12:05
Thanks for your attention to the site and best wishes to pode.

Many additional thanks to the folks behind the scene who I take for granted.
posted by mightshould 17 September | 12:25


posted by BitterOldPunk 17 September | 12:35
Can I call you all my minions?

I'm sure you can all appreciate that Miko is a bit of a hard act to follow, but I'll try my best to emulate her wisdom and level-headedness.

For the record, if anyone does specifically want to contact me for admin stuff, rather than use the generic admins metachat email address, then the best time is always EST regular working hours. It's when I'm in front of a computer and not being a parent.
posted by gaspode 17 September | 13:07
Yay grad school!

Thanks for being an awesome admin, Miko.

gaspode - want some toilet paper to stuff into those shoes? ;-) (Seriously - you'll do great. No worries!)

posted by deborah 17 September | 13:43
Baby, I was always your minion. Call me anything you want.

Miko, I hope to hear more about grad school whenever you have time. (AHAHAHAHA, time? We'll see.)
posted by Elsa 17 September | 13:55
Thank you, Miko.

all smotherings
posted by Eideteker 17 September | 13:59
Thanks for all the hard work, Miko! Welcome to our 'pode-ian co-Overlord!
posted by TrishaLynn 17 September | 15:12
Wow, grad school, awesome. Thanks for all you've done, Miko. I hope you'll still be around.

Thanks also to BP who is always posting something interestng.

And yay gaspode!

posted by Kangaroo 17 September | 15:34
I for one welcome our new bunny overlords.
posted by Splunge 17 September | 17:41
Thanks for all the hard work, Miko. Keep up the wonderful work BP and good luck to Gaspode! I promise not to cause trouble.
posted by msali 17 September | 21:32
Thanks again Miko for being the best kind of boss over the past two years (ie one who never acts like a boss).

I can't think of a better replacement.
posted by dg 18 September | 00:53
good luck to Gaspode! I promise not to cause trouble.

I promise *to* cause trouble ;)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 17:16
TPS. Welcome to my list. heh.
posted by gaspode 18 September | 19:08
But I don't know how to pronounce gaspode's name! And, I refuse to learn!

It's cool. Hi juzzpoothuh!
posted by jabberjaw 19 September | 12:37
Grad school! Wow! All the best in that!
posted by Ardiril 19 September | 17:32
I need to initiate a dialog. || 3 point weekend