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17 September 2011

3 point weekend [More:]

1. It is beautiful rainbaby weather - a gentle cool rain.

2. Roast in the crock pot

3. Either the device I bought today is wonked or my blood pressure is way out of control. Thankfully I am re-employed and can see a doctor soon.
1. New laptop is up and running. Windows 7 is taking some getting used to after so many years of XP.

2. I'm about to try to de-seed a pomegranate for the first time. I've always bought the little containers of seeds, but today there were four pomegranates in a pack at a silly price, so I'll try it myself.

3. Big game on TV tomorrow, so after my morning run I won't be going far.
posted by Senyar 17 September | 13:35
1. Total ball sucking on the apartment-finding front. Big fat donkey balls. I am frustrated and about to give up.

2. At least we took a nice walk on the beach with pup and got her a new collar. I was sick of using a choke on her. Her new collar kinda looks like the collar greyhounds wear.

3. Got a huge blood blister on my right heel from my new Vans. Godammit. I'm going back to bed.
posted by msali 17 September | 13:38
1. After fruitlessly searching local shops, I just ordered two, count 'em, two, pairs of winter boots: these and these --- and for less than I had budgeted for a single pair. I look forward to slush puddles and snowbanks!

2. I killed a horrible centipede all on my own* without saying "GAH OH MY NO HELP" more than once, maybe once-and-a-half. *Shut up. I am not psyched about enacting the girls-hate-bugs stereotype, but centipedes and roaches are a special class. They trigger my RUN AWAY SQUEALING impulse in a way that surprises me every single time.

3. Am about to go clean the kitchen as a nice surprise for The Fella, who announced that he would like to spend his rare Saturday night off cooking dinner for me. I am all for people cooking dinner for me; I will encourage it in any way possible!
posted by Elsa 17 September | 13:46
1. Went to the gym this morning and then out to lunch with the family. Blech all around.

2. I'm a bit tired, but I don't want to make coffee because then I have to drag out the pot and I don't have any fancy creamer. And it'll just make me more tired later.

3. Schoolwork schoolwork schoolwork.
posted by sperose 17 September | 13:51
1. The mister is working in Kamloops today. He'll be back tomorrow, but I miss him.

2. Really enjoying Sims 3. Why did I wait so long to succumb?

3. There is no 3.
posted by deborah 17 September | 13:51
1. Every piece of motorized equipment I have touched today has failed and broken other things as a result.
2. I will do nothing else to cause the karma gods ire. I will just sit here quietly.
3. Yay! That means no vaccuming and no laundry toady!
posted by mightshould 17 September | 14:05
1. Apparently I have now passed a kidney stone. Sick for the last week - sick enough to actually go to the doctor (side bonus: I found a sliding scale clinic for the uninsured that's actually nice and doesn't even have all that much Jesus!) on Thursday night thinking it was a kidney infection: fever, pain, peeing blood, the works. Nope, they said, probably a stone. Yesterday I was so sick I thought I'd be in the hospital today. But today I am okay and I didn't even notice it go through, which is kind of a drag because I was planning to keep it since I am gross like that. But no. So go figure and also, PHEW!

1a. As another benefit of going to the doctor, it turns out my blood pressure is alarmingly high. So I am contemplating some very necessary major lifestyle adjustments. Ugh but, well, there you have it.

2. I have the entire weekend off - a rare, rare occurrence - but I'm still feeling too strange and frail to do anything except putter around and play minecraft.

3. My house has reached scary hazmat call the health department filth levels and must be cleaned immediately. I wish there was somebody else in the world, like, possibly someone I share this house with, who was capable of cleaning anything at all but no, apparently this is a crazy fever dream. Side note to other roommate: the rice cooker is not actually a magic stasis machine and rice left sitting in it for ten days or so will, rather than being exactly as delicious as it was when you made it, instead achieve sentience and begin to build cities and nuclear weapons.
posted by mygothlaundry 17 September | 14:38
3. I am avoiding my to do list (pup baths, vacuuming, cover letter, etc.) and am instead reading Cindy Spencer Pape's delightful Motor City series instead.

2. I need to figure out what I'm going to eat the rest of the weekend. Pretty sure toast and popcorn isn't going to cut it. It is a good thing that the rest of this house's inhabitants eat kibble.

1. I love my girl pup but she's a rotten little bitch who can't follow directions. (I suspect a pet picture is required -- she's the one against the wall)
posted by bluesapphires 17 September | 16:04
1. Failed to qualify at the obedience trial today.
2. Watched NEW PONY EPISODE afterward.
3 Monday morning is already approaching again so rapidly you can actually hear the scythelike whooshing sound.
posted by Wolfdog 17 September | 16:41
1. Just got home from work, made dinner, walked the dog, fed the cats, and am finally sitting down. Just noticed a hummingbird at my feeder - must be a chilly bird as it's only 60 degrees out now and expected to be in the 50's tonight.

2. Taking my sons to a family archery day offered by the parks system tomorrow. Should be fun, and we're all looking forward to it.

