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17 September 2011

Me with two friends. The running joke is that we all alike enough to be siblings and this was the first time we were all in the same room with a camera. Is it true? Is the Celtic gene pool truly that shallow?
The oldest sibling is in the center.
posted by Obscure Reference 17 September | 14:20
I ....actually don't know how old he is. I think he's roughly my age? Bit older?
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 14:37
The glasses and scruff go a long way in establishing a resemblance.
posted by fancyoats 17 September | 15:49
Ah, you Celts and your rectangular eyes!
posted by Hugh Janus 17 September | 16:06
Maybe it's the eye-wear gene pool that's shallow. You're such a cutie. *tickles*
posted by moonshine 17 September | 17:14
We are naked without our Ira Glasses
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 17:34
What's the name of the handsome guy on the right?
posted by Splunge 17 September | 17:40
Actually, I'm seeing quite a bit of resemblance between you three. All very handsome, of course. Gotta love that Celtic gene pool.
posted by redvixen 17 September | 17:58
I'm on the right, no body else has that many pink flannel ties.
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 18:01
Ok, that's a nice shot. Poor middle guy though, with the spillage on his shirt.
posted by Glinn 17 September | 18:08
He was making everyone absinthe cocktails, there's bound to be risks.
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 18:18
When my hair is messy I look like I have messy hair. When The Whelk has messy hair he looks... charmingly disheveled.
posted by Splunge 17 September | 18:29
Yay Celts! *gets out the woad*
posted by deborah 17 September | 18:30
Yes. I can see it clearly.
posted by rainbaby 17 September | 20:55
People I don't even know guess my ancestry. I had one woman say 'the map of Ireland is written on your face.'

So, the Celtic gene pool is, well, let's say consistent.

You guys have the same coloring. Add to that the facial hair, glasses, and dark clothing, and you look sort of similar. But you have differences in your facial structures. You don't all look identical but you do look like you could be in the same extended family.
posted by Miko 17 September | 22:07
The whole thing was super funny to me cause one time it came down to "Okay were did your grandparent's parents come from" and we all hit Scottish/Irish towns. Plus, the running joke that we're all attracted to each other out of sheer narcissism cause we all look alike.

Plus! My own actual brother? He's 6'4, dark complexion, olive skinned and skinny as a pole. My Mom is the only fair-haired blue-eyed stocky pale-freckled person in eight other swarthy and curly siblings. Genetics Is Strange.
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 23:23
Which is also amusing as my Husband looks nothing like me, and the "gay couples always look alike blah blah John and John effect" THING which is super funny.
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 23:27
For comparison - The Nieces and Nephews and Grandchildren Of Our Family.
washes out of a bit the complexion difference but it's all "wow I am the palest motherfucker in the room"
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 23:35
Also "wow I come from a big family"
posted by The Whelk 17 September | 23:37
That is an interestingly diverse family!
posted by Miko 18 September | 22:32
United in poor eyesight
posted by The Whelk 19 September | 23:02
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