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04 January 2011

Knitting agenda 2011 I've misspent today so far happily broswing through my stash of yarn, pattern collection, and the free patterns available on Ravelry, planning my knitting projects for 2011.
Here's what I've planned:

- Fair isle tam for my niece Peaches
- Summer dress for my grand-niece Cauliflower that has a bodice knitted out of cotton and a fabric skirt.
- This winter dress for my grand-niece Cauliflower. Seriously, how adorable is that pattern?
- 2 pairs of black socks for my dad
- Pair of slippers for my dad (this is his birthday gift and is an annual project as he wears out a pair of slippers every year).
- a sweater apiece for my friend's two little boys

Then, because I'm not all that selfless, for me:

- a summer top in a red or coral
- a brown guernsey cardigan
- a ivory afghan
- a fair isle tam, and a slouchy tam in a solid colour
- and I want to reknit a red worsted hoodie I made a few years ago, because I'm not happy with the way it turned out.

That's 14 items. I know that sounds like a lot, but I think I should be able to get them all done. At least five of those projects will take under a week to make, and the rest a month or less each, except for the afghan and possibly the cardigan for me and the wool dress for Cauliflower. So far I've made a good start on the tam for Peaches.
I knit so many presents last year that I am really looking forward to finishing a sweater or two for myself. I keep getting distracted though and convinced I should start something new (trying to resist though!).

An ivory afghan is on my list for this year too! And one of the things that I am trying to resist casting on to do!
posted by Sil 04 January | 15:00
When family came to visit the knitting requests made my list a little long. Everybody wants a pair of Alpine Boots. I will be knitting them in Bev Galeskas' memory.

My aunt loved my Peak Island Scarf that I let her borrow for a sleigh ride, so I want to knit her one.

My husband's birthday is Thursday and I'm finishing the final sleeve on the Big Thaw for him.

I'm considering being completely selfish and knitting the Drop Stitch Dress for myself before starting any of the other projects. It probably won't be in style next winter and I bought all the yarn plus leggings to wear under it last year, so I feel just in my selfishness. And it's knit on US 11 and 13 needles, so it should be super quick.

Besides that I'm planning lots of stockinette socks because I can knit on them in class. Last semester I managed to complete 5 pair plus a loner whose partner is on my needles waiting for next semester.
posted by maritacov 04 January | 15:25
Oh and the mittens for the Metastitcher Rav KAL.
posted by maritacov 04 January | 15:28
You have a case of start-itis, Sil! Sounds familiar. Though at present I only have one knitting project on the go and am determined to keep it that way.

A year or two ago I came across some bulky-weight ivory yarn in an acrylic/wool/mohair blend at Zellers, on clearance for $1 a 100g ball. I bought all they had, which I think was 12 balls. Now I'm trying to figure out if I can make this afghan out of it.
posted by Orange Swan 04 January | 15:44
Oooo, that is a really pretty afghan! A buck per ball! What a great find!

Yep, a definite case of start-itis. Ravelry just has too many patterns I want to do.
posted by Sil 04 January | 16:47
That afghan is just plain luscious. The yarn the pattern calls for is a little lighter than the yarn I have — an aran weight vs. a super bulky weight. And it turns out I have 1100 grams, not 1200. I'll just have to start work on the pattern and see how it goes. Afghans are good that way though — you can just make it a little shorter or narrower and still have a perfectly satisfactory item, unlike things that need to fit, such as a sweater.

And oh, Ravelry patterns!! Though I joined several years ago I just clued in to how great a resource it was for patterns a few months back. Their search functionality is so good. You can zero right in on particular type of pattern that uses the weight of yarn that you want.
posted by Orange Swan 04 January | 17:01
Maaaaaan, I am still in my year-long hibernation. The shift from LJ's knitting community to Ravelry has taken away a lot of my knitting chat, and I don't really mind it -- I only visit the fora on Ravelry to check up on the occasional local thing.

And forget about actual knitting :P

Floating around half-done in various places:
--Panache [Finnish text] in light blue Misti Alpaca Lace for my fiance's grandma

--A smaller Clapotis (about 15 rows of it) in some sort of deep red handpaint which will have to be ripped out anyway because it's too tight

--A pair of two-at-a-time socks that was originally for my ex-boyfriend's mom, who had a brain tumor... but by the time I turned the heels, the idea of sending them was too weird :P I need to just finish them for ANYONE and get them out of the house.

Despite this ridiculous knitting drought, I recently purchased yarn for two projects:
--Meg Swansen's Shawl Collared Vest for my mom (dang it, I think I didn't buy enough yarn, and it's only out at the mill in the boonies, and it came from a very specific sheep...) -- Actual fitted garmets scare the crap out of me, even though I measured my mom and did well on the last thing. I was going to give it more like a four-stranded braided cable instead of the simple twist in the original. [Mom got a calendar and a butter crock for Christmas instead. Le sigh.]

--some sort of skinny garter triangle shawl with a pointy picot-esque edging that was a free pattern with Cascade Elite Magnolia. This color. Ummmmmm.
posted by Madamina 04 January | 17:05
I'm actually excited about knitting this year. Right now I'm working on a cycling sweater for -t (who is also the model for the Big Thaw, maritacov!), and a man's sweater with an asymmetrical shawl collar and a colorwork yoke. I'm using a big bulky alpaca/wool single for it, which is really fun.

I also want to knit some lace stockings for myself and a couple scarf/shawl things that my grandmother can wear in bed. Looking for patterns still.

Orange Swan, that baby dress is crazy cute. And Madamina that shawl collared vest is awesome - very cool shaping around the neckline and collar.
posted by peachfuzz 05 January | 12:20
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