3. Harvested the first cantalope from my garden...I have two more just about ready to go, and the silly plants are cranking out more. My watermelons never got bigger than softball sized; my pumpkin plants are taking forever to develop. I'm just letting them grow until the frost kills them.
posted by redvixen 17 September | 17:55
Update - roast turned out bad. Ok for me, because I don't really eat it, but the cook in the house will have to turn it into stew, which is fine, but he's busy and I was trying to be nice.

I'll test again tomorrow morning first thing, but yep, my bottom number is reading spooky high on the BP. Doc re-prescribed a med to be cheaper when I was uninsured this summer, I probably need something different.

bluesapphires - but she is SO CUTE! Omg the eyes.
posted by rainbaby 17 September | 18:16
1. Stayed up late and slept in and read. That was nice.

2. Have just finished a bout of assembling and filling and packing things for upcoming trip to China.

3. Out of gas. Thinking of going and watching some more Bones episodes on Netflix.
posted by bearwife 17 September | 18:24
- Passing kidney stones is no joke. Glad it's gone, MGL!
- I've always wanted to learn archery. There's a place in town (the local shooting range of all places) that has lessons, but I don't know if I'll ever go.

There is now a #3: I remembered that there are fan sites for the Sims. Lots of new goodies to download, yay!

That will have to wait. I haven't eaten since 10 a.m. and it's now 4:30 p.m. and I'm shaky. Stupid internets - so distracting.
posted by deborah 17 September | 18:27
1. Headed out with a new friend yesterday, which was nice. Stayed up way too late.
2. Really annoyed by everything today. The root cause is probably the terrible case of insecurity that came over me a couple of days ago. I'm fucking things up and I know it.
3. I miss my friends.
posted by punchtothehead 17 September | 18:51
1) Saedy Bear had a few lumps removed from around her neck today. Surgery went without incident; she was only lightly sedated and I was standing by to help hold her if she got antsy, but she spent the whole time stoned out of her mind.

2) On the other hand, dementia + morphine + acepromazine is apparently a harsh combo. Coming out of it this afternoon she was having panicky moments every few minutes. Since she hadn't really recovered her coordination yet, I wanted to make sure she didn't try to jump up and run somewhere. Eventually laid down and put an arm around her, so I could both comfort her and gently restrain her. After about an hour she got past the panicky moments, and has been just drwsy since, so I think we're through recovery now.
posted by galadriel 17 September | 20:58
rainbaby, they both wield The Cuteness like a lethal weapon. It's how I ended up with two instead of one. I was doomed from the start!
posted by bluesapphires 17 September | 21:04
And I hope your adorable puppers feels better soon, galadriel.
posted by bluesapphires 17 September | 21:06
1. I drove for a bit today, which seems insignificant, but I got my driver's license less than a month ago so it feels like an accomplishment.

2. I cannot wait for cold weather. Boots and sweaters, here I come.

3. I'm kind of dreading another school week, though.
posted by cp311 17 September | 22:57
1. Dobie Gillis. Being good, though. Just... sigh. Impatient, I guess?

2. Improv class tomorrow. Really enthused that I made people laugh tonight at the meetup. I think my humor translates much better in person than in text. I want to keep making people laugh. I want to land a spot on a house team and perform weekly. And musical improv. Yes, I talk about this a lot. It's kinda becoming my life now (especially since I don't have a relationship to focus on).

3. I was happy to go down a belt notch. Not so happy to go down a watchband notch. Oh no, tiny girl wrists! Whatever. I'll get over it. Or I'll just finally get around to painting my nails. That'll show 'em. (Are guys still OK doing that, or is it more of a Marilyn-Manson-era thing?)
posted by Eideteker 18 September | 02:00
Eid, there is no way on earth a big, strapping bloke like you will ever have girl wrists. But I do think you'd look great in drag.
posted by Senyar 18 September | 02:33
1. My god, the degree to which I don't want to work. I can't possibly make myself attempt it until noon. I've got to do something about my horrible attitude toward work, it can't last. I want to be doing anything to not be studying. I want to chatter my head off.

2. The roommate and her boyfriend are being sweetly domestic with bacon and pancakes. They are so young and fresh.

3. Anything to absorb me, any form of escape. If only i could find something that affords me some real satisfaction, even for a moment.
posted by ethylene 18 September | 09:50
1. Best weekend in a long time! 1 client mtg yesterday morning - they liked the design (yay!). The rest of the day I rearranged my collection of MP3s, napped & watched football.

2. Today all the 4 leggers got their nails cut. AMazingly they were all cooperative & only 1 bleeding episode which was ignored because the kong full of peanut butter was much more interesting, apparently.

3. we yanked most of the marigolds up to make room for kale to go in this week. we also transplanted some volunteer trees to new homes. I'm hoping we didn't kill them - they looked very wilty when I checked on them just now. :(
posted by chewatadistance 18 September | 17:18
(Are guys still OK doing that, or is it more of a Marilyn-Manson-era thing?)

MM was black nails. What I am seeing now is matte flesh tones during weekdays, and frosts or other translucents on weekends. I don't see french tips anywhere, thankfully. Dark greens and deep distinct blues should be coming in as the heavier clothes come out for winter.
posted by Ardiril 19 September | 17:42
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